5 ways to Self Care when time is not a luxury


It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks. On the home front, the four of us have been busy getting winter coughs and colds :(  Hoping and praying for spring to come early and for the germs to get their eviction notice.  It’s all about the positive thoughts!

Outside of the home, I’ve been filling out daycare forms and prepping for my return to work.  And most importantly,  make time to see my friends for catch up sessions including lots of prosecco.  Prosecco is the perfect segway for #SelfCare.

I am 12 months postpartum and have a full personal life and a busy family life.  Because of thatI feel it’s even more important to take care of myself as a women, wife and mother.  It’s sage advice I’ve heard over and over.  If I can’t take care of myself and make sure I am happy – I know I won’t be able to take care of my family and our life.  I’ve already seen the effects of if: short tempered, snappy and mean!


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I wanted to share some ways I practice self care when I literally have no time for myself.

I know self care has been a trendy buzz phrase from 2017 and it’s going to be even more engrained into our minds by social media in 2018.  I am sure most of us have been doing some form of self care – but it can easily become over looked especially for women (moms!) who are always trying to be everything to everyone else 200% of the time.

Essentially self care is vital for our mental, physical and spiritual health. Buuuttt, self care looks different for everyone. So in sharing what I do when I don’t have a lot of time, I hope it can inspire you to find ways to take care of yourself!  What I share here are things I can do quickly and why they give your mind, body and spirit a boost.

1.  Work out early in the morning for 15 minutes 

Let’s be real – the time for me to have a gym membership has come and gone (especially in this season of my life).  So I am going to submit to that idea and just figure out a way to get in 15 minutes of activity.  For me this is usually something like a quick HITT, tabata circuit or intervals on the treadmill.  That’s the kind of work out I need to feel accomplished and better about myself.

2.  Remind myself that “this too shall pass” 

It can be really calming to take a moment out of the chaos to realize that whatever you are going through is just a drop in the bucket.  I know it sounds counter-intuitivie but for me – it’s about giving myself perspective but also understanding that life could be so different.  It also lets me experience and feel what I am going through.  Sometimes it takes 1 minute, other times it will take 10 but it’s a no-nonsense way to show yourself some love.

3.  Take deep breaths 

I recently read that the only way to control the nervous system is through breathing.  That is so interesting to me.  That I can quickly take control of my body just by slowing down my breathing.  When I feel overwhelmed (or just because) I take 2 minutes to focus on some deep breathing.  This also works wonders with kids and helping them calm down from a tantrum #MomHack :P

4.  Light a candle and make a cup of tea

Something about going through the motions of lighting a candle and make a cup of tea (or coffee) is very relaxing to me.  Depending on how long you steep your tea for, this should only take 5 minutes and can often be thought of as a way to mediate.

5.  Get some fresh air

I know it’s still cold in Toronto so whenever I know the weather is going to be warmer or if I see the sun shinning – I make the extra effort to get outdoors.  Taking some fresh air into the lungs and letting the sun touch my face gives me an opportunity stretch and breath.  Ideally I’d love to do 20 minutes but even 5 minutes can do wonders.


Dealing with Obstacles & Yummy Garlic Knots

Earlier in the year I set out to bake bread.  But I had a hard time making it happened (read about how I kept falling short/loosing inspiration about it in my weekly goals from the summer).

I felt like crap for being so vocal on my blog about wanting to do something and then not being able actually to do it.   I am OK with putting out my goals and not being able to complete them mainly because I enjoy the process – but I really really wanted to make bread!

And then, on a whim I found a super easy recipe that totally jived with my way of cooking (simple ingredients / minimal steps).  And ✷poof✷ just like that – I made bread!!

TLY_Bread4 TLY_Bread1

Plate | Cutting board | Tea Towel | Knife

But I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about obstacles that come in the way of the goals you set for yourself.

I think with the older I get, the more I realize that obstacles are a way to grow.  This was not always the case – I used to think that obstacles were something telling me that my goals were never going to be reached.  Although not being able to bake bread because I didn’t have the right tools isn’t a serious obstacle, it was definitely a set back in reaching a goal.

