Blogmas | 50 ways to level up

I love reading productivity and lifestyle hacks!  But when they are written in the form of lists – they make it easier to follow!  It’s almost like a mental checklist that I can create in my head and tick off the things that I am already doing and then plan for the things I want to try.

Sharing a list of 50 ways to LEVEL UP.  From accessorizing your outfits to planning your week, this list includes tons of ways to do and be better.  And even though it’s not in your face obvious, all of these activities help to nourish your mind and soul so you can show up and be your best self!

Would love to hear if you try any of these out!  Or maybe what you’d add to the list?

  1. Practice Gratitude
  2. Invest in quality, not quantity
  3. Read 1 book a month
  4. Develop a skin care routine that works for you
  5. Dress well, always! (even at home)
  6. Pick and use a signature scent
  7. Learning everyday is a must
  8. Focus on your mental health
  9. Plan your day, week, month & year to focus on your goals
  10. Listen to podcasts or Ted Talks
  11. Pamper yourself regularly
  12. Make your home cozy
  13. Prioritize your friendships
  14. Meditate
  15. Wear clean shoes (whitest whites, polished or stained)
  16. Use a silk pillow case
  17. Clean your makeup brushes regularly
  18. Create > Consume
  19. Regular face massages
  20. Cut out toxic people and activities
  21. Take yourself out on a date, be comfy being on your own (without feeling alone)
  22. Have a hair care routine
  23. Get 6-8 hours of sleep
  24. Habit stack, time block and batch create
  25. Work on building your confidence & self-esteem
  26. Organize your home
  27. Watch TV shows/movies that inspire your sense of style/fashion
  28. Build your online brand (personal & professional)
  29. Buy yourself some flowers
  30. Be your own stylist with what you have in your closet (take pictures and create outfits)
  31. Maintain good posture
  32. Don’t think about other people’s opinion of you (it is their own reflection)
  33. Wear a natural make up look
  34. Elevate any outfit with 1 luxury handbag
  35. Do things that you are afraid of
  36. Schedule in “self care days” 
  37. Exfoliate your skin
  38. Try one extravagant accessory (gloves, channel broach, beret)
  39. Train yourself to relax without a screen
  40. Wake up before 8am and go to sleep before 11pm
  41. Start a yoga or pilates practice
  42. Challenge yourself
  43. Do 2 face masks weekly
  44. Progress > Perfection
  45. Keep your space tidy
  46. Journal daily
  47. Create a vision board
  48. Build a morning routine
  49. Accessorize your outfits!
  50. Walk & Exercise daily

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Things I think are worth knowing about spirituality

I know spirituality (ie: not religion) is becoming more main stream and I love that for the collective human experience.  Below sharing a few interesting things about spirituality (and life!) that are really worth knowing.

We are merely reflections of each other

Love is the only emotion that vibrates from the soul

Your thoughts create your reality

The moon enhances psychic powers

The sun unlocks DNA

Crystals are found in tech devices

You are what you eat

August Reset and Monthly Goals

I’m back with another tiktok inspired trend: monthly goals!

Well technically I’ve always been making monthly goals.  But even more so, I just back from a vacation… vacations have a way and making me more inspired to review my habits & goals. And sometimes you need to write down your intentions and get re-acclimatized to your dreams.

Here are my August Goals & my current status as of the first full week of the month.

Drink 3L of water: I added a habit tracker (little water drops to track every water bottle of 500mL) to my planner for every day.  So far I’ve gotten to 2.L a few days.

Make art daily: not hitting this one yet.  The plan was to either paint, photograph, use procreate or blog.  And so far all I have excuses.  Will try again this week.

Forrest walks: again not there yet. My workday is a little crazy (side note: talking to my leadership about that this week to make sure I’m putting my career goals and professional brand first – and to have more space in my day to take walks in a forrest)

Daily Journaling & Mediation: 7 for 8 so far!

Read 2 books: I recently finished Verity and I’m now reading The Secret.

Share my art weekly: Promising myself that I will share a procreate piece this week!

5 things to quit this week

A few days ago, I realized that it had been some time since I picked up my camera and take some creative shots.  So I set up some items around my house, put on a cute outfit and cleaned up my desk to get some photography.

Sometimes I hold myself back from 1) actually taking the time to create with my camera and then 2) sharing it here on instagram. And I’m not entirely sure why. I think creativity was meant to be shared with the world. That doesn’t necessarily mean friends and family will like it or even agree with it – which is OK (I’m being taught this lesson over and over by different situations).

