Be productive when you are not motivated

We all have those days (heck maybe weeks) where productivity wains and we feel less than stellar about the work we aren’t getting done.  I have a few thoughts on that, one being that productivity ebbs & flows – it’s all part of the process.  Secondly, I ALWAYS say no to hustle culture.  I mean, like the rest of us …I want it all (progressive career, great marriage, be a loving mother, hang with my friends, drink 3L of water and workout daily) – but I remember that REST will help me accomplish all the things.

  1. Take a break from your workplace 
    Essentially you want to remove yourself from you current situation. Whether that means taking a walk, going to a coffee shop or sitting on your deck.  Changing your environment (and in short order) will provide a new perspective as well as a break so you can come back with a fresh mind.
  2. Put your phone in another room
    This will help to eliminate distractions.  I’m yet to master this (let alone try it)… But we all know mindless doom scrolling and social media comparisons, can put you in a funk. So an easy way to remove distractions is to time block your phone breaks.  
  3. Complete the smallest – easiest task: 
    What is important here is create the impression of progress on our minds.  One small task could be finishing a bottle of water or sending an email you are dreading.  Once you complete that task, and mark it off your list – it will create an automatic momentum and willingness to keep going!
  4. Use the momentum and a focused playlist to keep going:
    Once you’ve completed one task, use the that feeling to keep you going on to something else.  Sometimes it helps to play your favourite music or a brown noise playlist. Keep on single tasking till you get three of your top priorities completed.


Outfit details:
Dress: Old | Shoes: Aldo | Purse: Chanel | Sunnies: Amazon

August Reset and Monthly Goals

I’m back with another tiktok inspired trend: monthly goals!

Well technically I’ve always been making monthly goals.  But even more so, I just back from a vacation… vacations have a way and making me more inspired to review my habits & goals. And sometimes you need to write down your intentions and get re-acclimatized to your dreams.

Here are my August Goals & my current status as of the first full week of the month.

Drink 3L of water: I added a habit tracker (little water drops to track every water bottle of 500mL) to my planner for every day.  So far I’ve gotten to 2.L a few days.

Make art daily: not hitting this one yet.  The plan was to either paint, photograph, use procreate or blog.  And so far all I have excuses.  Will try again this week.

Forrest walks: again not there yet. My workday is a little crazy (side note: talking to my leadership about that this week to make sure I’m putting my career goals and professional brand first – and to have more space in my day to take walks in a forrest)

Daily Journaling & Mediation: 7 for 8 so far!

Read 2 books: I recently finished Verity and I’m now reading The Secret.

Share my art weekly: Promising myself that I will share a procreate piece this week!

Our Experience at Valarie in the X Hotel

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to check out the fantastic roof top patio at the X Hotel.

Valarie is boasted as Toronto’s newest nightlife concept with an innovative Japanese menu, inspired cocktails amidst unparalleled views the six.

What we ate:
Cocktails: Single Malt on the rocks, Espresso and Cosmo Martinis
Food: Truffle Fries, Maitake Mushroom (bowl) & Truffle Teardrop (sushi roll)
Food Menu

The mushroom item was delicious.  Crispy and with a truffle flavour. 

And the martinis were perfect (flavourfull and strong!)

The entire rooftop is lined with a glass balcony – so you get views of the lake, Mississauga, the downtown core and the lake of course.

And of course I only got pictures of the CN Tower.

The views and cocktails really made it for me, although I wish they had more food items.

Over all it was a great experience (we tried to ignore the early 2000s clique vibes between patrons and the restaurant staff).

We got reservations through OpenTable, but I think a walk in is worth a try!

Amazon cart goodies

Yes I am one of those people who has no idea when amazon prime is so makes purchases on the days leading up to it.

I’m very curated with my purchases because Amazon can be dangerous (both from a consumer perspective as well as an environmental perspective). But sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

Biker Shorts | Skirt with Side Slit | Kindle | Purse Dupe | Gold Hoops

Collision Conf

Sharing a tiny review of my experience at Collision Conference 2022 in Toronto

What is Collision Conf: 
It’s the leading tech conference in North America.  The conference is made up booths, several stages for speakers/panels/fireside chats, master classes and workshops. The topics are wide ranging from human centric AI, diversity in tech to purpose-led products.  

What I like best about the conference?
The energy by far was a vibe. Idea sharing, Innovation and creativity was everywhere from the conversations between people, the talks on stage or the information learned at booths.

My favourite master class/workshop:
I attended a talk about table talk exercises – which delivered both standard IT practices but also innovative testing methods (great information for my current role). I also really really enjoyed a talk about purpose led business (good people doing good people).

My favourite booth?
The Women in Tech lounge – obviously! Although technically not a booth it was just a great space to hang out, grab a coffee, meeting people or catch up with colleagues. It was my home base!

The one about crystals and the power of the new moon

I’ve always been interested (read: obsessed) with the night sky.  However, since we’ve been home more the last few years, I found myself staring at the night sky more often.  I began to recognize the location of the moon in the sky at different seasons.  We as a family would appreciate the moon phases.  On clear nights, I’d also try to locate the constellations

And obviously with my eyes looking up, my camera and all my lenses soon followed.  

Learning about astronomy, naturally led me to astrology, which led me to other wellness tools (meditation, journalling).  Enter crystals. *nervous laughter*

I would normally not share something that is considered so woo woo, but with age comes wisdom (and the awareness that “everyone is more concerned with their own lives to care what you think” and I’m learning not to care about people’s opinions)

I recently learned that Jun 28th (10pm EST) is the new moon with influence from Jupiter.  The new moon itself is another time to set goals/intentions and just to generally harness new moon energy to support yourself (look it up: indigenous & asian culture, time keeping, and all things famine).  From an astronomy standpoint, the new moon occurs when the sun is positioned behind the moon so with no light on the moon, it is not visible on earth.

But with Jupiter: it’s all about bounty and abundance.

If you don’t believe/agree with any of this – just remember:  Energy is every where

So with this new moon I’m setting intentions/re-focusing on my goals, starting something new and make detailed list.  If there is good energy out there – why not tap into it :)