Dealing with Obstacles & Yummy Garlic Knots

Earlier in the year I set out to bake bread.  But I had a hard time making it happened (read about how I kept falling short/loosing inspiration about it in my weekly goals from the summer).

I felt like crap for being so vocal on my blog about wanting to do something and then not being able actually to do it.   I am OK with putting out my goals and not being able to complete them mainly because I enjoy the process – but I really really wanted to make bread!

And then, on a whim I found a super easy recipe that totally jived with my way of cooking (simple ingredients / minimal steps).  And ✷poof✷ just like that – I made bread!!

TLY_Bread4 TLY_Bread1

Plate | Cutting board | Tea Towel | Knife

But I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about obstacles that come in the way of the goals you set for yourself.

I think with the older I get, the more I realize that obstacles are a way to grow.  This was not always the case – I used to think that obstacles were something telling me that my goals were never going to be reached.  Although not being able to bake bread because I didn’t have the right tools isn’t a serious obstacle, it was definitely a set back in reaching a goal.

So there are three things I/you can do when you are met with obstacles on the journey to your goals.

  1. Check/Understand/Accept your feelings
    It’s completely normal to feel defeated and sad.  It’s also important to let yourself feel those emotions.  Take some time to recover and then allow yourself to move past those feelings as well.  I say this because even though baking bread may not seem serious but it’s more about the principle behind it reaching the goal.  (i.e.:  I told myself I wanted to bake bread, I told the blogosphere/anyone who read the post I wanted to bake bread, I was excited for the challenge/take my cooking skills to the next level etc)
  2. Focus on research and creativity and set smaller milestone goals
    Sometimes hitting an obstacle means you need to re-evaluate your efforts and plan. It’s possible that there is another way of reaching your goal and it takes hitting an obstacle to make you realize that.  This is also totally fine and it’s a great way to appreciate the journey.
  3. Know that you will get there one way or another
    I read the other day that humans are self talkers by nature.   The only problem is – most of our self talk is negative.  I think it’s totally OK to tell ourselves that our goals are achievable and we’ll be able to make it happened.  I don’t think it makes us conceded instead it adds to our confidence.

Okay – those are my thoughts on obstacles.  Now back to the bread!

These super simple garlic knots were sooooo good. The hubz and the girls loved them – Miss S had 2-3 and Ellie could have easily had 2.  They use all purpose flour and fat free greek yogurt (that is soo cool to me aka no yeast)!

They are a real treat (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside) and smothered in a garlicky butter …YUM!   I think next time I’ll try this recipe with half all purpose and half whole wheat to up the healthfulness.  And although I personally didn’t feel the need for a dip I am totally down for one…(would a white garlic dip be too much garlic?? ;) lol!)

TLY_Bread3 TLY_Bread2

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome – Review (Read via @hoopladigital)

I recently finished Rushing Woman’s Syndrome.  The first section of the book is full of scientific information but it’s shared on a high school chem/biology level (so easy to follow and understand), the next section of the book talks about symptoms, causes, antidotes and solutions followed by the last chapter which was probably the best in terms of information and summary.  I would totally be the person to read the last chapter had I known what it contained buuutttt then I’d be exactly the kind of woman the book is trying to help ;)


I’ve been wanting to write a recap for the last 3 weeks and the idea of it feels daunting.  So instead of being scared of getting started, I figure I should just …get started.

Here are some of the ideas I bookmarked while reading:

