Long weekend BBQ with friends #May24

This would be our second annual BBQ and I am liking if this becomes an annual thing with our friends (of course we’d love to be able to host our friends over for a meal / potluck more often).

This time we kept it pretty casual by inviting our friends via our whatsapp group chats (ha!).

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.09.19 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.09.37 AM

On the grill the mister had:

  • Veggie and paneer skewers
  • Hotdogs (halal and veggie)
  • Eggplant “burgers” (with spinach mayo sauce)
  • Simple BBQ chicken drumsticks
  • Pineapple

Plus one of friends brought a deep fryer to make fish and chips.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.10.05 AM

With our society becoming more and more busy (long hours at the office, kids extra curricular activities etc) and on our screens than #IRL, I think it’s even more important to put the effort towards friendships, in person interactions and events.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.09.05 AM

Although a pretty huge undertaking, planning and executing a lunch or dinner party is always a goal/to do item on our mental check lists.  That said, we definitely weren’t thinking it through much because during all the prep work we were dealing with Miss El’s feeding schedule and skipping the elusive toddler nap (for Miss S).  But I am glad we managed to pull it off and enjoyed ourselves in the process.

Belly Photo Shoot

Thought I’d share a few pictures from our Maternity photo shoot (aka belly 2.0).

Major thanks to our photographer for capturing these precious memories.  I really appreciate how tasteful and that they capture the stage of life we are experiencing.

If you are on the fence about getting a maternity photo shoot – I would definitely recommend it.  Here are the reasons why I did it

  1. Celebrate the transformations: Because it is a true blessing.  This is the few times in life where you body grows in ways that it never can and having a keepsake of the changes is ahh-mazing.
  2. Family bonding:  Yes we can read big sister and new baby books, nothing is sweeter than having your kid on the outside give your kid on the inside a high five :)
  3. Photos can help you remember: Everyone says it goes by in a flash but having a physical photo can trigger a feeling or emotion – and it’s true a picture speaks a thousand words.


TLY_WebBW-15 TLY_WebBW-28 TLY_WebBW-32

Miss El’s One Month Update

Wow I can’t believe I’m starting another kiddo update series.


The last month has been so great and so challenging at the same time.  And at times, I get stressed and call the Hubz (at work no less) in a panic but I also keep reminding myself to have perspective because the days are long but the years are short.

Miss El is 1 month old and most of her day is spent nursing, in someone’s arms, in a sling or sleeping.  As of late she’s started to use her hands to feel/bat at things discovering textures, our skin, random parts of her toys.  She is also a snuggler!  She will burry her head into the nook between my head and shoulder and always makes herself comfy when she wants to listen to my heartbeat on my chest.

She instantly knows when Miss S is beside her or squeezing her too hard giving her a hug.   I sense she knows who her sister is.  It’s very interesting to see them interacting (simple things like looking into each others eyes) – which is surprising to me because I didn’t think there would be much interaction at this age.

She gets a ton of kisses, hugs, finger jabs and hair pulls (all out of love – I hope!) from her big sis who just can’t wait to play with her.  


Miss S (2.75 years) |  Miss El (3 weeks)

Another thing about our Miss El is that her lips shape up into a smile more than I thought a newborn could. As hard as its been in the last month, seeing that makes everything more manageable.  (South Asian culture says that when a baby smiles they are remembering their past life.  I like to think she recognizes us and is happy to see us)

Along with all those smiles is a lot of crying and night wakes. So it balances it out I guess! (haha)


Products I loved while pregnant #PregnancyEssentials


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

I love seeing what other mamma’s find helpful during different stages of our journey so I thought I’d add to the wealth of knowledge out there.

Mustela Maternity Cream: Although I wasn’t too concerned about the stretch marks (really it has to do with more than a cream) I really wanted a cream that smelled nice because I hate the smell of cocoa butter on myself and MORE IMPORTANTLY I really really wanted to avoid the itchy feeling you get :)  This cream was perfect.  It smelled clean and really helped with the itch factor.

