Artist != Athlete

I’m a little rusty in coding/developing. It’s been 4 years since I last SQL’ed.

With all that said, I am building my skills. I am completing courses. I am learning and I am getting better with every action I take.

Just like I do every time I pick up my camera or lace up my asics.

x = ‘artist’
y = ‘athletes’
print (x + ” are not like ” + y + “. ” + x + ” cannot win gold. “)

txt = x + ” cannot ‘beat’ other creatives. “

txt2 = “an ” + x + “‘s craft is subjective.”

txt3 = x + “s create to connect to the people who need their energy. “

txt4 = “Create in your way.”
txt5 = “, show up, and focus on your unique brand of magic.”

print(“we are all ” + x + txt5)

Artists are not like athletes.  Artists cannot win gold.  Artists cannot ‘beat’ other creatives.  An artist’s craft is subjective.  Artists create to connect to the people who need your energy.  Create in your way.  We are all artists, show up, and focus on your unique brand of magic.

How your goals doing?

*said with Joey Tribbiani voice*

I’m here to interrupt your double vaxxed/tired mom summer with the news that – there are 115 days left until 2022.

Yep, One Hundred Fifteen Days.

I was definitely feeling like I was hitting a wall in terms of my goals. That’s not to say I haven’t had a winning few months I just feel like I was losing focus and slowing down. And I don’t want to do that.

So I started vision boarding for the last quarter of the year, and I mean WHY NOT?

These are my goals and I need to find my motivation. Sometimes adding pen to paper (or picture to board) can help revitalize and re-engerize me. But I also have to remind myself that creating a vision board is just the first step. I then have to come up with actionable steps by month/week to get those goals accomplished. I’m going with the OKRs (being specific and having multiple key results can really drive it home for me).

My point to this whole post is that you DON’T need to wait till MONDAY or the START of the MONTH or the the NEW YEAR. (Although if that is your thing, September is a great month to get back to it!)

Another thing we (well me and you, the collective we) need to get better at is sharing our goals. I’m a little torn on sharing progress (sometimes it makes more sense to keep your head down/disappear while you get sh!t done). But something has to be said about putting your big dreams out into the universe (sounds woo woo because it is, IYKYK)!

So here it is, my Q4 vision board ++ some tips about getting back on track with your goals!

Vision Board, Goal Setting, Idea to Execution,
  1. Goal Setting: It’s important to know what you want to accomplish
  2. Plan your year, months, weeks and days.  Goals without a plan is a wish!
  3. Get enough: sleep, exercise, meditate, drink more water, eat what your body needs journal and find time to relax
  4. Be grateful: Always looking at future goals can cause fear, anxiety and stress.  Practicing gratitude can balance that
  5. Be disciplined: resist the urge to snack, check social media or skip a workout.  Focus on your activity at hand – that’s how progress is made
  6. Get to the other side of consistency: whether you see great results or no results – everything is in the hard work
  7. Invest in yourself: Read books, seek mentors and growth opportunities.  You don’t have to figure it out on your own.  Find someone who has what you are trying to achieve and learn from them

Keep coming back to these principals when you feel stuck or even every day to make sure you stay on track.

Be the most unique version of yourself

I know I’m not the first but to anyone who can challenge the norms, unlearn what hinders them and try something new (like wearing a sari with pants) knows that being the most unique version of yourself is above everything!


I’ve learned that getting out of your comfort zone and finding ways to improve yourself is key.   Here are some ways to do that everyday:

  1. Practice Gratitude Everyday
  2. Digital Detox 2 hrs Before Bed (if you can’t do it every day, start with Mondays)
  3. Personally Greet Everyone You Meet (by name, appropriate pronouns and with respect)
  4. Talk Positively to Yourself
  5. Do Something for Someone Else Once a Day (without expecting anything in return)
  6. Execute on your Ideas

TLY_Unique_U_2 TLY_Unique_U_1

Happy Monday!

Learning about India’s independence

On Aug 15 1947, India claimed independence from the United Kingdom.   It actually happened during WW1, where Mahatma Ghandi advocated (and possibly unintentionally) led for peaceful end to British rule (love the juxtaposition in that!)

Indian Flag Kid Friendly Crafts, Teaching history,  Cultural awareness

We as a family took it upon ourselves to learn a little more about the Indian flag.  Given all of the social education happening in our world – I found it fitting to learn and teach our girls about their background and heritage.

Sharing a few of the quick facts about the Indian Flag that I found intriguing!

  • The flag is tricolor and each colour means something different.  Saffron/Orange represents courage and strength, White indicates peace and truth, Green is for auspiciousness and growth.
  • The Chakra depicts the wheel of duty/law and that there is life in movement.  There are 24 spokes in the chakra represents a few different things: Indians working tirelessly for 24 hours, 24 different paths for humans and lead any country on the path to progress.  Also! The original spinning wheel was replaced by the chakra :O

We kept it light by creating these cute renditions of the flag, perfect for little hands and grown up creatives alike.

Summer cottage getaway

With lockdown measures still in place, no vacation destinations requiring air travel are being planned – the next best thing is vacationing in your own backyard.  The best way to do that in Ontario? Camping or for the camping-averse Cottaging!


A cottage is a great way to embrace the great outdoors, picturesque sunsets, time on the water and a change of scenery but still with the conveniences of home (sleeping on a bed, private bathrooms and better weather protection).


Camping is the same flavour but a lot more planning is required – in a good way because it offers an even more outdoor, nature filled experience.

TLY_cottage_001 TLY_cottage_004

That said, I am not yet ready for camping, maybe in a few years when the girls are little older and more able to help so for now we’ll take the cottage.  We don’t have a cottage in our family, so we usually rent one or find a house near a lake.


Here are some tips I’ve picked up overt the last few years of cottaging!

Preparing for your cottage:
– plan your days as much as you can including travelling to and from, meals/groceries, packing and activities
– if travelling with other families, divide up grocery shopping and cooking
– pack for the elements (even if you have a house to escape not ideal weather from, you may still want to enjoy the cooler evenings and rainy mornings)

When you are there:
– spend as much time as you can on the water & drag your kids out as much as possible
– let the kids run free (safely)
– eat every meal OUTSIDE
– take lots of pictures & video of the grounds and all of the activities
– Find any reason to celebrate ;)

Before you leave:
– leave the cottage in the same condition you found it (especially the kitchen!)
– make sure to put away any boating equipment (these are more likely to get stolen which means you don’t want to get caught paying for replacements)

TLY_cottage_007 TLY_cottage_006 TLY_cottage_005

TLY_cottage_08 TLY_cottage_010 TLY_cottage_012 TLY_cottage_014

Current meditation & journal routine

TLY_Journal Meditate Morning Routine

Over the last few months I’ve developed a morning routine.  Simply put I’ve added meditating and journaling to the start my day.

My focus for these activities is to breath, visualize, have gratitude, be intentional, learn more about myself and connect to shared wisdom.

My longest stretch was ~200 days.  At one point I missed a day but because I did it that long it formed a habit.  So when I do a miss a day I feel complete outside of myself.

I recently heard someone say, the only thing you can control is your spiritual practice.  And it’s so true.  Meditation and journaling has been my practice for quite some time now and what I love is no one can take that away from me.  I love it so much I share my practice and technique with people at work and my friends.

If you are looking for a sign to start meditating and journaling – let it be this.

Everything is on the other side of consistency, all you have to do is start.