The one about crystals and the power of the new moon

I’ve always been interested (read: obsessed) with the night sky.  However, since we’ve been home more the last few years, I found myself staring at the night sky more often.  I began to recognize the location of the moon in the sky at different seasons.  We as a family would appreciate the moon phases.  On clear nights, I’d also try to locate the constellations

And obviously with my eyes looking up, my camera and all my lenses soon followed.  

Learning about astronomy, naturally led me to astrology, which led me to other wellness tools (meditation, journalling).  Enter crystals. *nervous laughter*

I would normally not share something that is considered so woo woo, but with age comes wisdom (and the awareness that “everyone is more concerned with their own lives to care what you think” and I’m learning not to care about people’s opinions)

I recently learned that Jun 28th (10pm EST) is the new moon with influence from Jupiter.  The new moon itself is another time to set goals/intentions and just to generally harness new moon energy to support yourself (look it up: indigenous & asian culture, time keeping, and all things famine).  From an astronomy standpoint, the new moon occurs when the sun is positioned behind the moon so with no light on the moon, it is not visible on earth.

But with Jupiter: it’s all about bounty and abundance.

If you don’t believe/agree with any of this – just remember:  Energy is every where

So with this new moon I’m setting intentions/re-focusing on my goals, starting something new and make detailed list.  If there is good energy out there – why not tap into it :) 


Give yourself a goal. Give yourself a deadline.  Give yourself a challenge. Give yourself a nudge.  When you’re acting with a purpose you’re acting with clarity, discipline, and effectiveness. When there has to be a way, you find a way.  Want to get more done? Give yourself more to do.  Give yourself some ambitious and realistic expectations. Give yourself the effort, discipline, passion and persistence necessary to meet those expectations.  Give yourself a clear and compelling direction. And discover for yourself just how much good you can do.

— Ralph Marston

Even the most organized and inspired individuals feel demotivated and overwhelmed at times.  I love setting goals (yearly, quarterly, even daily), I get excited to reach milestones and check things off my list.  One thing I’m learning to appreciate more – is the journey.

Today is one of those days … I just didn’t feel productive or excited about what I had set out to accomplish.  Well …..that’s not entirely true – I’ve been feel like this for a few weeks now. 

So I’m writing this post as a reminder…

It’s not about the destination, but the journey. I’m reminded to enjoy the process, both the highs and lows.

It’s totally okay to have quiet days, off days or days where your feel like you are just in a funk.

On those days, learn to take a break, find rest and lean into your emotions. When you don’t want to work, instead journal, try meditation, take hot girl walks, listen to podcasts and make art. But if that’s too much, read in bed, drink lots of coffee (++ water) and binge your favourite show.

And remember, this too shall pass.   <3

Outfits I wore as a wedding guest

Wedding season (of dread!) is upon us.  Being wedding guest is great when you aren’t very close to either the bride or groom or if you are close in relation to the bride or groom but you know a lot of other guess – then it’s a BLAST.

This is the first time that I bought NEW outfits for a wedding – and believe me – I’ll be re-wearing these for many weddings to come (just my style).

This royal blue suit was designed all around the dupata (designed by me I might add).

I loved the large floral laser print design with an extra large boarder.  The same boarder was on the neck line and at the bottom edge and foot edge.

So unique and classy – can’t wait to wear it again! 

I’ve NEVER word anything like this! The sparkles, lace and the slit on the mermaid cut, the nude heel and the off the shoulder neckline…

*chef’s kiss*

I bought this off the rack and there were about 10 more in different sizes and colours. I styled it with diamond drop earrings and diamond bracelet.

Even though this was so economical – the fit and feel made me feel like a million bucks + and it’s a classic style I can wear again and again!

This is what balance looks like

On my every long quest for content creation, building my brand and sharing my ideas with the world; I became one of those 80s kid’s thinking they know what they are doing on TikTok.

Outside of that thought I’d share FiVE of my current FAVs:

  1. obsessed with 2 workouts a day
  2. only following successful fitness inspo journeys on every social
  3. press on nails
  4. square breaths
  5. whipped coffee

Birthday Run Goal

I just logged into my blog and saw that I have a dozen or so posts sitting in drafts! I know we are in the age of 150 characters and dizzy transition videos…but I love long form media just like I love my spring bound planner and books from the library. So I’ll keep blogging until the internet is taken off line LOL

Today was mothers day and I for some reason was feeling exhausted. So a little story time. I’m still recovering from this crazy thing that’s taken over the globe. Two areas I’m trying to get back to base level are my workouts and my mental concentration. I’m giving myself grace but lets just say that 2km is the most I can do and skipping journalling for scrolling mindlessly are what I’m trying to work through.

With that said, I’ve decided to set my run goal for the year. (Read last years goal here)

My goal is to run 5km in less than 30 minutes.

And to keep me disciplined and remind myself what i’m capable of…here is a little inspiration!

Things in your control right now

I’m trying a new thing with my workouts, including using a paper journal to write down my fitness routine. Staying optimistic but hoping that using a different strategy to track my workouts (ie: not digital) will keep me more honest and consistent with resistance training and challenging myself.

OOTD, Style, Fashion, FashionBlogger, Animal Print Dress, Waterfall vest, Spring Fashion

And I feel that holding power over my workouts, romanizing it and even disrupting my usual exercise regime (within a controlable “blast radius) makes me feel like I have a little moe control in my life given the current socio-economic-politico environment…

But it’s more than my workouts, I feel like I have control when I take the time to put on a cute outfit to have dinner with the fambam. Annnndd because I loved all the depth and texture of the outfit, I took a little more control by taking a whole bunch of pictures of me in said outfit #FashionBlogger :)

May sound a little cheesy but it’s all about that #MainCharacterEnergy – and we all need to acknowledge that energy in our own life now and then…

If you are feel like not yourself, that something is just off or need to change things up a bit because you feel like you are just being tossed around …consider taking control of what you can to feel more like yourself…and to start…here are some ways:

Your thoughts: Replace negative self talk with the action of writing down positive affirmations or statements about about yourself!

What you eat Eat When was the last time you ate healthy whole foods, drank a full glass of water or switched up your coffee with an herbal tea.

How we spend our spare time: Give you mind a break from work/Netflix/unproductive activities (scrolling, gossiping etc) and do something creative, active, journaling (ie: to do lists, gratitude, brain dump)

How you react to things: Before immediately giving someone or a situation your attention give yourself a moment to pause before immediately reacting, it might actually change how you respond.

What content you consume Put down your phone and pick up a book. Unfollow and mute accounts that don’t lift you up. Learn or study instead of mindlessly watching. Create more than you consume.

Who you spend time with Surround yourself that build you up and inspire you. And it’s OK to spend time on your own as much as you need.

How we treat others Don’t waste energy treating people badly. Use that energy to focus on improving your well being or hanging out with people who matter to you.

OOTD, Style, Fashion, FashionBlogger, Animal Print Dress, Waterfall vest, Spring Fashion
This reminds me of blogger me circa 2011

Boots – Amazon | Dress – Joe Fresh | Vest – M Boutique | Purse – Aldo

OOTD, Style, Fashion, FashionBlogger, Animal Print Dress, Waterfall vest, Spring Fashion