Remember to lean into your Divine Feminine Energy

Sometimes women get stuck in their toxic masculine energy.  This can be because of many factors but it all comes down to our fast paced lifestyle, being out of sync with the moon cycles, lack of community and not using our hands (aka holding a tiny black screen all day!).  

Which manifests for some women as:

  • feeling stressed all the time
  • being in flight or fight mode for years
  • operating from a point of fear
  • the need to control everything

But it’s very easy for us women to return to our natural state and divine feminine energy.


Here are 3 ways to nurture your Divine Feminine and call back your natural receiving energy.

  1. Be creative – This means making something with you hands. Can be art, can be a meal, knitting, writing/journaling, doing your make up/hair
  2. Spend time in nature – Being within the trees, walking barefoot in the grass, try to aim for 10-30 minutes in the sun and within the trees. We need to do a more concerted effort to reconnect with mother nature.
  3. Learn to say no – As women we often obligated to do things for others, take care of others and put ourselves last on the priority list. We often feel bad saying no and feel like we need to handle more than we can – it creates bitterness and resentment. Start practicing saying no today. It will be the first step in healing the the wounded feminine.

4 routines to help reach your goals

I know its this time of year when everyone is gearing up for 2024.  Goals/resolutions, vision boards, planning planning planning.  Here’s your reminder that along with these activities you should take every opportunity be mindful about your journey…

Practice Gratitude: Having genuine gratitude for what you have now!

Visualize: Imagine your life as if if you have achieved your goals.  What you want, where you want to be, down to ever. last. detail.

Adjust your thoughts: Think about what you want everyday and act like you already have it.  This trains your mind to see more opportunities to get you closer to what you want.

Transform: everyday, every minute you need to SHOW up as the person who has what you want and has achieved the goal you are going to achieve.  This will be the most challenging part, but you have to push through and do it.

Habits of Successful Women

Self talk can be both constructive or positive.  Maybe it’s age and the wisdom that comes with it but I’m able to intercept the no so positive self talk dialogues.   Interestingly enough I also find that my self awareness has increased so much that even when I’m dealing with certain situations I can usually insert more positive self talk like: “you are tougher than this”, “this is nothing compared to that” or “it’s time to set you intentions, create a plan and get to where you need to be”.

Resiliency is probably the top skill of successful people & more important for women.  The type of resiliency that leans into emotional endurance and divine feminine energy. Read on to learn more about the habits (ask skills, activities and routines) of successful women.

Successful Women, Personal Style, Personal Brand
  1. Their day starts the night before
  2. They go to sleep early
  3. They have a self care based morning routine
  4. They do some form of meditation for mental wellness and journal for emotional release
  5. They prioritize their tasks
  6. They practice emotional and mental toughness
  7. They encourage children and other girls/women
  8. She practices self awareness
  9. She surrounds herself with like minded people
  10. She exemplifies a confident personal brand 
  11. She’s educating herself and learning new things daily
  12. She puts herself first, sets boundaries and takes space for herself
  13. She takes care of her personal hygiene and personal style
  14. She invests in physical self, spirituality and her mental wellbeing
  15. She manages her money wisely
  16. She consumes positive content and media
  17. She hones in on her craft daily
  18. She’s consistent, disciplined and practices self control
  19. She keeps promises to herself
  20. She’s articulate and is a great story teller


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What is Human Design?

Have you heard of the “Human Design Chart”? (aka Human Design, HDC, Body Graph).
Looking at the picture you may think it’s some sort of robotic humanoid. Well it’s not robotic, but it does have everything to do with being human and how to understand our whole human system so we can live our best life.

The best definition I’ve heard is that Human Design is equal parts practical and woowoo.
Human Design can be used as a target operating model for a person on how they can live in alignment with their truest self, how they make decisions and what gifts they are meant to give to the world. It’s both helpful to the self but also to people you work and live with (think business teams and families). Interestingly, the only pieces of information required to build your body graph are your birth date, time and location.

I’ve been learning more about my HDC for the last 2 years and I think I’m ready to share more about what I’ve learned about my own chart. Check back soon to learn more!