  • Creating spaciousness in your life.  Using the words “I get to do a-b-c” instead of “ugh I have to do a-b-c”
  • Think about this: basic human psychology states that we will do more to avoid pain than experience pleasure.
  • The brain is constantly asking: “Am I safe?” from a emotional, intellectual & survival perspective
  • There is nothing in the world that communicates safety more effectively than your breath
  • Take the time to look at the moon
  • Be ruthless about cutting out what is not essential on the first day
  • Do something you really want to do on the first day
  • Chew your food (like 100x before swallowing!)
  • Start your day with lemon water or apple cider vinegar (this jump starts the stomach’s acid)
  • Avoid water with meals (it dilutes the stomach acids)
  • Almost all the people who don’t have gut problems are vegans
  • Human babies need love to make it through the 4th trimester where as animal babies do not (I mean they are born walking/crawling/slithering!)
  • Affirmations help change your focus.  Affirmations work when you put in the work
  • Having a to do list does not aid in slowing down 
  • Even if a few individuals simply try to create mental peace and happiness within themselves and act responsibly and kind hearted towards others, they will have a positive influence in their community.
  • Tony Robins…look up his ted talk and the book “Awaken the giant within
  • Awaken the part of you that is asleep
  • Taking breaks from alcohol (even if you only drink it sparingly) can provide insight into yourself
  • Read “Here’s what I know” by Kate Northrup
  • Restorative eating includes:
    • Eat real food as often as you can
    • Double the amount of green food you currently eat
    • Cut out or limit a significant amount of caffeine
    • Cut out or limit a significant amount of alcohol
  • Restorative Movement
    • Qi gong
    • Restorative yoga (more about this on page 93)
    • Meditation
    • Cycle synching your weekly workouts
  • Restorative sleep
    • Limit caffeine and alcohol
    • Start good sleep hygiene (reduce lighting in the bedroom, get up at the same time everyday and do calming activities 2 hrs before sleep (kind of like a kid’s bed time routine!)
    • Schedule some daily calm (Meditate, 20 long deep breaths, Restorative yoga poses)
  • Restorative actions
    • Pick up litter on the ground
    • Call or see someone you haven’t seen in a while
    • Volunteer for a cause close to your heart
    • Bake a cake and deliver it to a retirement home or pack lunches to give to homeless people on the street
    • Donate clothes or house hold items you no longer need or use
    • Smile at people when you are walking down the street
    • Notice the colour of the sky wherever you are
    • Send someone a note / card in the mail!
    • Share something that makes you giggle
    • If someone looks lost, ask them if they need any help
    • Practice random acts of kindness
    • Be kind always, Be kind first
  • Research 10 rituals of radiant living
  • Keep a journal (written by hand!! keep it in the kitchen or the family room especially if you don’t think you’ll have time to write, used coloured pencils and remember to write down what you are grateful for)
  • Serenity prayer:  Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference
  • Pg 98-104 is a reference guide for the body’s bio chemistry

PS: I read this book completely on my phone using an app called Hoopla.  You connect to it using your local library’s library card and have access to hundreds of titles that you borrow and return just as you would in real life.  Of course you can always get the actual copy of the book here.


5 ways to deal with Adversity

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.10.36 PM

Today was one of t.h.o.s.e days.  You know the day where you feel like you are drowning and the weight of the world is crushing you.  When you feel like everyone is successful achieving their goals and you are flailing and failing.  When the only thing you got done today was brush your teeth (or maybe not even that!).

Adversity, we all feel and deal with it differently.  Adversity however it is felt, can be disruptive.  It hurts because it feels like a betrayal.  But adversity ebbs and flows, so it’s really about finding ways to keep going.  Here are ways to deal with and get over adversity.

  1. See the bigger picture: That includes KNOWING you will get through this!  It helps to think about how in the past you’ve gotten through other obstacles.  How you felt after getting through them.  Something about visualizing your past successes really helps to get over the slump you feel when the negativity hits.  Consider what you are going through as a learning opportunity and keep a positive spin on the situation.  Or instead of thinking of the situation is dramatic – think of it as a copy.  These are just some ways to consider the bigger picture.
  2. Stay inspired: Everyone is inspired differently.  Some quick ways to get a boost of inspiration?  Watch a ted talk, find some inspiring quotes. following impressive or motivating people on Instagram or even reading someone else’s success story.  Finding ways to stay inspired can provide a nudge in the right direction
  3. Make a plan: The best way to deal with an obstacle is to make a plan and then act on it.  At first it is super hard to get over yourself and get out of your head but the more you able to efficiently deal with the dull feeling the quicker you’ll get out ahead of it in the future.  Run your plan of actions by a trusted contact so they can keep you accountable and check up on you.
  4. Switch your attitude to gratitude:  Honesty just grab a pen and a notebook and write down 10 things you are grateful for.   It’s a mindset switch for sure!
  5. Take care of your mind, body and soul:  That means get off social media and read a book, get some exercise or at least get outside for some fresh air, try meditating and go to the spa!  Oh…and eat that piece of cake too!