So there are three things I/you can do when you are met with obstacles on the journey to your goals.

  1. Check/Understand/Accept your feelings
    It’s completely normal to feel defeated and sad.  It’s also important to let yourself feel those emotions.  Take some time to recover and then allow yourself to move past those feelings as well.  I say this because even though baking bread may not seem serious but it’s more about the principle behind it reaching the goal.  (i.e.:  I told myself I wanted to bake bread, I told the blogosphere/anyone who read the post I wanted to bake bread, I was excited for the challenge/take my cooking skills to the next level etc)
  2. Focus on research and creativity and set smaller milestone goals
    Sometimes hitting an obstacle means you need to re-evaluate your efforts and plan. It’s possible that there is another way of reaching your goal and it takes hitting an obstacle to make you realize that.  This is also totally fine and it’s a great way to appreciate the journey.
  3. Know that you will get there one way or another
    I read the other day that humans are self talkers by nature.   The only problem is – most of our self talk is negative.  I think it’s totally OK to tell ourselves that our goals are achievable and we’ll be able to make it happened.  I don’t think it makes us conceded instead it adds to our confidence.

Okay – those are my thoughts on obstacles.  Now back to the bread!

These super simple garlic knots were sooooo good. The hubz and the girls loved them – Miss S had 2-3 and Ellie could have easily had 2.  They use all purpose flour and fat free greek yogurt (that is soo cool to me aka no yeast)!

They are a real treat (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside) and smothered in a garlicky butter …YUM!   I think next time I’ll try this recipe with half all purpose and half whole wheat to up the healthfulness.  And although I personally didn’t feel the need for a dip I am totally down for one…(would a white garlic dip be too much garlic?? ;) lol!)

TLY_Bread3 TLY_Bread2

Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Yesterday I started putting up some valentines decor around the house and I was getting all the feels…I love valentines day and I got to thinking about this time last year.  Making V-day cards with Miss S while feeling Ellie dance on the inside.  #Bittersweet

We are for sure going to make some valentines craft cards for Miss S’s friends at school and maybe add a pencil or some stickers to the card.  I really love this bonding time her and I get to share + doing something creative is a bonus.

I know the Mister is probably wondering what to get for me / his girls this year.   I think the girls will be pretty happy with a heart shape balloon and some lolly pops.  As for me I’d love some light pink/pastel pink flowers (roses or carnations – not picky), I’d also LOVE to spend some quality alone time with him doing an activity (even something simple like grabbing a coffee and holding hands walking around the mall but axe throwing would be awesome too! lol).  Although if I am being honest, there is one thing I’d really like / need: it’s to have all my Tiffany & Co jewellery pieces cleaned and polished :) LOL :P

I thought I’d share some gift ideas and as you can see totally gravitating to everything light pink, pastel pink and pale pink.  Even though I don’t need any of this stuff – it’s always fun to look at the menu and get some fun ideas.


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5 ways to deal with Adversity

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.10.36 PM

Today was one of t.h.o.s.e days.  You know the day where you feel like you are drowning and the weight of the world is crushing you.  When you feel like everyone is successful achieving their goals and you are flailing and failing.  When the only thing you got done today was brush your teeth (or maybe not even that!).

Adversity, we all feel and deal with it differently.  Adversity however it is felt, can be disruptive.  It hurts because it feels like a betrayal.  But adversity ebbs and flows, so it’s really about finding ways to keep going.  Here are ways to deal with and get over adversity.

