Time to buy a new planner!

Whoa it’s like Fall has already arrived!

Ellie & I dropped off Miss S today at daycare (she is starting “kindegarden” today) and the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius.  Super excited to put on my vegan leather jacket and fringe scarf and getting the girls in their fall touqs.  Also stoked for for fall fashion!  Bring on all the layers of moody nail polish, rings and clothes :)

It is also that time of year again where all the stationary and school supplies line the front of stores.  It’s taking a lot of controlled effort not to pick up everything in sight but I love the feeling you get when a new (school) year is about to start.


That said, my current planner year is coming to an end and I’ve used it consistently.   Although I can’t say that I used it extensively (some months were better than others) or that it was a space to keep/record everything.  I often grabbed a plain note book or printer paper to scribble lists on and never ended up returning those notes to my main planner.   I would prefer to keep everything in one place so I can always look up that list or piece of information I recorded because it ensures that I don’t have to “recreate the wheel”.  I like my moleskin planner but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in investing in something that would better suit my current journal/planning style.  I am currently using 4 different planner/bullet journaling methods and I really just want to use ONE!


I’ve already got a few planners on my radar (like this Moleskin, Mini Day Designer or an undated Passion Planner).

Reviewing all these planners I realized there are some MUST HAVES for me when it comes to planners.


A planner needs to have:

  • Quotes to start your week.  The right motivation can really set the tone for your days ahead
  • Monthly pages spread across a normal size paper (8.5×11 inches)
  • Project Planning Pages
  • Mind mapping pages
  • Vision board pages (for like actual cutting and pasting into the planner)
  • Vertical Days Section (for tasks lists/general lists, daily appointments in descending order by time etc).  I think “going down a list” as a daily practice helps to keep your productivity in focus
  • Daily trackers for habits such as water intake, exercise and food (i.e. “whats for dinner”)
  • Daily trackers for expenses and self care
  • Daily gratitude section
  • Daily top 3-5 tasks
  • Daily creative work section.  I truly believe that doing something creative is necessary to both exercise the mind and help you in other areas of your life (such as problem solving etc)
  • Weekly goals, essentially the top 2-3 things you need to get done that week
  • Go to Lists section such as grocery, suit case packing, diaper bag etc
  • Daily, weekly and monthly productivity measurement
  • Free space (lined and blank) for doodling, note taking, free writing etc
  • Pomodoro explanation
  • Information on topics such as: productivity, focus, intention, mediation etc
  • Front and back pockets
  • Be able to lay flat
  • Bookmark (an attached piece of ribbon or a ruler that fits into the rings)
  • Free printables (something you can print from the planners website and add to your planner)


Things I planner doesn’t need to have:

  • Global Date and Times
  • Flight Durations
  • Dialing codes
  • Measurement conversions
  • Shirt Sizes

…pretty much anything that can be googled in seconds!

Postpartum – Must Haves


Pinterest and Instagram have DROOL worthy baby gear.  Honestly all the muslin blankets and cute bonnets would do me under.  But I stuck to my guns and didn’t go overboard.  Luckily we had pretty much EVERYTHING from Miss S’s time and didn’t have to buy much (other than diapers and wipes).

Here is my list of must haves for right after baby arrives!

Belly Bandit – I actually bought this when Miss S was nine months and it really helped.  I know they say you should wear it right after you deliver but I think it works at any time.

Medela Freestyle BreastPump – We ended up using our previously loved pump by replacing a few of the parts and cleaning/sanitizing other parts.  Great investment!

Aden and Anais muslin blankets – These are the most versatile muslin blankets.  They are soft and they have a bit of stretch!  I also like these ones too.

Aveeno Baby Wash and Lotion – The last time around it took us a LONG time for figure out what to use on newborn skin.  Our paediatrician recommended Aveeno and we stuck with it every since.  (We also use this and this for Miss S now that she’s older).

Disposable Nursing Pads: I wasn’t able to do the reusable ones just and these worked really well.

Grace Travel Lite Crib – Both Miss S and now Miss El slept in here while in our room.  The only issue is that baby can grow out of it real fast!  The great thing about it is that it has stages so it can be used as a playpen (as long as baby fits).

S’Well Water bottle – I have two #Guilty!  One on my bed side and one downstairs (that I throw in the diaper bag when I am heading out).  This bottle is soo good.  It keeps cold water cold for 12 hours and hot water hot for 4-6 hours.  That said, they are not cheap but totally worth it.

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling – This was actually the first “baby item” I bought when I was expecting with Miss S.  I really learned to love baby wearing and “wore” Miss S until she was 15 months old.  I specifically love this line of slings because it’s a bit more stylish than a carrier with 40 buckels and a padded body wrap :)

December is here and #WinterBucketList

Image via Pinterest











I can’t believe DECEMBER is starting tomorrow.  So thought I’d do a #WinterBucketList to make sure all the fun ideas I have planned in my head for the colder months actually has a chance of happening :P

Winter Bucket List:

  • Visit Santa and get some pictures with the big guy
  • Experience the Toronto Christmas Market
  • Christmas Craftssss!! (paper snowflakes, cotton ball snowman etc)
  • Do a Secret Santa with friends
  • Bake Christmas Cookies with Miss S
  • Fiiinnnnaaalllly get some Outdoor Christmas lights up
  • Build a gingerbread house
  • Relax in front of the fireplace :)
  • Go sledding and build a snowman + snow angels with Miss S
  • Watch Home Alone 1 (lol)
  • Take lots of winter/christmasy photography
  • Winter walk to see the neighbourhood lights
  • Eat snow ice cream


All images via Pinterest

Lists are theraputic


Sneaks | Journal | Lip Gloss | Sunglasses | Pens

A list of random thoughts:

  1. I have too many journals and I want more.
  2. This post has been sitting in draft for over a week :/
  3. Can’t believe the last few weeks of the summer have begun, gotta plan our annual trip to the midway
  4. I haven’t bought a pair of heels in almost a year (wtf)
  5. For some reason all of my DayOne entries are getting duplicated :/
  6. I think I need a social media break (eek)
  7. For the first time in a long time, I don’t want to plan a trip/vacation
  8. I am really behind with making yearly photobooks and it irks me that I have only digital copies of ‘memories’
  9. Is it friday yet?
  10. We are in serious need of giving out house some TLC

Long Weekend Eve #CanadaDay

Yaaaasssss! It’s looong weekend eve!

Weather isn’t looking as promising as one would hope (please don’t cancel the Canada Day fireworks because of the rain!) but we are taking full advantage of the time off to get things done.
















Long weekend grocery list add ons:
– Shrimp (BBQ)
– Chicken Thighs (BBQ)
– Sweet Cherries
– Fresh Watermelon
– Bananas (I am making a big batch of banana-peanut butter ice cream)
– Peonies
– Table Cream (for some cold brew that we plan on enjoying this weekend)
– Some Canada Day paraphernalia


Peonies | Watch | Bracelets

And some MAJOR domestication (ie: house work/chores) will be happening as well, here is the plan
– Trim all greener in the front yard
– Plant my basil seeds (oh gosh I hope it’s not too late)
– Clean garage (take out everything, get rid of junk, sweep and wash down)
– Dust/Mop all hardwood/tile floors
– Ikea trip
– Canada Day Neighborhood block party
– BBQ (multiple according to the hubz)
– See some friends
– Blog work
– Clean Closet (donate to charity)

TLYBlog_LongWeekendEve3 TLYBlog_LongWeekendEve2