5 personal growth quotes that will make you rethink your purpose

I know I’ve stumbled upon these quotes multiple times, but just recently they hit different.

It made me reflect on my purpose, direction and priorities.  And also gave me more motivation. Though,  I must say, quotes are flaky and can’t always provide inspiration.  On occasion they can make you stand up, re-evaluate and take action.

So please feel free to reflect on the words and enjoy the sunflower pics I took at Robintide Farms

What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.


August Reset and Monthly Goals

I’m back with another tiktok inspired trend: monthly goals!

Well technically I’ve always been making monthly goals.  But even more so, I just back from a vacation… vacations have a way and making me more inspired to review my habits & goals. And sometimes you need to write down your intentions and get re-acclimatized to your dreams.

Here are my August Goals & my current status as of the first full week of the month.

Drink 3L of water: I added a habit tracker (little water drops to track every water bottle of 500mL) to my planner for every day.  So far I’ve gotten to 2.L a few days.

Make art daily: not hitting this one yet.  The plan was to either paint, photograph, use procreate or blog.  And so far all I have excuses.  Will try again this week.

Forrest walks: again not there yet. My workday is a little crazy (side note: talking to my leadership about that this week to make sure I’m putting my career goals and professional brand first – and to have more space in my day to take walks in a forrest)

Daily Journaling & Mediation: 7 for 8 so far!

Read 2 books: I recently finished Verity and I’m now reading The Secret.

Share my art weekly: Promising myself that I will share a procreate piece this week!

Collision Conf

Sharing a tiny review of my experience at Collision Conference 2022 in Toronto

What is Collision Conf: 
It’s the leading tech conference in North America.  The conference is made up booths, several stages for speakers/panels/fireside chats, master classes and workshops. The topics are wide ranging from human centric AI, diversity in tech to purpose-led products.  

What I like best about the conference?
The energy by far was a vibe. Idea sharing, Innovation and creativity was everywhere from the conversations between people, the talks on stage or the information learned at booths.

My favourite master class/workshop:
I attended a talk about table talk exercises – which delivered both standard IT practices but also innovative testing methods (great information for my current role). I also really really enjoyed a talk about purpose led business (good people doing good people).

My favourite booth?
The Women in Tech lounge – obviously! Although technically not a booth it was just a great space to hang out, grab a coffee, meeting people or catch up with colleagues. It was my home base!

This is what balance looks like

On my every long quest for content creation, building my brand and sharing my ideas with the world; I became one of those 80s kid’s thinking they know what they are doing on TikTok.

Outside of that thought I’d share FiVE of my current FAVs:

  1. obsessed with 2 workouts a day
  2. only following successful fitness inspo journeys on every social
  3. press on nails
  4. square breaths
  5. whipped coffee

So glad I can come back to my self-care rituals

This week was a great reminder as to why I need self care rituals.  On the days that I am pushed to my breaking point, by situations, by people, by context – it is my self care rituals that give me peace.

My rituals are the the part of my day that make sure when I am out there taking care of everyone and everything else – that I also make time for myself and my wellness.

Self care rituals are THE FORMULA to support your mental wellbeing.

It’s a built in way that you do something for your mind, your body and your soul everyday.

Another reminder: Get enough sleep, have gratitude and always be present (aka put your phone down and you head up)