3 ways to get out of that #MomLife rut

Lately and on-and-off I’ve been in a weird funk.  I’ve be snappy and rude one minute and totally loving the next.  One minute I am a multi-tasking goddess and the next I am pissed that I have to do everything.  Also, I have a general feeling of being uninspired and demotivated.   Feeling like I have fallen off the wagon in so many aspects of my life.  Looking at my to do list and then feeling unaccomplished.  Total #FirstWorldProblem slash sounding like a #Millennial  (or Xennial as I am finding out)…. I know.

I think it’s a combination of realizing I head back to the working world in 4 short months and the isolation of Mat Leave that has brought up these feelings.


Faux Leather Leggings | Booties | Off The Shoulder Top

Outside of all that – wallowing in self pity is not a good look for me.  I mean I didn’t even want to post this publicly.

So instead of complaining I figured I would teach.  Teach myself, teach my daughters and teach any other girl, woman, mother how to help yourself when you are feeling not yourself.

  1. Try to create > consume:
    I feel the the most out of it when I binge watch something on Netflix, mindlessly scroll Instagram or eat because I am bored.  It’s literally taken me 34 years of my life to realize what it was.  On the days I don’t create or accomplish something, whether thats dinner, workout, my step count, a painting, write in my journal or post on my blog – I feel like a slob.  So I try to make sure what I create balances what I consume or ideally I create more than I consume.
  2. Comparison if used incorrectly is the killer of joy: 
    In our social media ridden society it’s to easy to get caught up with what our friends and family are doing.  What I’ve learned is that everyone is in a different season of life.  And with each season/phase come different victories and different challenges.  Navigating those ups and downs is what makes life ..life!  So as much as I would love to be in a certain place doing certain things – I have to keep grinding.  And the best way to set myself up for success is only compare myself to my past self.  “This isn’t about doing everything exactly right; it’s about doing something a bit better a bit at a time.” (such a powerful idea, although I can’t take credit for these words)
  3. Guilt-free time alone/time away:
    This is huge for me.  I always complain that I want to have time alone with the Hubz but I feel so guilty asking for help with the girls. No words or wisdom or experience here just that I need to get over that.


July : Currently


Sneaks (50% off right now!) | Jeans (DIY distressed) | Handbag | Tank

Looking forward to: The weekend, seeing my parents and Anuj’s cousins

Loving: that I’ve been able to workout consistently

Eating: Lots lentils in different forms (salads, loafs and daals obi)

Drinking: lots of water (getting up to 2L +) and instant coffee

Planning: a capsule wardrobe for an upcoming trip

Ordering: diapers, extra long iphone and charge cable

Reading: Ishmael (very thought provoking read)

Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 2)

Another busy weekend is over.  On Saturday I attended a dear friend’s bridal shower. I did take Miss El with me and thankfully she was on her best behaviour.  Today we celebrated a few birthdays and anniversaries on my in-laws side and then had a friend visit us and meet out littlest babe.  We winded down this evening with a glass of wine and finished watching this movie.


Shoes (similar) | Jacket (50% off here)| Chocker (similar)


Last week I was overly ambitous and ended up having to deal with rain, tendonitis and more rain, but here is how I did:

  1. Go to the Born to Read library program with my friend and our daughters DONE!
  2. Decide on a bread recipe to make
  3. Plant my tomatoes DONE: blog post in the works
  4. Work out 4 times this week 1/2 DONE: Worked out twice?
  5. Hit 10K steps 5/7 days 1/2 Done: (3/7 days I hit 10K or more)
  6. Journal (in my 52 lists and 5 minute journal) 1/2 Done: harder than I thought
  7. Finish my EdCal for May DONE: blog post in the works
  8. Listen to more music in the house DONE: for the first few days then there was a nap strike
  9. Mediate
  10. Finish a book


I didn’t get everything done, but it really helped me to stay focused on things I wanted to do without letting the weather or mom duties stop me.  For instance, I started planting the tomatoes at some point in the afternoon but didn’t actually complete the task until the evening of the next day (that included photographing the process).


So here is next week’s list.  I think 10 “to-dos” is a good number so I’ll continue with that.

  1. Finish reading my book (I am only 1/4 of the way in)
  2. Decide on a bread to make (get recipe list)
  3. Hit 10k steps 5/7 days
  4. Workout 4/7 times this week (cardio, RT/ST, FR, stretch)
  5. Journal (52 lists & 5 Minute journal)
  6. Meditate
  7. Update Etsy listings with my scrabble prints
  8. Lunch & Playdate with mom friends
  9. Finish my TY cards
  10. Try a new recipe for dinner.

Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 1)

This past weekend was a special one for us, we celebrated Miss El’s 40 days.  I think most cultures (including western medicine) consider that both mom/baby’s recovery and adjustment to life occurs over the first 40 days.  There are some extreme views about it but for me it was really about resting, get spoiled by my parents/in laws, bonding with Miss El and adjusting to life as a family of four.

