Miss El’s twelve month update

Wow…here we are!  I have an almost 4 year old and a 1 year old.


Definitely not the life I THOUGHT I would be leading but I must say I am pleasantly surprised.


This year has both flown by and made time stand still.  I experienced magic, happiness, challenges and worked harder than I thought I’d have to.  Despite everything, the Hubz and I are so incredibly grateful for these girls.

El has started daycare and completely obsessed with a donut toy there (I think its a comfort thing).  If the teachers accidentally call her by her sisters’ name (they are in the same centre) El will lose her $hIt because she’ll think her sister has come to rescue her hahahahhahah / 😓.  At home she’s completely obsessed with the long triangle from her magnetic blocks (a gift from her dadu/dadi) and loves riding in her radio flyer wagon (a gift from her nani/nanu) with her big sis.  She’s used to eating her own breakfast and then being served a second breakfast from her Dad’s plate and will never say no to her sisters discarded leftover food.  She thinks its perfectly acceptable to drink my tea or coffee and she still makes the WILDEST faces.   She does a high pitch grunt and point to things she wants and I swear the words I use with her most are: “No thank you LoLo” and “omg what did you put in your mouth”.


She had her first hair cut a week before turning one and THOROUGHLY enjoyed her first sugar (icing from a birthday cupcake).  She’s taken several steps between people (her dad and I, her mosi and massar) and even tries to walk between furniture (coffee table and sofa) – her confidence in walking is increasing.


I am so thankful I wrote down some of her memories over the last 12 months but I’d be lying if I said I am afraid of the backlash I might meet in a few years when her sister finds out I didn’t do the same for her. 😬


I am so glad that I completed 12 months of photos for Elora (along with the accompanying posts).  I didn’t always share the actual monthly photo on the blog.  Partly part out of privacy, partly because it wasn’t the goal.  I didn’t post these on social media either because I didn’t think to (I do curate posts both on my blog IG and my personal IG – so I guess the monthly photos did fit my vibes).  I plan on making a photo book with all these journal entries for her – hopefully its something she can treasure when she’s older.


International Women’s Day #PressForProgress


I know International Women’s Day was last week but I really wanted to commemorate it with something on the blog.  In the last year (since becoming a mom of 2) there have been so many positive changes (here are some to name a few) I have gone through by finding my way through intense obstacles.  So much so, that I wanted to take a minute to reflect and remind myself and my daughters of how capable we are.  Although most days I feel like I am doing a $hitty job as a wife and mom (daughter, employee, blogger, friend the list goes on) – I know I am doing something incredibly magical.  Bringing up children (especially girls in our day in age) is probably the greatest opportunity I have been given.  I am grateful and in awe.

I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I am a photographer. I am an MBA.  I am a writer.  I am a creative. I am stronger than I know.  I am braver than I feel.  I am more successful than I think.  I am happy.  I  am emotional.  I am grateful.  I am an Engineer.  I am a Fashionista.  I am a singer.  I am a shouter.  I am a lover.  I am a woman. – BMM


Also, I feel the society we are living in is now much stronger – especially after the events of 2017.  My hope is that we can raise these girls of ours to stand up for themselves, those without a voice and for everything good in this world.  I hope they can look to each other and other women for support and inspiration.  I want them to know that when life is dark, there is always light to be found and embraced. That anything is possible with a determined mindset and everyday grind.  I probably don’t tell them enough, but I want to let my daughters know they are beautiful, strong, courageous and so loved.

“I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.” – Kaci Diane


Shorts | Sandals

When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to promote, increase, and strengthen you – Joel Osteen


Baby Shirt | Baby Jeggings | Sweatshirt | Step Tracker

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” – Unknown

Happy International Women’s Day

Being tourists in our own backyard #TorontoStaycation

TLY_TO_Staycation2018_11Double Stroller (another option) | Snowsuit | Boots | Stroller Handle Pouch

For a few weeks we’ve been meaning to get away.  Now, we are still not brave enough to go out of country without generational help – buutttt we were all in need of a few days with a change of scenery.  And for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to do a staycation in the city.  So what better then to be tourists in our own backyard.


We stayed at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto.  After reading and hearing about their kid friendly amenities – we were intrigued and had to check them out for ourselves.


First stop was the CN Tower (aka CN Castle as Miss S called it).  Luckily our double stroller fit in the elevator and throughout the observation deck (even with all the renovations).  The girls thoroughly enjoyed taking in the views and eating all the snacks we had packed :P


TLY_TO_Staycation2018_4 TLY_TO_Staycation2018_2

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the scenes from above (I only got the teddy bear close to harbour front #TOicebreakers) .  I was so enthralled by the girls experience of being at CN Tower – that it slipped my mind.

TLY_TO_Staycation2018_6 TLY_TO_Staycation2018_7

We spent a good portion of our time at the hotel’s children activity centre.  This room was so entertaining.  Miss S was living her best life doing craft after craft after craft.  And Ellie loved the open space to crawl around to her hearts desire.


