The Best VEGAN Chocolate Chip Cookies


I have been on HUNT for an amazing HOMEMADE cookie recipe. (Read more about my cookie obsessions here, here and here).

And I think this may be it. And considering it is VEGAN makes me even happier.


We had our first snow fall yesterday midday into this morning. To me, cold snowy days just   calls for gooey chocolate chip cookies.  These did not disappoint.  And the fact that they contain no refined sugar or flour makes them even more delectable & guilt free.  The Hubz and I easily ate 10 each!



What you need:

1 can of chickpeas
4 tbsp flour of choice (I just grinded up some quick oats using my blender)
3 tbsp sweetener of choice (I used agave)
2 tbsp nut butter (this is the one I used)
1/2 cup of plant based milk (we use this one)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking powder
Chocolate chips (this is a good vegan one)


What you do:

Preheat oven to 375
Blend up all the ingredients (except the chocolate chips) until smooth
Fold in chocolate chips
Place tbsp portions of the cookie mix on a parchment lined baking pan
(You may need to spread/flatten the cookie)
Bake for 6-8 minutes (shorter if you want it more gooey, longer if you like more of a cake like consistency).


Diwali 2016 + #GiftGuide

Happy Diwali!! I was pleasantly surprised to see the US president lighting a Diwali moorthi to mark the auspicious occasion.  (I mean it’s kind of the norm for Canadian PM to do it lol)

Thought I’d share a quick round up of some #LASTMINUTE gift giving ideas.  This is a modern take on gift giving for Diwali.  Although I do more of my gifting at Christmas, I thought these gifts provided a new way to celebrate the day (while still maintaining the authentic feelings)

  1. Saje Home Pharmacy Essential Oils Kit
  2. Nut Butter gift basket (this would be a great thing to build on your own and give)
  3. Wild Barn candle (love these marble holders)
  4. Milk and Honey


We usually have a two day extravaganza celebrating with both my side and my in laws side.  And this time was no different. Lots of Puja, yummy food and fireworks.  Although, this year we did a day time celebration with my family which was such a nice, relaxing and welcomed change.

Afterwards we got some time to do a bit of celebration in our own home.  First time EVER doing sparklers with Miss S in our driveway (I’ve been waiting 2 years!)

tly_diwali12016 tly_diwali22016

I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray

I dug up this photo from the archive (a visit to Venice Beach at sunset during our 2014 Cali trip) and started to play around with the tint, exposure, temperature and highlight because I wanted to see the pretty colours in the sky (honestly can’t believe I am seeing blue!!)  The colours in these photos help me forget that it snowed on Monday and then again today, seriously winter you had 6 months …time to move on out of here.

Capturing the original photo was no easy task, mainly because it took us about 40 minutes to find a parking spot!  On top of that I had someone walking, skateboarding or rollerblading in my shot every 5 seconds – thankfully I persisted :)


If you are looking for writing ideas, check here and here.   I know I will be.


Check out this playlist – I love it!


Thats it for me, taxes submitted, nail polished changed…. time for bed!