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For me chapter 5 gave me some really key tips to in how to increase my creativity and more importantly why action and iteration are very important to our (my) #CreativeConfidence journey.  That said I really struggled with believe these lessons could be brought into my #9to5 simply due to the type of work environment I operate in.  Overall it was a great chapter and really got me thinking.

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The chapter starts by discussing how to two “geeky engineers” attend Stanford and decide to enrol in the university’s d.school.  They find it to be very different than their technical programming and engineering classes, somewhat intimidating but eventually stimulating as it aids in their programming and engineering design.  I personally feel that I am somewhere between intimidated and stimulated within my personal creative journey.  Sadly, from a professional/career standpoint I do not work in an #agile environment where #designthinking is encouraged.

The students eventually start working on a project that is due in 10 weeks.  From their experience we learn why being successful in innovation/creativity requires action and iteration.  Additionally here are some lessons that they were able to utilize during their project to reach their success.

  • have a “do something” mindset
  • stop planning and start acting
  • thrive in your creativity (in spite of time)
  • do something to learn

These are great teachings, but often easier said then done.  When I think about my professional life – bureaucratic red tape, regulations and SLAs guided by stakeholders to do not really allow for this type of innovation and creativity.  Do Canadian Corporations need to give employees more leeway to allow for #DesignThinking?  I DEFINITELY think so.  Although there is a desire to #disrupt in my organization – it all comes at a risk.

Chapter 5 also talks about two great examples of large companies who Learn to Launch and Recast changes as ExperimentsIt shows that great organizations and leaders in design have to really be OK with thriving in creativity and in the case of New Zealand Air – reaching out to get help (from IDEO in this example) when they want to innovate.

The last few tips that I think I can start using immediately both in my creative and my professional life without causing too much commotion would be:

  • used forced time constraints (ex: if I am working on something that I know isn’t necessarily due in the near future I’ll make myself come up with a deadline for fuel my creativity and my ability to produce)
  • Use post it notes (ex: for storyboarding ideas, training, documentation or a solution to a problem – my coworkers may think I am crazy though lol)
  • get more feedback (ex: ask my coworkers what they think of my prototype, without distracting them from their own work of course)
  • faster iterations of product design (ex: QA test development faster to allow for more chances to find bugs and to allow for more iterations of testing cycles).

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Preschool Valentines Ideas

Hope everyone enjoyed valentines with their loved ones, their kids, families, lover(s), fav bottle of wine ;)

This past weekend, Miss S and I worked on preparing the valentine’s goodies for her friends at preschool.

I know when I was growing up that giving a one sided card was the norm but I wanted to do something special.  I see most of the children in her class everyday (either at drop off and pick up) and I know that Miss S really considers her classmates her friends just by how much she talks about them :)

And, taken that we didn’t do ANYTHING for Christmas (other than gifting her teachers with something special) I figured we could go a little overboard for Vday!


We packed some #AllergyFree goodie bags with pencils and stickers.  The kiddo DIYed her valentines cards by gluing (or in her words “gueing”) a few hearts onto a card that I prepared (pretty quick and easy: fold a regular printer paper and a pink construction paper 3 times to create 8 parts/cards, cut each section and then glue the white sections to the pink sections – as seen above).

The activity was a great way to practice patience (for both of us – ha!), fine motor skills and counting.  I asked her to count 3 hearts per card, then she had to practice using a glue stick (something I know loves doing lol).


Yes…we do EVERYTHING in this highchair!

The activity was a success and she really got into the grove of making her cards as she would keep asking me “who is one this for”? :)

Pinterest has some really cute valentines ideas like this, this and this.  I think these might be great I ideas for next year and to get Miss S even more involved.  (Well as long as she is still into it!)

Valentine’s #LookBook (Toddler edition)


Valentine’s is just around the corner….♥

I’ve planned a cute (read: super easy with lots of hearts) breakfast for my little fam bam.  The kiddo’s preschool valentine’s are almost ready to go. Aaaaand I hope the hubz got my flower order correct ;)

Outside of that, thought I’d share some sweet toddler outfit ideas for valentine’s.  I particularly love the red cold shoulder top and the idea of pairing that with the tinniest pair of distressed boyfriend denim!

And of course we always need to add just another tulle skirt dress and graphic tee to our collection!


Kiddo Update #MomDiaries

It’s been a minute since I’ve written an update post on the diva that is Miss S and I honestly which I could do it more often.
TLY_Sanya32m_1 TLY_Sanya32m_3 TLY_Sanya32m_7
She’s a handful for sure (like any toddler) but I always remind myself that when the days seem long, the years are short!  I want to look back and have pictures, words & memories to remind myself (and her and the hubz) of all the hilariousness, repetitive repetition (lol), craziness, hectic and innocence of this time.
TLY_Sanya32m_4 TLY_Sanya32m_9 TLY_Sanya32m_2 TLY_Sanya32m_6
So without further ado here is Miss S’s almost 32 month update:
Favourite Food:
Jam, Chicken McNuggets and Fries, Ikea kids breakfast (egg, sausage and like 3.5 pieces of toast),  Potatoes (preferably some fried form, lol), Apples, cupcakes, Vanilla cake and icing
Favourite Activity:
Water colour painting, Messy Painting (using acrylic paints), using markers, sticking stickers on ANYTHING, helping daddy make fish for dinner, playing doctor (checking our heartbeat and giving us shots/bandaids), feeding us from her pretend play kitchen/play food, doing puzzles, making towers from lego/duplo, face timing anyone (lol),  playing with her older cousin brother and she loves singing songs along with me (12 days of Christmas, Let it go etc) and I love when she attempts to harmonize with me :)
Funny Sayings:
  • For some reason, when there is a U in a word or sentence she makes it LU (pronounced “leeww”) and it’s the most endearing
  • Silly momma, silly gooses
  • When she sings the alphabet and she gets to the last verse “double u, x, y and z, noooooow my mommy ABC, next time won’t you sing with me”
  • After she sings jingle bells….”watch the wataa boom boom” #DontAsk
  • “Not anyting” which usually means nothing LOL

Valentine’s Scrabble Prints on ETSY #Coupon

A new print is available on my Etsy Shop.  It’s a love inspired print for valentines!  Check back often for other valentines prints in the coming days!!


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Because of timing, prints cannot be guaranteed to arrive before valentines :)

Hand up if you are dreaming of spring

I am so ready for Spring to start.  I need the sunshine and the warmth.  But considering we are expecting FREEZING RAIN tonight and into tomorrow I’ll just settle with these photo edits.  I dug up some palm tree pictures from our San Diego trip and applied some filters and changed the temperature to give them a different feel.  I wish I had more, I’d fill a wall in my house with them – it would be a piece of art!



These prints will be up on Etsy by the end of this weekend!  Available in both 8×10 and square sizes!