New Years Resolutions 2017


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Something about new years resolutions are very inspiring to me.   In all honestly, I set new goals for myself weekly, monthly, quarterly so I I just feel like it’s part of my normal routine.  I don’t hold the new year resolutions to any higher standard other than being goals but I love the idea of being able assess where I am and where I want to be!

I know people get pretty bummed out when they aren’t keeping up with their new years resolutions but for me …its really about keeping myself accountable.  And if I miss something or mess up – I try not to let myself get down.  I can always try again in an hour, or tomorrow or next week – no biggie.


Fire escape near Colette Toronto

Another thing about resolutions, I usually have goals set up for different parts of my life (business, career, family, personal etc) so the ones below are kind of a compilation of the different things I want to achieve.  Some are things I can accomplish more easily (listen to podcasts) while some will take more of a time investment (read a handful of books).  All really have to do with #onelittleword build.

  1. Family travels (x 4)
  2. Create a new night routine
  3. Business/Brand/career growth (requires some thought but…2017 is the year)
  4. Start a new creative learning project (lettering, knitting, painting – still deciding)
  5. Finish the BBG guide
  6. Start, grow and cherish an herb garden (in planters no less)
  7. Create a dual-home office space
  8. Read 8-10 books next year
  9. Listen to more podcasts than I did last year
  10. Capture and PRINT more family pictures (x 52, monthly, us 2, or just me lol)
  11. Meditate once a week


Sunflowers at a farm in Milton

My next step would be to break down when I plan on getting these things done. Obviously some run year long (photos or mediation) while others can only be done at certain times of the year (like the garden).  Following that I’ll make a task list for each goal.  Some tasks would need to be done in order while others can be done when I can.  I plan on using my day-planner moleskine to keep track of all of those details.  Another important note is that any big goals need to broken down into task lists.  Those are the things I like to check off on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.  So essentially my big goals become smaller more manageable to do list items.


Miss S’s watercolour palette


Make a wish :)

There are a ton of resources online on goal setting and here are some blogs that I found recently that were helpful for me: here and here