#LearnWithTLY On Creative Pursuits


Often I look at the people around me and try to see their creative soul.  Sounds pretty odd but it’s true.  Like my co worker likes to sketch, a friend of mine is such an artistic cook/chef and my sister has a hidden talent of being able to put paint brush to canvas.

Creativity does not only need to be an artistic talent but it can be the fuel for learning something new, building on your problem solving skills and thinking outside the box.

Part of the reason I have Thru Les Yeux, my camera and my Etsy shop is because I found my creative soul and realized she needed to be released.  Here are my tips on how to pursue your creative talent:

  1. Listen to what your creative soul is telling you.  It’s probably a voice you’ve heard all your life but were too lazy, afraid, embarrassed to listen.   I know since I’ve started “listening” my mind is filled with all sorts of creative ideas and thoughts.
  2. Make time for your creativity.  This is definitely a tricky one.  In our busy society, who has time to sit down and do something creative when lunches need to be made, phone calls need to be returned, kids need to be reared etc.  I know I would rather just sit and decompress in front of the TV after 8 hours working for someone else.  But, if your really love exploring your creative side, you’ll want to fit it in whenever you can (might even loose sleep because of it!)
  3. Start at the beginning.  I think when you want to be creative, you have to start somewhere and it’s okay to start from the beginning.  Ask questions, practice your new skills, research and carry a notebook (like your a student) :)
  4. Exercise and get some fresh air.  Getting your heart rate up and breathing clean air (aka change of scenery) can give you the boost you need to either keep going or get you out of a rut/block.

#LearnWithTLY – On being productive, dreaming big and handling it all


Miss S and I at the Children’s Discovery Museum in Toronto

Few weeks ago, I was asked to participate in a women’s mentorship program at a local business school.  Dates and times have been finalized and now I will be meeting with a group of young women to discuss the topic of “Doing it All”.

Going back to work after Maternity Leave, Being a loving Mom and Wife, Daughter and Sister….Pursing creative interests, self teaching, as well as trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle ..may make it seem like I am doing it all but really I am just doing what makes me happy at the same time the best that I can for my family.

I am approaching the upcoming fireside chat like “advice I would give my 10 year younger self.  So here goes…

  1. Goals and Gratitude, write it down:  I am a big believer in writing things down, whether it’s a To Do list or your goals for the next five years.  The physical act of putting your thoughts onto a paper really makes your mind grasp what needs to be done and it doesn’t hurt to send out those vibes to the universe.
  2. Ask for help:  Yes we women can do it all, but that doesn’t mean you can give 100% of yourself to everything.  Whether it’s full time daycare, a part time nanny, a housekeeper, grandparents or even letting your partner do something his way – it’s OK!  Message here is don’t burn yourself out.
  3. Make time for yourself: pamper, appointments, workout, meditate, eat your vitamins.  Coming back to point 2 above.  You really have to take care of yourself otherwise you will 100% burn out!
  4. Keep learning:  This is a big one.  Be a lifelong learner.  Take a course or earn a masters.  Go on training or find free online courses to help you learn something new.  Attempt a different skill or try doing something out of your comfort zone.  Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

PS: if you haven’t been, the Children’s Discovery Museum in Toronto is something definitely worth checking out!

#LearnWithTLY – 4 steps to dominate your first Art Fair and Sale




I am starting my blog series with 4 tips on how to DOMINATE your first Art Fair and Sale.

I was planning on writing a debrief of my experiences at the #VaughanOfAKindShow but that happened over 4 months ago and I figured I could post something more helpful!   I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you prepared for your first art show or community craft sale so leave me some comments down below and come #LearnWithTLY!!

  1. Get a handled on your product offering and prices:  This is one area I am definitely going to improve on when I do another show.  It’s best to have your products and pricing completed 1.5-2 weeks in advance.  If not, you’ll feel flustered when your prints are not ready at the photo-lab *points at self*
  2. Start advertising early: Blog, email, tweet or Facebook post about your upcoming event (including all the details of time and location) a few weeks leading up to the event.  You may think you are bombarding people but your friends and family are your FIRST customers so give them the details they need to come visit and buy in advance.
  3. Design your booth to be inviting to your customers: Design a booth that will invite your customers to be able to really see your product (even pick up and inspect – enter clear plastic envelops).  Community fairs and sales are really about the community so everyone who comes by your booth is both a potential customer and a neighbour :)
  4. Be ready to make sales: Be (“overly”) friendly, have a credit card payment device + money box with cash on hand, offer a show discount, have bags for your product after it’s been purchased, come with plenty of business cards (including your email and social media accounts), bring water and snacks

I hope my tips help – I know I’ll be reviewing them when the next fair and sales comes around!