Jeans | Cold Shoulder Sweater

TLY_TO_Staycation2018_9 TLY_TO_Staycation2018_10

We would definitely like to return for another stay… but maybe in the summer.  With it being high season for cough and colds – we didn’t get to fully enjoy the city (honestly, we spent a lot of time checking temperatures and giving advil :S).  The hotel was very accommodating (even bring us extra blankets and a heater) plus the room service is FAST!   Definitely recommend it for families with little kids.

Miss El’s eleven month update


I know I am 5 days away from Lolo turning 1 but I wouldn’t be able to live myself if I skipped this!

I keep thinking back to this time last year.  All the braxton hicks, the wadling, the waiting (usually they say your second baby will be born gestationally earlier than your first – this was not the case for us), avoiding Miss S from kicking my belly, feeling all the kicks from the inside.  It’s surreal to think this was all just a year ago – but at the same time I am ready to move forward with ME.

Buuuutttt…. this post is for my baby – so let’s get it started!


Miss El is really into eating.  If there is anything we are eating – she wants a bite.  She’ll even eat the food that Miss S is not going to finish.

She’s got wild hair.  She’s able to take a few steps unassisted and even stand/balance on her own for 10+ seconds if she’s distracted.  She’s able to crawl on both knees now, can successfully roll both ways and pulls up on ANYTHING (aka: my PJ pants went I am cooking in the kitchen).

She’s really starting to look like a toddler these days and more and more like her sister everyday.  That said she loves her big sissy but I think also afraid of her at the same time lol.


She points and screams when she wants something.  Although we are trying really really hard to make her use baby sign “more” when she wants something.  She does it – but not consistently.

She likes being held but also loves exploring on her own.  She also likes to be in the sling. Anytime she sees me getting it ready she starts panting lol.


We are planning a super intimate 1st birthday party for her.  The planning has been pretty stress free but still has my DIY flare.  Hopefully – I’ll get some shots to share on the blog in a week or two.


Miss El’s ten month update

Holy $H!t – my second born is almost a YEAR old.  Okay but for now…she’s still just 10 months so time to do my monthly thang and reminisce about this month.


Sweater shirt (Similar) | Leggings (Similar) | Headband (Similar)

She’s crawling faster and faster and getting more comfy with the traditional 2 knee crawl.  Sometimes I’ll set her down on the play mat (a few steps from the kitchen sink), go to the kitchen to start working on something, I’ll look at the play mat to check on her and boom she’s at my feet.

She loves banging on things with different objects or just two objects together. Her favourite toy is a the play fork or play spoon from her sister’s kitchen.  She’s now into eating whole cheerios, crackers, peas and rye toast along with a variety of other stuff she’s still loves (I hope continues to love).  She’s really into examining screws (in toys, in the wall etc), she thinks its funny to climb into the dish washer and play the vents on the wall or on the floor like a harp.  She loves my camera (DSLR) every time she sees me with it, she comes running at it.  She makes the most hilarious monkey face (see picture above) and is always babbling away (soo many new sounds “dee dee”, “baa ba”, “pa pa”, clicking her tongue, kissy noises)!  Oh and her and her big sis love having raspberry wars YUCK!


Smock | Spoon

One of the best gifts has been seeing Miss S and El’s relationship develop.  I mean sometimes they are at each others throats but most times there is a deep bond that is flourishing.  It’s beautiful! :)


Tutu Dresses | Jeggings | Men’s Jeans

Some more notes on meal planning


So we are just over mid way through the week (I’ll be honest I started writing this post on Tuesday Evening and it’s now Thursday Morning) and I wanted to check in with my meal planning status.  As mentioned before – I am trying to get into good habits because March 2018 it’s GO time.


This is the plan I had for the week and what I prepared on the weekend. #ThankGoodnessForGoogleSheets


And this is how it’s gone so far.  As you can see things changed which is OK!

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 9.36.23 AM

Okay so first thing, my in laws dropped off some food for us so I didn’t have to take out the food from the freezer (aka the slow cooker Daal).

Secondly, I didn’t make the bread loaf pan omelette yet (although I plan to this evening – which I did yesterday).

Thirdly, having food cooked (that isn’t necessarily a meal) but that can be put together as a meal is awesome!  I had steamed some broccoli, peas and carrots and put that in a salad (with quinoa and other uncooked/raw veggies) for lunch!

Fourth, I love that I am not actually making food during the day (especially as I am on Mat Leave).  Just having to heat up food is so convenient – and knowing that its home made makes my heart smile.  My freezer pasta is something I’ll need to freeze on the weekend but I’ve realized that it needs to thaw on the counter during the day and be cooked the night before we want to eat it (I won’t have enough time to cook it the night of).

And lastly, fifth, having options is incredible especially when there are picky eaters.  I won’t go into this much but it’s much easier (aka we can avoid dinner time tantrums) when I offer a choice.  “San, do you want this with this or that”, “ummm I’ll have this with this”.  It gives up some of the control and makes my kiddo feel important (which she is OBVIOUSLY!)

Other than that, I just have to work on the snacks portion of my meal prepping. Although I have some ideas (this bean dip, these pancakes/chewy “cookies”, and even this granola with a cup of non dairy milk) I haven’t actually prepped them.


Yep – I totally used an old pasta sauce jar as my “mason jar” but they can also be purchased in bulk too!