If you want this… practice that

I was able to get over a summer reading slump with a fast paced thriller – which I thought meant I could then start another book that peaked my curiosity.  I love personal success and personal dev books (unfortunately, they are also the cause of me being 1 book behind schedule on my “read 12 books in 2023” self-set challenge).  

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Although I also believe these types of book don’t necessarily help someone, unless that person actually executes on said advice.  However, books can be eye opening and for me personally I like to spread the word so to speak.  Whether it helps me create content for this blog, a caption for an IG post or an insightful tweet, I feel it lets me help raise the vibration of this planet, even if the wisdom only reaches 1 other human.

OOTD, Fit Check, 40s Fashion, Summer Style, Fashionista, Spiritual Advice, Self Care, Personal Success, Printed Skirt, Blazer Vest, Nude Shoes

Anywho, the reason why I shared that thought process was because if you are out there and you are not sure you should share you idea, opinion or art (remember as long as you aren’t hurting anyone) – you should do it anyway.  When we share something, we always put our own unique spin on it – which inherently makes it compliment the millions of other ideas that already exist.  So in conclusion – I may not execute on everything I read in a personal success book, but I’m sure to share the wealth of knowledge!  But because I want to continuously up my creative game (this?), I need to get more comfortable with sharing (that!)

OOTD, Fit Check, 40s Fashion, Summer Style, Fashionista, Spiritual Advice, Self Care, Personal Success, Printed Skirt, Blazer Vest, Nude Shoes

On the note of sharing… I’m also sharing a quick list on how to raise your vibes when you want to get to the next emotional level/frequency.  Want to read more on this topic, check out more from my blog: here, here and here.

Abundance ↔ Gratitude

Joy ↔ Service to Others

Freedom ↔ Laugh More

Calm Mind ↔ Nature Walk

Intuition ↔ Meditation

Peace ↔ Journal

Confidence ↔ Self Compassion

My love for MEJURI

I’ve always been a big wearer of jewelry.  As a teen, I would wear rings on as many fingers as possible.  And before that, I was obsessed with having a name necklace (this was before SATC came on scene).  I’ve always been intrigued by unique types of jewelry before it became mainstream (thumb or nail rings).  Even like what different pieces symbolized (like Erykah Badu’s Ankh) or what it mean to wear rings on certain fingers. For me, the more jewelry the better.

On top of that, I never discriminated where I purchased my jewelry from.  I love eclectic pieces and knew they could be found anywhere!  Whether it was a boutique in MTL or Smart Set in the P.A.T.H (which sadly is no more!).  I’ve bought cool stuff at Holt Renfrew but also from street vendors.  

Sometimes my jewelry tells a story, sometime it’s my mood and sometimes its just the vibe for the day.

Mejury, Jewelry, VermeIi, arm candy, stacked rings, layered necklace

Growing up I used to wear either 24K or the stuff that stains my skin.  Thankfully I’ve learned a lot more about how jewelry is made, what works with my skin & sustainability.

I first heard about Mejuri in 2017 (a few years after it was founded) from a popular youtuber back in the day.  But I didnt make my first purchase until 2019.  I bought a few necklaces and was so happy with the quality that I bought a few thin stacker rings.  My most recent purchases include bracelets and charms.

Mejury, Jewelry, VermeIi, arm candy, stacked rings, layered necklace
Mejury, Jewelry, VermeIi, arm candy, stacked rings, layered necklace

Mejuri is known for its high quality jewelry – but what I love most about Mejuri is that its perfect to gift to yourself! And with the variety of price points it definitely makes it more enjoyable! 

Check out some of my favourite pieces!

Sphere’s Bracelet

Metallic Sphere Ring

Pearl Trio Beaded Stacker Ring

Sun Charm Necklace


6 ways to maintain your sanity while achieving your goals

The internet has been a buzz for several years with words like #BossBabe and #She-EO – all of which sound incredibly hazardous because as of recently they are also followed by themes of burnout and mental wellness.

I love being ambitious and setting goals that I work towards.  But I also strive for balance and grace.  And I think being both a mom (at home) and a mentor (in my corporate career) I feel compelled to underline the truth: give yourself grace because you can have it all…but not at the same time!   Sharing my suggestions below, with a mini recap of some outfits I wore on vacation recently (you know me, all about the inspiration & motivation!)

