Take your kids camping (and the reasons why!)

We spent a SHORT three days and two nights out in Bruce Peninsula at a few Yurtsglamping” it up with some friends.  I think travelling is by far the greatest gift your can experience with your family.  But now I think camping (or glamping) is something worth doing every summer.


I was most shocked by how much Miss S liked it.  We all know travelling with kids is work (and honestly you need a vacation from your vacation after most family trips) but this was kind of easier.  I mean the fresh air helped to get them tired, they were constantly entertained either by nature, the free roaming animals (a chipmunk and a turkey we named “Gobi) or by the new foods they were eating from the grill.  There were other kids to play with (from neighbouring yurts) or they literally just sat back and RELAXED.


Wanted to share a few (albeit grainy iPhone) photos and hope to share some edited ones from the DSLR but for now I’ll leave with…

4 important reasons to camp with your kids:

  1. They get to play outside and appreciate nature: we do a lot of outdoor play during the summer months, from the park to open fields (near our parks), splash pads, water towers, baby pools and even the good old street we live on.  But nothing compares to being out in nature with the smell of the trees and the taste of food cooked over fire (or BBQ in the case of glamping).  Almost immediately, you’ll see the kids want to inspect different plants and insects and your hands will be full holding the treasures they find.
  2. They will learn something new:  I used to girl guide and so I really appreciate the idea of being able to learn a new skill and get a badge for it.  When you take your kids camping, they will do things that they don’t normally do.  For Miss S that was helping out and being more self sufficient – which for her age is a great skill to master.
  3. They get more Freedom: It’s much easier to let the kids play while they are away.  I mean because The hubz tells me at one point, Miss S was peering over the ledge leading up to our Yurt, leaned over a little too much, flipped over and fell on her butt! (Mind you I had no idea this even happened).  She moaned a little and then found some interesting things to play with.  The kids were free to roam as they please which allowed for more independence and freedom from the watchful eyes and safety of the parents – which I think is definitely needed sometimes.
  4. They get a break from routine: Take a scrub down in the lake – no prob!  (Miss S gave herself an exfoliation treatment there), Nap during a hike on Pops shoulder – sure why not!  Mind you I love routine (because I get to keep my sanity) but for a few days – we let is slide.



Have you gone camping/glamping with your kids?  Would you try it?  Or totally against it?

I don’t like reading sad news

There is so much chaos in the world.  Especially with our neighbours to the south.  I know that a lot of people who have some influence in our world (whether its political, media, corporate etc) feel the need to use their platform to take a stand.  I think when it comes to social media it’s a slippery slope.  I love checking my feed to find inspiration and uplifting stories.  But when those people I follow talk about something outside of their niche (or brand) I feel disconnected from them.  I know what’s going (TV and newspapers) and when it’s particularly sad I just like to turn it off.  Not because I am turning a blind eye but because I want to stay positive for myself and family.


Do you like seeing your favourite social media influencers taking a stand on political or social economic views?  Does it make you feel alienated or can you relate to them more?

My Thoughts on #Blogging and #Biz


I’ve been putting a lot of effort into #BuildingMyBrand partly because I want to and partly because it is so interesting.  I really feel like doing this has been the best way to combine both my B.Eng and my MBA in a way that traditional work hasn’t been able to at this point.

That said, what exactly my brand is – may need some tweaking.   This journey is more exhilarating/exciting than anything I’ve experienced before.

By the way, this print was one of the most popular items I sold at the Vaughan of a Kind show.  Sadly there is now show this year :( but this print is always available on my Etsy Shop!

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Do you think building your brand is important?   

Photo Bucket List


Last weekend was pretty busy as expected. We literally drove from the west end to downtown and back again before heading North to our home. We had to attend a kid’s birthday, drop off Miss S for babysitting (with my parents), attend an engagement brunch and then hustle back to pick up Miss S because she was a hot mess (ahhh 2 year molars) before we headed back home. Sunday I spent the day volunteering at a soup kitchen. It was my first time but something I’ve wanted do since my late 20’s. This soup kitchen in particular operates restaurant style, patrons pay a dollar*, they are given a ticket, they find a table/seat and then they are served by a waiter/waitress. I helped to prepare the serviette package, rice, salad and then I waitressed! I’ve never worked in a restaurant before so this was an interesting experience for sure!
*Side note: to allow for the feeling of dignity


And then yesterday, I met with some of my friends for an “inter-friend-tion”. I don’t know how people feel in these situations, but I felt nervous and nonchalant at the same time. Without giving too much detail, we were meeting with this old/past friend who had been absent for the last year and a half. It is heart breaking but at the same time a relief: to make sure she is “ok” but also to not have that topic of her being MIA hanging over our heads. The outcome wasn’t as expected but we are all adults and in control of our own lives – we just have to do what’s best for us and live the best life we can.

Okay enough serious stuff! I’ve decided I am going to compile a Photography bucket list to motivate me creatively and bring lively new photography content to this blog, my etsy shop and my other media channels: twitter, pinterest and IG.


Oh and I’ll keep the updated list here (because I am sure more will come to mind) with links to where you can find the completed item.

Hot Air balloons
Planes Close up
Film Camera
Spinning Ferris Wheel
Child Jumping in puddle
Night Sky movement
A celebrity
Iceland Waterfall
San Francisco Bridge
Macro of a snowflake
Portrait of a Geisha
Under the Pier shot
A lone tree in a field
Self-Portrait (Tripod and remote is a must)
Water drops on a spider web
Toronto Christmas Fair
Eiffel Tower at Night
Eiffel Tower during the day
Shanghai and/or Tokyo Skyline

Do you have a bucket list? Do you find it helps you reach your goals to write a list of them?
Send me a link to your bucket list in the comments below!

The Good Days


Something I try and keep at the forefront of my mind is these days will not be here forever. (Especially when it comes to parenting a little).  So I just gotta keep going, forgive myself for the craziness and makes sure my intentions get re-aligned after the less than optimal days.

What do you guys think of the quotes on this print.