Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 7)


We had an awesome weekend.  The weather was superb and the blazing heat was welcomed because we experienced such an overcast and gloomy spring.

Friday we had wings at home and then packed up the car to get ready for the next day.  We spent the better part of the day at the beach we were pleasantly surprised as to how much Miss S enjoyed herself but were perplexed as to why Miss El seemed so confused the entire time we were there.  We later realized it was because we were all wearing sunglasses (and maybe she couldn’t recognize us lol).


Sunday we were at a birthday party.  Backyard bouncy castle, Pizza with chip toppings and lots of kids of course.

The workweek was actually spent running sooo many errands.  From doing groceries, to gift shopping, to getting last minute stuff for the day at the beach as well as planning for Miss S’ 3rd birthday.


Also I’d just like to add (so my future self can remember) that even with this list of weekly goals and regular maternity leave tasks, I still accomplish and complete many other to-do items to run and mange the house like: clean the floors, prep dinner, make lunches, do preschool drop off/pick up, general tidying, multiple loads of laundry, pay bills, claim receipts etc etc in any case here is how I did with my goals last week.

  1. Read another chapter of the book I am reading (sadly no, I am struggling to find the right time to read – holding a book while nursing isn’t very comfortable)
  2. Bread this week? Bread this week! (nope, and I realized i can’t commit to this goal until after June)
  3. Take some more everyday photography shots and move photos from SD Card yep, see this post
  4. Get my 10K steps 5/7 days next week & Work out 4/7 times DONE
  5. Take Miss El to the Born to Read library program (weather did not permit, and parking this until the end of June)
  6. Figure out a layout for our 2015 photo album Yep and started
  7. Update family room painting from black on white to white on black
  8. Thursday Meditation
  9. Put away all clean laundry
  10. Order Miss S birthday Cake (we talked to the bakery and got the details and will be happening tomorrow)

Ok 5 out of 10 this past week.  The next couple of days are all about Miss S birthday!

  1. Read a chapter
  2. Take some everyday/creative photography
  3. Get my 10K steps in 5/7 days and workout 4/7 days
  4. Tuesday Self Care: Mediate, Bath and Yoga
  5. Put away clean laundry
  6. Order birthday cake
  7. Finalize day of party plan + list of things to bring
  8. Join Miss S’ Preschool bday party
  9. Find family pictures from last 3 years
  10. Send pix to friends

Have a great week!


Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 6)

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 8.47.20 PM

Swinging on the big girl swings with my big little girl

Another weekend comes to an end.  I spent the better part of my free time thinking about how writing a blog post for 5/7 days of the week was way more challenging than I was expecting.  Definitely looking forward to see how this week goes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 8.44.19 PM

Instagram photos turned magnets

This weekend saw us at a family portrait shoot, grocery shopping, take long family walks, spending the better part of the afternoon at the park and also doing some chores around the house (clean the nursery and car) while Miss S spent some time with her grandparents.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 8.43.49 PM

Wild flowers picked by the husband on our family walk

As for right now, I’ve put in the last load of laundry into the dryer, the Mister is getting a workout in, I am making quinoa and writing this post.  Unfortunately lunches need to packed, clothes ironed and the main floor needs to be tied buuutttt netflix released the entire season of House of Cards so priorities will need to be made :)

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 8.48.05 PM

A beautiful rainbow over last monday’s rain storm

For this coming week these are my goals:

  1. Read 2 chapters for my book (Finished 1 – learning to find time to read with a newborn)
  2. Make some bread! (Sad but still nothing yet, I’ve had the recipe printed on my counter for 5 days and although its complex I know I can do it but the fear of failure is holding me back
  3. Take some more everyday photography shots and move photos from SD Card
  4. Get my 10K steps 5/7 days next week & Work out 4/7 times 
  5. Take Miss El to the Born to Read library program (Sadly no, hope this week if the weather cooperates!!)
  6. Update my Etsy shop (Check out my new listings here)
  7. Water colour painting an a new canvas part print 
  8. Do 10 sun salutations (Check out my post here)
  9. Finish June EdCal (Done and Done)
  10. Work on Miss S’s party planning (Making some serious progress here, most of the theme items have been purchased, just have to order the cake, pick out outfits for us 4, make some loot bags, figure out cake table decor and order the balloon bouquet) 

Okay 6 out of 10 is not the best but I’ll take it.  Here is how this week is looking.  I realize that I need more specific goals so that I can actually get things done (see how 7 is updated):

  1. Read another chapter of the book I am reading
  2. Bread this week? Bread this week!
  3. Take some more everyday photography shots and move photos from SD Card
  4. Get my 10K steps 5/7 days next week & Work out 4/7 times 
  5. Take Miss El to the Born to Read library program (weather permitting)
  6. Figure out a layout for our 2015 photo album
  7. Update family room painting from black on white to white on black
  8. Thursday Meditation
  9. Put away all clean laundry
  10. Order Miss S birthday Cake

Have a great week!