And by bonding, I mean nursing!  I am currently all about outfits that allow me to feed the babe easily… that said I have never purchased a nursing top in my life! (ha!)


During this time, I gravitate towards loose/flowy tops, button ups (obvi) and chic leggings to keep me feeling styled even when I got a babe on the hip.  What else works best for me? A tank top I can easily pull down for feedings.


Shoes (similar)| Leggings (similar) | Tank (similar) | Top (old)

I am feeling pretty ambitious for this week so thought I would list out some things I want to get accomplished!

Goals for Week:

  1. Go to the Born to Read library program with my friend and our daughters
  2. Decide on a bread recipe to make
  3. Plant my tomatoes
  4. Work out 4 times this week (LISS, Resistance Training, Stretch/Foam Roll)
  5. Hit 10K steps 5/7 days
  6. Journal (in my 52 lists and 5 minute journal)
  7. Finish my EdCal for May
  8. Listen to more music in the house
  9. Mediate
  10. Finish a book

Life Lately #ForMemoriesSake

I thought I’d do a life lately post for memories sake.  Although we take a lot of photos on our phones I have to really work on taking photos with my big camera.  Second to that I really have to work on printing those photos.  I am so guilty of taking photos and hoarding them on a single storage device.  Hence why I’ve started sharing more on this blog.  At least I’ll have these posts for memories sake.

Adding another kiddo to the fambam is a no joke. (LOL – read nervous laughter!!)

Bringing one child into the lives of two adults is nothing compared to having a second.  With your first, your whole world revolves around the one child and then you all of sudden you have to share/split your energy, time, tasks, responsibilities between two – it’s a real game changer.

Although I’ve been told after you have two you could have ten no problem… LOL!


Miss S is really into Miss E.  She’s all about the kisses, finger hugs, feeding with bottles, helping to get things, telling me that Miss E is biting me lol etc.  Although as now a mom of two, I have felt and seen a sting from my older little towards me and the Hubz.  We are doing our best to spend as much time with her and even giving her special “day-dates” with either both or one of us so I am hoping that this is a phase and it will pass soon.


I have been balancing quite a bit – but I actually feel good about it.  Along with the responsibilities of a growing family, I am trying to be more active on my social media channels, making plans for growth here and also finishing up a course I am enrolled in.  So yes a babe on the hip and studying is a real thing for me right now.


That said, I am trying to rest as much as possible and listen to my body as well.  I did make it out for a lunch run with the Hubz the other day.  It felt good to get out wear something cute and freeze our butts off in this prolonged Canadian winter :P


And of course I am spending tons of time cuddling a newborn.  It definitely feels different this time around.  Maybe because I have more knowledgable or maybe because I don’t have enough time to think about things because we are literally in survival mode some nights :)


As with the last time, I am nursing and pumping.  It provides me the closeness as well as the freedom that I need as a woman and a momma :)


Highlighter | Night Cream | Eye Cream | Sling | Blouse (similar)

Spring is here and I am completely in the mood to refresh my routine and start wearing some lighter colours.  Also planning on #babywearing for some neighbourhood walks :)



In April I plan to setting up 3 daily to-dos to keep myself inspired and motivated as my mat leave really begins.  Things like:

  • getting out for a sling walk with Miss E
  • going to the library program
  • getting to a mommies group
  • also adding more to the blog and etsy (more photography, more inspiration and maybe some vlogging/videography)
  • Scheduling Posts (blog and social channels)
  • Change my nail polish, straighten my hair or do a facemark #SelfCare!!

Some other things I was thinking about is:

  • Writing out the birth story (if anything for memories sake)
  • Printing some photos
  • Reading more books!
  • Working on some new projects and mentorships
  • Working out again (really looking forward to this)
  • Painting, Planting and Knitting :)
  • Figure out my #The100DayProject project #SoExcited

Baby Box Co Review @TheBabyBoxCo #babyboxuniversity

I first heard about the Baby Box Company from another blogger who had recently received hers.  After having received tons of freebies* the first time around I was excited to see that something new had arrived for mammas :)


The Baby Box Co is a company that provides boxes for babies to sleep in as well as some great coupons, samples/full size products to try.   The most famous one is the Finland Baby Box – well known the world over.  That said it’s great that we get this box for free here in Canada :)


Some of the samples included in the box are:

  • Newborn Diapers (pack of 20)
  • Cetaphil wash, lotion and oil
  • Sesame Street Bubble bath
  • Lanisoh nursing covers and milk storage bag
  • A Onesie
  • …a few coupons for other products + some helpful information.

You can sign up here.  All you need to do is watch their #babyboxuniversity teaching video and answer a few questions about the topics covered and you’ll receive a certificate that you will use at pick up.  Yes that is the only downside – you have to pick up the box yourself.  Although I understand why, the price to ship the box and bag of goodies wouldn’t exactly lend itself to keeping the service free.

Here is a quick video I created to provide some more details of what’s in the box!


I mention freebies* above because there is a list of things you can sign up for and receive for free.  They can come in pretty handy.  The list is below!