Toronto Trippin’ with Miss El

When we left our downtown condo I was about 4 months pregnant with Miss S and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Living in the city has it’s perks (everything was walking distance) but I was so over the congestion and car pollution I was really looking forward to more green-space and less concrete jungle.

For me, taking a solo-mama-babe-in-the-stroller visit to the city is a real accomplishment.  It’s like a #RookieMom rite of passage!  I mean with Miss S I did it when she was closer to one year old.  But with our Ellie Bell it happened at 3 months.

We ended up driving down (wasn’t too keen on nursing on the Go Transit during the commuter rush) and seeing my co-workers, introducing Miss El to my mentor and then having lunch with the Mister after visiting his office.  Later in the afternoon, I wandered around Eaton Centre, broke my no-buy-challenge after 27 days (although disappointing it did make an impact on my spending habits – more on that in another post).


Love the vines growing on buildings near Forest Hill


In the super glam elevator at H&M – which was obviously made for selfies!

Although do-able with a double stroller, the Eaton Centre is not as stroller friendly as I thought.  I was walking from either ends of the mall to get to the elevators,which were always heavily in use (had to miss two rides because they were crowded with people).  I got over 13,000 steps throughout the entire day in my comfy #AthletiLeasure sneaks.


Made my option a little more vegan friendly by saying no meat please and getting tofu instead.

For our lunch date, we went to Spring Rolls.  I had the tofu chowmein noodles and Hubz had the chicken pad thai.  We chit chatted and made goggly eyes at each other – it’s been a long time.  I almost always take a part of my dish home but it was so good I ended up finishing it (even when Miss El needed to be held).


Overall it was nice trip into the city (despite the rain which I was fully prepared for).  Planning another trip later this year.

For memories sake…

We had our newest little addition join us over the weekend.  L&D, recovery and the whole “expecting” experience was interesting and completely different than the first time.  Not sure if I want to share how it went down but we’ll see.  That said, without further ado…I am here to introduce Miss El :)


What am I…

Feeling: anxious, excited, nervous, happy, scared, joyful, #momguilt

Doing: feeding, laundry, tidying, cuddling, listening to lecture + doing homework/assignments (the class I am in goes on until Apr 10)

Thinking: not taking enough photos, crap.. need to add that to my to-do list, do I really need to sleep

Thanks for reading and have great weekend!


The age old discussion about how much to share online.  Although I’ve retracted from Facebook for the most part I still do share a lot of visuals into my life on Instagram and even more imagery and words on my blog.  I guess I feel my blog is more for me anyway and for me anything I share online is a “high light real” for the the most part.


Teacher gifts & winter storm


We are officially 5 days away from Christmas and the thought of taking my decorations down is the last thing on my mind.  We are heavy into #CrapForgotToHideTheElfLastNight and singing christmas carols in the car!  We just came back from Miss S’s preschool holiday party.  It had some great food but both the Hubz and I would’ve loved to attend a christmas concert.  After speaking to the school supervisor, we found out that the kids get too emotional/embarrassed with all the parents watching so they decided to give it a break this year.  The party was way more relaxing and we got to catch up with some of the parent of the children in Miss S’s class.


Since she joined the daycare, we have been giving christmas gifts around this time of year.  This year we got crafty with the labels :) Finger paint Santa and Reindeer sleigh!


Wrapping Paper 

And as expected, we have already had a few snow storms here.  And I am already dreaming of the summer and wearing something other than winter boots #Guilty!



Snow Thrower


Jacket | Boots

Looking for some motivation?

Yea so am I.  I watched this really great video by Tony Robbins.  He talks about mental plateaus and gives some quick tips on how to get out of them.  In case you don’t watch the super short clip linked above its: Read, Workout, Set Clear Goals and Give to Others.

Sometimes I forget that changing your mindset really changes your focus, sets you in a different direction and can help you make anything happen.

I’ve recently started sharing motivational career/purpose/passion project advice on my linkedin and I was surprised to see that my contacts are actually engaging in the content (a few colleagues from current/previous roles, my MBA thesis advisor etc)

On that note: here is some visual motivation!  All images linked below!


Via Etsy


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


Via Etsy


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


Via Etsy


Via Pinterest

#FreeDownload (ENDED)

Hey Everyone

I am offering this fall inspired print for FREE.  This free offer is only valid until Oct 19.


All you have to do is left click image, it will open in full size (in a new tab or browser window) and then right click and save image as.

This is a full size image so you can save it and print it at your favourite image printer (Costco, Walmart etc) or even at home!


Our visit to @RipleysAquaCA

About 8 or 9 years ago, I read this book which caused me to make lifestyle changes (mainly: chose vegetarian food whenever I could).  I succeed for sometime and then I jumped off the bandwagon.

ThruLesYeux_Ripleys Aquarium Toronto

But I always felt ‘guilty’ for not sticking to it.  Maybe because I am south Asian or maybe because of what I believed in my heart to be the right choice for me – I am not sure where the feeling came from exactly.

ThruLesYeux_Ripleys Aquarium Toronto ThruLesYeux_Ripleys Aquarium Toronto

A few years ago, I subconsciously started choosing vegetarian options again when going out (aka choose beans over chicken at a mexican place) but at home I wasn’t as strict (trying to eat healthy and then trying to be vegetarian at the same time wasn’t easy).  That said I was really keen on #MeatlessTuesdays but then that dropped the concepts when Miss S joined the picture and realizing that just getting a toddler to eat anything is a struggle and cooking 2 meals for a meal was harder than cooking one.

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-33-17-pm screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-4-32-56-pm

Not really an excuse for me but I digress.  In between this time I watched a few documentaries (can’t remember the name of them but some were educational and some were downright horrifying).

And more recently I read this and this and also watched something on Facebook (which I now can’t un-see and really don’t want to link to it because it was really not a nice thing to watch).

So far my thoughts are: There is an industry and there are livelihoods in all of this — and there are ALWAYS two sides to a story.  And all I know is that I want to continue researching and educating myself so I can make the right choice for myself.  I know what makes me feel better and which is the easier route.  Lastly – the advice I want to give to myself is – read, learn, research, educate….it’s the most important gift.

Where do I go from here: I am looking for an almond milk brand that will taste good with a home made cookie (…lol gotta start somewhere!)

Oh…and I really want to give this a try Coconut whip cream

Side Note: Our trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto was ahhh-mazzing.  Seeing our 2 year old light up and become so imaginative was really beautiful.