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 8.46.50 PM

Wildflowers 😍

Yesterday I meditated

I realized that I needed to actually meditate (not just throw it off my goals list with an excuse).  I also realized I needed a bit of guidance.  Thank goodness for free apps from the Appstore.  I tried this one as recommended by my sister.


There was a little too much talking but I did appreciate the idea the announcer made of feeling my body’s weight and listening to the sounds around you (usually with mediation you try not to focus on those things).  When my thoughts wandered, I tried to focus mainly on counting (from 1 to 10) and following my breath.

It actually felt really relaxing and I even got an idea of something to paint #The100DayProject.

Something that helped me get in the mood was actually putting on clothes to mediate in. #GetUpDressUpShowUpNeverGiveUp



If you been following the last 5 days, you might have noticed that I’ve blogged everyday from Monday to Friday and, as a goal and personal challenge,will continue to do so for the rest of June 2017.


You also might notice that I didn’t actually get this post published on time.  I did 10 sun salutations for the first time in months yesterday and my muscles really felt the effects.


How I plan to stay productive on Maternity Leave


Earlier this week I mentioned that staying productive during my maternity leave was a big goal for me this time around.  To me productivity means having focus, being creativity, making progress and being joyful.


Bomber | Leggings | Shoes | Mirror

Although I know from experience, some days will be spent home bound, showerless and completely focused on our new babe – I want to make a conscious effort to do things for me.

So here is a list of things I plan to do while I am on Maternity Leave:

– BBG & Get back into Running
– Get back into my yoga practice (sun salutations)
– 100day project
– Family Dinners & Family Walks
– Library/Mommy Groups
– Journaling
– Blogging
– Set my Brand Strategy into motion
– Gravitate towards music, podcasts, Ted Talks & Books
– Brainstorming Product Ideas
– Dating my Hubz (sounds odd, but something I/we really want to do)
– Taking more Etsy photography prints
– Taking tons of family pics
– Daily goals (anything from brush my teeth to take the Go train to the city)
– Garden goals
– 2017-2018 family travel plans
– Monthly goals (accountability and breaking down resolutions and Mat Leave goals)
– Email/visit my Mentor
– Lunch dates with people who are working (hubs, parents, co-workers etc)
– Meet other mat leave moms for lunch
– Keeping up with 3 house hold tasks (dinner, laundry, dishes)
**everything else to be contracted out
– Set up and Organize up home office/work space
– Set up and Organize basement entertaining space


I set these goals as intentions.  Intentions for me and the next 11 months.  It’s me sending out a message to the universe and my future self to focus, be alert and practice mindfulness.  And overall being able to reflect on the things I wan to accomplish and how small life changes really add up to big life changes :)


New Years Resolutions 2017


Reading | SHOES| Jeans | Nails | Watch

Something about new years resolutions are very inspiring to me.   In all honestly, I set new goals for myself weekly, monthly, quarterly so I I just feel like it’s part of my normal routine.  I don’t hold the new year resolutions to any higher standard other than being goals but I love the idea of being able assess where I am and where I want to be!

I know people get pretty bummed out when they aren’t keeping up with their new years resolutions but for me …its really about keeping myself accountable.  And if I miss something or mess up – I try not to let myself get down.  I can always try again in an hour, or tomorrow or next week – no biggie.


Fire escape near Colette Toronto

Another thing about resolutions, I usually have goals set up for different parts of my life (business, career, family, personal etc) so the ones below are kind of a compilation of the different things I want to achieve.  Some are things I can accomplish more easily (listen to podcasts) while some will take more of a time investment (read a handful of books).  All really have to do with #onelittleword build.

  1. Family travels (x 4)
  2. Create a new night routine
  3. Business/Brand/career growth (requires some thought but…2017 is the year)
  4. Start a new creative learning project (lettering, knitting, painting – still deciding)
  5. Finish the BBG guide
  6. Start, grow and cherish an herb garden (in planters no less)
  7. Create a dual-home office space
  8. Read 8-10 books next year
  9. Listen to more podcasts than I did last year
  10. Capture and PRINT more family pictures (x 52, monthly, us 2, or just me lol)
  11. Meditate once a week


Sunflowers at a farm in Milton

My next step would be to break down when I plan on getting these things done. Obviously some run year long (photos or mediation) while others can only be done at certain times of the year (like the garden).  Following that I’ll make a task list for each goal.  Some tasks would need to be done in order while others can be done when I can.  I plan on using my day-planner moleskine to keep track of all of those details.  Another important note is that any big goals need to broken down into task lists.  Those are the things I like to check off on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.  So essentially my big goals become smaller more manageable to do list items.


Miss S’s watercolour palette


Make a wish :)

There are a ton of resources online on goal setting and here are some blogs that I found recently that were helpful for me: here and here