Floss Picks:  Hello laziness!  This is an easy way to floss your teeth especially on those evenings when all you want to do is eat some fried chicken, ice cream and then pass out on the couch :P  Ok I didn’t really eat those things every night but passing out on the couch was my new lifestyle.

Aveeno Makeup Wipes:  Hello Laziness again!  It did an OK job (considering I normally use a foam face wash, then a cream eye make up remover) but it was good enough that I didn’t feel guilty going to bed with a full face.

Sea Salt Spray: Loved Loved LOVED this as a product and so glad I found it.  Sometimes super straight hair is too routine and it doesn’t really balance the bump.  So it was super great to have some proportion with more texture and volume in my hair.

Snoogle Pillow:  Sometimes you just need some extra support.  I mean there were nights that I didn’t want it and nights that it was the first thing I grabbed.  The hubz and kiddo also found it pretty comfy :)

Perrier Water:  I was only drinking water, milk and tea throughout my pregnancy.  And having bubbly water at the end of the day with my dinner or as a mocktail (with some muddled fruit and either basil or mint leaves) was such a nice treat!

Chocker Necklace: Another great style option that I added to my fashion look.  I didn’t buy many clothes and felt that I ended up wearing the same 10 pieces near the end.  So wearing chockers of different styles was an easy way to be on trend.

Hope this list was helpful…!
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Thoughts on a “Mom’s To Do” list

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.38.57 PM

image [via]

Is it just me or do people/moms/females ALWAYS have running to do lists.  On our phones, in our planners, on our computer, in our heads.  I probably have anywhere from 2-10 “to do”, “to buy”, “to finish” lists at any given time.  It’s both comforting (as it makes me feel like I have it all together) and frustrating (why do my lists of things to do keep get longer LOL).  But the positive for me outweighs the negative and having to do lists are also calming and keep me organized.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 3.41.59 PM

Image [via]

Here is an excerpt from my said #MomToDoList

  • Clean oven
  • Shave legs #RealLIfeTho
  • Face mask/Eye mask/Threading/Exfoliate
  • Finish meal prep (snacks/dinner options)
  • Finish this week’s lecture
  • Complete this week’s homework
  • Clean make up brushes
  • Finish decorating little room
  • Paint my toenails a pretty colour
  • Design the aids
  • Finish the book I am reading so I can go back to reading the autobiography
  • Plan a trip to Target (lol)
  • Dust/Mop mainfloor
  • Pick up contacts
  • Pick up herb planters, seedlings and soil


Washi Tape (Similar) | Acrylic Paints

29 month kiddo update

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on my toddler.  She’s 29 months (or as I usually say 2 and a half in December).  I’ve mentioned this a few times but I love Love LOVE reading mom bloggers write updates about their kiddos.  It’s the modern day baby journal but here’s hoping she doesn’t hate me when she’s older and find these posts :$


We obviously have a few lovey-dovey names for Miss S: San-jaan, San, Sani, Sanu-Manu.  But she ALWAYS corrects us and tells us what her name really is LOL!
Funny things she says:
Mouth is Moup
Small is Spaal
Clock is Cayock
How she counts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 13 :)
Pretends to understand EVERYTHING we tell her “yeaaahhh” or “ooooh”
She always corrects people when they ask her about daycare “noo peeeskoool”
She is constantly asking us what we are talking about (freaks me out a bit because I can’t not tell her especially if we are talking in the car or a dinner)
Her favourite food:
Jam and toast, Spaghetti and meat sauce, Egg whites, Parantha (pronti), daal, panner, channe (I think she’s going through an indian food phase), most breakfast foods (except french toast)
Her favourite activity: 
Taking care of her baby dolls, reading books, playing doctor, playing with her friends (or so she tells us), not sharing her toys (see what I mean), eating breakfast for dinner, “reading” books herself or being read to.