WildONE // 1st birthday party

As you might now (or maybe you’ve been following along)…

Miss El turned ONE this month.


It took us a LONG time to figure out what kind of party to have for her in terms of theme and event.  We went back and forth between a big hall party (typical desi style) and an intimate gathering at home.  We finally went for the latter and I am so glad we did!  As much as a I love the idea of a big event it was much more relaxing and engaging to do our own little thing :)


When the theme of a WILDONE popped up on one of my endless Google and Pinterest searches I was so obsessed!  The words/phrase described Ellie to a T.  With Miss S I had decided on a theme (Shabby-Chic) months in advance.  I knew the colours for the party were pink, gold and off white.  I knew the sweets I wanted to serve, the DIY burlap banners I was going to make and even the search for a perfect vendor cake started when she was 9 months old.  I was a little late to DIYing for our little Lo, but I think the theme and the party came together perfectly in the end!



The colours were black, gold and green (with a little bit of pink thrown in for good measure).  It was very easy to decorate the house: lots of toy animals and foliage!


For the banner:

  1. Asked the Hubz to draw the word WILDONE in block letters
  2. My father-in-law exactoknifed them out
  3. I got some faux foliage (similar foliage) from Dollar Tree, cut off the leaves (in varying sizes) and hot glued them to the letters.
  4. I felt that it was missing something so I added little white flowers (from the same said foliage) and then pops of dark or light green paint to add some more depth.  I also used the left over branches on the ends.
  5. Lastly I added the green daisies for a more feminine touch!

*This is something I saw online and then DIYed to make my one (here and here is some inspiration)


We knew that we HAD to do a cake smash (considering it didn’t really work at Miss S’s birthday).  So I decorated her high chair with black and gold streamers (to match the invitation colours) and added a vine of flowers.  To our sideboard we added a variety of stuffed animals and huge tropical leaves.  It was a perfect set up for a WILDONE’s first sugar!



For the cake we wanted something cute and not the fondant cake that seems to be so popular these days.  To be honest I am so confused by fondant!  I grew up eating soft moist birthday cakes that have whip cream fillings (no custards, no butter cream and no fruit please and thanks!) and a plethora of whip cream slathered all over it!  I know the more expensive cakes also have butter cream but because Miss S can’t eat that stuff (and I personally don’t like it) I was happy with whip cream :)  I actually found this at Fortino’s.  They do a variety of designs on cupcakes (with a count of 24 or 48) shaped into the number of your choice.  I told them I wanted a nature scene (greenery and a water front) and then I added the toy animals myself!


Off the Shoulder Top | Mens Polo | Birthday Crown (ours is old, but this one is so cute!)


These cute dresses are from Marshalls (almost identical) but here is a similar option.  This is our highchair and we LOVE it!

TLY_Els_1_bday11 TLY_Els_1_bday10

Whoa…that was picture heavy!

Outside of all this, we ordered/made Mediterranean food for lunch and had the cupcakes,  fruit and ice cream for dessert.  We also played 2 games.  I know it’s very popular to post to social media your baby’s monthly pictures and even though I didn’t really do that I did send these update photos to my family.  So one of our games was “Monthly mugshot match up” – and yep you had to guess which picture was taken in which month by solely looking at El’s face!  It was surprisingly hard and everyone got majority of them wrong!  The other game we played involved answering some trivia about El along with leaving her a sweet message.   I kept all the trivia sheets (with the special messages) for her to read when she’s older :)  I know kid’s birthday’s get a bad rep but gosh I love them!

Return to Work // ESSENTIALS!

I’ve officially finished my 2nd Maternity Leave as of Ellie’s birth date but I haven’t yet been to the office as I had about 2 weeks of vacation days from 2017 I didn’t have the chance to take before going into labour.  I’ve spent the last two weeks doing a hodge podge of things, I met my sister for lunch, my father in law came over for a visit, I did some shopping, some brunching along with day care transition this week.  It was a tough week for sure (any parent who has gone through day care with an infant will know what I mean)  but I know things will get better.

As I prepare to return to my 9-5 job I started going through my wardrobe to figure out what fits, what is work appropriate and what makes me feel good.  I love shopping my closet because 1) it’s FREE! 2) I always stumble upon things I forgot I had! 3) It vibes well with my practice of minimalism.  From that exercise I realized all I needed was a new black LBD and a structure purse + a big ol tote (my LongChamp has a hole in it!).  I managed to put together some outfits that are both professional and keep my mom bod so I figured I’d share :)


  1. Sweater Dress
  2. Trendy Blouse
  3. Peplum Top
  4. Black Blazer
  5. Waterfall Waistcoat
  6. Black Trousers

I am actually re-using a non maternity sweater dress I wore while I was expecting.  It’s pretty tight so I’ll definitely be layering with a waterfall waist coat.  The waterfall cardigan, vest, waist coat is so unbelievably forgiving while still creating a feminine shape.

I love the bell sleeve trend and plan to pair mine with black pants.  Although these blouses can be worn with jeans (both skinny and flared) making this top easily transferable from the office.   I might throw a pashmina or drape a blazer over my shoulders if it’s chilly at work.

And of course a black blazer is a must.   I have a few with different cuts.  One that is a little long, one that is cropped and one that is more conservative with a more professional fit.

Lastly a great pair of black pants.   I love love love the cropped cigarette pant.  They go great with pumps or flats and are really fresh (as compared to the typical black work pant).  I love mine with a little stretch too!


Okay now for accessories!  I mentioned that I needed a purse or two but I think there is also a need for some other goodies to round it out :)

  1. Moleskine/Notebook
  2. Finepoint pens
  3. Coffee Mug
  4. Large Tote
  5. Structured Cross Body/Satchel (similar)
  6. Black Pumps (mine are old but similar linked below)
  7. Planner/Wall Calendar (I love this one)
  8. Nude Flats

I love using moleskines and I definitely prefer to use them at work.  The large one lays flat and the lines keep me organized. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and have a faux leather cover – which makes it look clean and professional (even if you have scribbles and doodles inside!)  I love this one too.

I am a sucker for all things stationary (seriously – back to school time in all the stores makes me giddy!).  These pens are the best – they don’t leak or smear and come in a range of colours.

It goes without saying you need to have a coffee mug. I love that I can have a little character showing with a cute one (like this or this).  It’s not only used for coffee, but also water or even oatmeal!  Plus – you can always take it to get coffee at Starbucks to get the environmental discount!

I got this tote and an the Tahari Glamper Satchel Crossbody (which I can’t find online but this is similar).  I’ve started using the purse and I love it!  It has a top handle and a long strap to wear as a cross body.  There are three compartments and I am figuring out how best to organize everything in there – but so far so good.

A comfy pair of pumps are must.  I love to add a little character by going with a pair of suede, textured or high gloss heels.  A pair of nude / skin tone flats are necessary for commuting, giving your feet a break under your desk or running across town to complete some errands on your lunch.

And lastly a planner (as well as a wall calendar well because #MomLife).  I use this one but I am tempted to try something new.  I like to have a personal / paper planner because I like to write things down and keep track of my life outside of the digital space. We have been using this wall calendar for years.  We hang it in the kitchen and I organize everything by colour to show what we are doing (family, friends, just us 4).  It keeps track of extracurricular activities, family dinners and playdates and easily accessible by all.

And there you have it!  I head back into the corporate world this week and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  I’m also excited to push my career now, spend more time with the Mister and focus on family life as the girls grow up.