  1. See the bigger picture: That includes KNOWING you will get through this!  It helps to think about how in the past you’ve gotten through other obstacles.  How you felt after getting through them.  Something about visualizing your past successes really helps to get over the slump you feel when the negativity hits.  Consider what you are going through as a learning opportunity and keep a positive spin on the situation.  Or instead of thinking of the situation is dramatic – think of it as a copy.  These are just some ways to consider the bigger picture.
  2. Stay inspired: Everyone is inspired differently.  Some quick ways to get a boost of inspiration?  Watch a ted talk, find some inspiring quotes. following impressive or motivating people on Instagram or even reading someone else’s success story.  Finding ways to stay inspired can provide a nudge in the right direction
  3. Make a plan: The best way to deal with an obstacle is to make a plan and then act on it.  At first it is super hard to get over yourself and get out of your head but the more you able to efficiently deal with the dull feeling the quicker you’ll get out ahead of it in the future.  Run your plan of actions by a trusted contact so they can keep you accountable and check up on you.
  4. Switch your attitude to gratitude:  Honesty just grab a pen and a notebook and write down 10 things you are grateful for.   It’s a mindset switch for sure!
  5. Take care of your mind, body and soul:  That means get off social media and read a book, get some exercise or at least get outside for some fresh air, try meditating and go to the spa!  Oh…and eat that piece of cake too!

Happy New Year + #OneLittleWord

TLY_AuldLanSyne2018 NYE2018_We4Maryas

Happy New Year!

This is a big year for our family.  So many things are lined up for this year.   It makes me both excited and nervous (in a good-ish way LOL)

I have given my #OneLittleWord a lot of thought.  (You can read what lasts years word is here).

This years word is MORE:

More Memories
More Experiences
More Time
More Reading
More Creating
More Exploring
More Giving
More Movement
More Water
More Plants
More Saving the Planet (lol)
More Writing
More Working on my Goals
More Intention
More Blogging
More Pictures
More deep breathing
More getting things done
More Visualization
More Journaling
More Friends
More Datenights
More Family
More Living
More Calm
More Happiness
More Success
…and definitely More Love

December Intentions – Mid month check in

We are at Mid December so I figured it would be a good time for me to review my December Intentions.


I started using a new journal for my gratitude. I found this beautiful hard cover pocket journal with marble design.  It’s like a moleskin (lined, with a bookmark and a band to keep the book closed.  It’s small enough that I can keep it in my smallest purse but I like to keep it on my night stand.  I usually write in it before I close my eyes, but in the morning it doesn’t get filled in until around 8ish (after breakfast & sending the Mister and Miss S on their way).  I try and write 4-6 reasons of gratitude.  Something as simple as “drinking lots of water”, “I got to see my friend for coffee” or “I get to fold laundry”.


I have been visualizing a lot but I think I want to do more of it with paper to pen.  So I intend to do more writing where I see future self.

I ended November in a spirit of “give me all the cookies, chocolate and sweets”.  I kind of let myself eat whatever I wanted for 2.5 weeks.  On top of that I stopped wearing my FitBit and didn’t work out – simply because I didn’t feel like it.  Around Dec 10, I felt something was a miss.  I didn’t feel like myself and I realized it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water, not making a conscious effort to be active and that eating what ever I wanted was not giving me joy.  So I stopped!  I am doing some light workouts, drinking 3L of water a day and refraining from eating dessert.  It may look like I am restricting myself – but letting myself do whatever I want was actually more restrictive to my wellbeing.  So yes lots of steps and activity – just not measure it.


I’ve reached out to my mentor and looking forward to her response and a phone meeting we are going to have.

I am using my camera a lot and I try to post the pictures on the blog.


It’s been easier for me to chant “I am, I can, I will, I do” for 2 minutes than sit and meditate in the more traditional way.  I can say that I’ve been doing this at least every other days (which is a lot more than I’ve ever done for quiet meditation).

I am 1/3 done the book I’ve been reading.  It’s good but there is too much science/biology explanations happening that I end up skimming over it.  I still plan to have this book finished by the end of the month.  I’ve told the Mister I don’t want anything for Christmas.  Not even socks LOL.  I’ve asked him to upload my e-reader with TONS of books.


Okay so as for giving.  I can honestly say I haven’t done enough.  I mean I am doing the usual teacher gifts for Miss S, participating in a few Kris Kringles and of course for my parents but I still haven’t “pay it forward” or written any Christmas Cards just because.  Something to work on for the rest of the month.