Also part of the creative process is taking some rest so you can come up with the crazy ideas that you plan to execute on. So picking up my camera after a few months of rest is something I need to give myself grace about.

With all that said, most times it’s the voice in our head is what’s stops us from doing the things we know will nourish our soul. So I’m sharing 5 things to quit this week which helped me get out of my creativity rut!

Staying in your comfort zone: Sometimes I think “it’s just easier to not shoot photos because then I don’t have to worry about them looking terrible”. And although this thought can be comforting, it’s actually creating more harm than good. Be consistent and be comfortable getting out of your comfort zone.

Overthinking: Ruminating, spinning, wondering why you did something a certain way or wishing all together you hadn’t done something at all. Such a terrible habit and so defeating to your self esteem. Instead, let your mind think about the thought/situation, ask yourself if it will matter in 5 years (in most cases it won’t) and then let your mind consider what was one good thing that came from the experience.

Sacrificing your own happiness/mental well being for others:  This is a simple and obvious one. It takes time to realize that you don’t need to be responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own.

Being afraid of being different: If you want to wear the hoop earrings – do it. If you want to compliment someone – go for it. If you want to be off camera during a meeting while everyone is one – don’t let it stop you. This one came in waves this week but you accepting yourself/your decision is the most important thing.

Ignoring your purpose: Whenever you hear that voice in your mind saying “you should pick up your camera/paint brush or take those dance lessons or spent an hour writing” don’t ignore it!

So glad I can come back to my self-care rituals

This week was a great reminder as to why I need self care rituals.  On the days that I am pushed to my breaking point, by situations, by people, by context – it is my self care rituals that give me peace.

My rituals are the the part of my day that make sure when I am out there taking care of everyone and everything else – that I also make time for myself and my wellness.

Self care rituals are THE FORMULA to support your mental wellbeing.

It’s a built in way that you do something for your mind, your body and your soul everyday.

Another reminder: Get enough sleep, have gratitude and always be present (aka put your phone down and you head up) 

21 reminders from 2021

The last few weeks have been have been strange for me in terms of direction and focus. Something must be said for following your inner knowing…because I find myself returning to thoughts I’ve always had about my purpose and my work, which to me means – that I’m still on a journey (and I just got side tracked – again lol).

Readjusting my aperture is what I call it (photographer here, and that play on words was absolutely necessary). I know that I’ll be constantly reminded of what I am meant to do so long as I’m not doing it. Kind of like you’ll keep receiving the same lessons until you finally get the message #ThankYouUniverse!

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adjusting my aperture

I think it’s okay to lose your way or to get distracted because I’m a firm believer that you’ll always hear a voice and be nudged back on to your path. So I think it’s important to lean into that voice and let that nudge guide you.

This post will also serve as is a reminder to myself that I’m still in progress. (And hey if you need it – take this as your sign too).

So in the spirit of having the right mindset and getting myself to realign to my goals and reprioritize what’s going on in my life, I’m sharing 21 reminders from 2021.

Important to note: this list is evergreen – these reminders apply to ALL areas of your life. Purpose, Career, Healthy Lifestyle, Productivity, Good Habits, Social Life, Personal Projects, Building a Business…seriously I could go on!

What we need to take away is that it’s always about the journey, that we can always re-adjust our focus and that it’s totally OK to start again.

  1. Everything we experience, will come in peaks and valleys
  2. When you think you’ve been buried, you’ve actually been planted so get ready to bloom
  3. Success is rarely achieved over night
  4. The fact that you are trying, is in and of itself hard
  5. When you need to plan something or find that you aren’t balanced – try the 3 bucket principle
  6. You’ll never be the same woman again, so celebrate with her everyday
  7. Breath and be grateful (every hour if necessary, which sometimes it is necessary)
  8. Make art, it soothes the soul
  9. Don’t put your energy into only one thing because if that one thing goes sideways you’ll feel lost
  10. Never expect your first draft to be the best version
  11. Balance is key
  12. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.
  13. Good things take time (instant gratification is something we need to break free of)
  14. Enjoy your success, Learn from Failure – and remember anything can happen
  15. Never let the internet fool you (everyone has a chapter they won’t read out lout, and some have a chapter they will never even write)
  16. When in doubt, go for a walk in nature
  17. Always appreciate the therapeutic power of putting pen to paper and letting everything out
  18. Find ways to learn, especially when things seem out of your control
  19. Pomodoro timer as a productivity hack for the win
  20. When you fail to plan you plan to fail: Goals for the year, milestones for the quarters, activities for the months, tasks for the day
  21. Need to focus, make a cup of coffee first