Things I think are worth knowing about spirituality

I know spirituality (ie: not religion) is becoming more main stream and I love that for the collective human experience.  Below sharing a few interesting things about spirituality (and life!) that are really worth knowing.

We are merely reflections of each other

Love is the only emotion that vibrates from the soul

Your thoughts create your reality

The moon enhances psychic powers

The sun unlocks DNA

Crystals are found in tech devices

You are what you eat

Artist != Athlete

I’m a little rusty in coding/developing. It’s been 4 years since I last SQL’ed.

With all that said, I am building my skills. I am completing courses. I am learning and I am getting better with every action I take.

Just like I do every time I pick up my camera or lace up my asics.

x = ‘artist’
y = ‘athletes’
print (x + ” are not like ” + y + “. ” + x + ” cannot win gold. “)

txt = x + ” cannot ‘beat’ other creatives. “

txt2 = “an ” + x + “‘s craft is subjective.”

txt3 = x + “s create to connect to the people who need their energy. “

txt4 = “Create in your way.”
txt5 = “, show up, and focus on your unique brand of magic.”

print(“we are all ” + x + txt5)

Artists are not like athletes.  Artists cannot win gold.  Artists cannot ‘beat’ other creatives.  An artist’s craft is subjective.  Artists create to connect to the people who need your energy.  Create in your way.  We are all artists, show up, and focus on your unique brand of magic.