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  1. Plan ahead and prioritize: Whether it’s on a Sunday for the week ahead, in the morning before things get going or a Friday afternoon brain dump.  Take time to think about what you need to focus on and figure out what needs to get done when.  You plan to fail when you fail to plan – check out my digital planner page on Etsy if you are looking for a great planning tool.
  2. Time Block your schedule: whether its timeblocking your day or your week, figure out what you want to work on when instead of trying to multi task.  Even better, try and fully complete the work you planned on before starting something new.  You’ll get a natural dopamine kick and you also won’t feel scattered from having too many unfinished tasks on your to-do list at the end of the day. 
  3. Let the Pomodoro timer be your best friend: I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again.  When you feel stressed or anxious about doing something – set a time for 20 minutes and do as much of that task in time alotted.
  4. Take breaks (both physical and mental): This is something I learned from running but it applies to everything! Literally schedule it into your gCal or planner.  I always block my workouts and my lunch, but now I need to add a morning and afternoon walk.
  5. Give yourself grace: Sometimes we all need a reminder.  Ambitious people tend to be perfectionists, but it’s okay because you can’t overwhelm yourself and do your best work – it just doesn’t work that way.
  6. Release limiting beliefs: Sometimes we feel guilty for doing less, not doing things fast enough or not doing it right the first time.  It’s important to work through that (everyone’s journey is different) – but it all cases, those ideals need to be demolished! Knowledge is power, and these book recommendations can help :) 
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A guide to our happy chemicals

I recently read an article about the happy chemicals our body produces and I realized I wanted to have this information live permanently on my blog for my future reference! (and of course for anyone else who may find this useful!)

I’ve always had an interest in personal growth and how we naturally tend to support ourselves so this topic is right up that alley. So sharing each happy chemical, what it does and how to activate it. Please be sure to like, comment and share!

(Scroll to the bottom for outfit details)

Serotonin – Stabilizes our mood

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditating
  • Walking in Nature
  • Go for a run

Endorphin – Pain Relief

  • Laughing
  • Dancing
  • Stretching
  • Essential Oils

Oxytocin – Building love & trust

  • Hugging somone
  • Giving someone a compliment
  • Helping someone
  • Playing with a pet or a child

Dopamine – Reward & Motivation

  • Finishing a task (hack: ANY task no matter how big or small)
  • Eating your favourite meal
  • Listening to music
  • Practicing self care

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Review, Refocus & Readjust – Mid year goal review

As we round out the first half of the year and slide into the second half, I thought it would be a great idea to provide some inspiration to reset, readjust, restart and refocus.

Greenery in Paradise
Sunset in Tulum
  1. Review your goals and determine priority
    Before blindly continuing to do something that may no longer be serving you, take some time to review your goals. Maybe you’ve plateaued in some areas, or maybe you haven’t given enough time to one area of your life. Even better, maybe you’ve accomplished a goal and it no longer requires your attention. Creating self awareness is really important and it’s also a good idea to get organized in a way that makes sense to you. Maybe writing the goals that you will continue to work on on a sticky or using a Moleskin to help refocus an area where you’ve been lacking.
  2. Disrupt and edit your routine
    Once you’ve figure out what you want to focus on, redesign your daily habits to meet those goals. It’s true what they say…success is a series of small wins. Use your day planner, Gcal or Notion to structure your day and include activities that help you work towards ticking off those goals by end of year
  3. Level up, track your progress & give yourself grace
    As you continue your goal achievement journey, do you best to stay accountable (whether that is through a private IG account, blog or good ol’ pen & paper). I’m a big believer in documenting your life and it’s always nice to see how far you’ve come. But what’s even more important is giving yourself grace. Working towards your personal and professional goals are not meant to be invigorating and inspiring so remember to take breaks/rest, celebrate your wins and smile!
Waves hitting the break wall
Reflections are everywhere

Book Review: The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy

Earlier this year, I set a reading goal to read 12 books (at least) in 2023. I’m happy to report I’m right on track!

I recently read The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy and it was such a great reminder about how we understand and interact with our surroundings (read: the Universe).

My favourite part was how he explained the power of manifestation as it relates to quantum science AND ancient wisdom.

Shout out to Vaughan Public Library for having such a great book in their catalogue! I’ll have to check it out again and update this post because I really want that concise commentary to live on this blog.

I give this book 5/5 ⭐️. If you are looking for a refresher or even an introduction on the topic – this is a great quick read with actionable steps.

Please share any book recommendations in the comments. Or check out the other books I’ve read in 2023 here.