How nature promotes flow state

Being in flow state is when you feel like everything is aligned.  Your day is effortless.  And even if it’s not, you have an inherent trust that everything will work out for the best.

Being in the flow state means you are in the zone.  And being the in the zone means the world is your oyster.  You put your mind to something, work hard enough and it’s yours… #manifestation

There are many things that can help you get into flow state:
– Deep Breathing
– Meditation
– EFT Tapping
– Dancing
– Distract yourself from what’s taking your peace
– Be creative
and of course…getting outdoors and enjoying nature’s beauty!

One thing about our modern fast paced society is that we have forgotten about including nature and leisure in our day. Something I’ve realized myself only recently.  Whether it’s working in a concrete jungle and not getting out for some sun.  Or being so busy working from home that the only time I get up from my desk is to do school pick up!  It was about 2 years ago that I really felt like there was a mis-alignmnment (between my soul & body from nature) and randomly (well not a coincidence) stumbled upon the benefits of forrest baths.  

Forrest baths is a Japanese practice of relaxation – simply put its a method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees. 

After I read more and researched this practice – I began changing my habits.  Whenever, I was dealing with certain emotions (stress, fear, sadness) – I would force myself to go for a walk.  And specifically make sure I walked in a forest.  I do my best to immerse myself in the forrest.  I would go so far as to think about the architecture of the tree.  It’s connection to the earth (ie: what the roots looked like, how far they went into the earth, how they connected to the roots of other trees), what the trees look from the top or look up at the trees and lastly imagine the energy flowing through these trees.  

Of course it does not need to be this involved.  Some days I would just sit on the steps outside my house, and even sometimes I would just open the windows in my room.  

So if you are finding yourself sitting for long stretches of the day indoors, considering being intentional about stepping outside once in a while.  And if you want to try forest bathing – use the 3 tips to get started:

  1. Walk slowly in nature or be still.  This will help you pay attention to your surroundings and really taken in the natural beauty.
  2. Use your senses to experience.  Make note of the scent, the colours, how the light is shinning.  Focus on one sense at a time.
  3. Savour the beauty.  When something catches your eye, take a few extra moments to truly appreciate it.

If you want this… practice that

I was able to get over a summer reading slump with a fast paced thriller – which I thought meant I could then start another book that peaked my curiosity.  I love personal success and personal dev books (unfortunately, they are also the cause of me being 1 book behind schedule on my “read 12 books in 2023” self-set challenge).  

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Skirt & Body Suit – Reitmans | Shoes – Call it Spring | Blazer Vest – Suzy Sheir | Purse – Target

Although I also believe these types of book don’t necessarily help someone, unless that person actually executes on said advice.  However, books can be eye opening and for me personally I like to spread the word so to speak.  Whether it helps me create content for this blog, a caption for an IG post or an insightful tweet, I feel it lets me help raise the vibration of this planet, even if the wisdom only reaches 1 other human.

OOTD, Fit Check, 40s Fashion, Summer Style, Fashionista, Spiritual Advice, Self Care, Personal Success, Printed Skirt, Blazer Vest, Nude Shoes

Anywho, the reason why I shared that thought process was because if you are out there and you are not sure you should share you idea, opinion or art (remember as long as you aren’t hurting anyone) – you should do it anyway.  When we share something, we always put our own unique spin on it – which inherently makes it compliment the millions of other ideas that already exist.  So in conclusion – I may not execute on everything I read in a personal success book, but I’m sure to share the wealth of knowledge!  But because I want to continuously up my creative game (this?), I need to get more comfortable with sharing (that!)

OOTD, Fit Check, 40s Fashion, Summer Style, Fashionista, Spiritual Advice, Self Care, Personal Success, Printed Skirt, Blazer Vest, Nude Shoes

On the note of sharing… I’m also sharing a quick list on how to raise your vibes when you want to get to the next emotional level/frequency.  Want to read more on this topic, check out more from my blog: here, here and here.

Abundance ↔ Gratitude

Joy ↔ Service to Others

Freedom ↔ Laugh More

Calm Mind ↔ Nature Walk

Intuition ↔ Meditation

Peace ↔ Journal

Confidence ↔ Self Compassion