Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 9)

Here’s hoping you had a fab weekend.  Ours consisted of family, parks, brunch, errands and chores around the house, more about that here.


Add this picture of this slug because that is how I feel about my goals progress :)

  1. Read a chapter (no, but updated my library app to be able to listen to the audio book)
  2. Take some everyday/creative photography ✔️
  3. Get my 10K steps in 5/7 days and workout 4/7 days ✔️
  4. Tuesday Self Care: Mediate, Bath and Yoga
  5. Put away clean laundry ✔️
  6. Born to Read program ✔️
  7. Wear something other than leggings everyday ✔️ (been wearing more jeans lol)
  8. Send pictures to friends
  9. Grocery Run ✔️
  10. Try my hardest to get in touch with my Mentor ✔️ (that happened today)


Goals for this week:

  1. Visit my office with Baby El
  2. Have a lunch date with the Mister  
  3. Finish July’s Ed Cal
  4. Finish this weeks blogging challenge
  5. Book an RMT
  6. Get my 10k Steps 5/7 days and workout 4/7 days
  7. Pick up family pictures
  8. Book a hair cut
  9. Complete May, June & July in 2015 photo book
  10. Review ch 1-2 of #TLCMoCU


Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 8)

June 18 2017

I may or may not have become addicted to Netflix documentaries.  The lack of unstructured days is starting to get to me and Netflix takes up too much time.  Or maybe I need a way to decompress during one of the those days that seem longer than they actually are.

I should push myself to workout, foam roll, stretch, meditate or even take a bubble bath – but pressing the space bar a few times to restart the docu I was watching is easier (and quieter).  I am tired, the sink is full of dirty dishes, I barely got a workout in (got my 10K steps and promptly removed my fitbit), ate a little too much popcorn and ice cream #LeftOverPartyFood…. ookkkkaaay <end rant>  After I finish this blog post, I am

  • Foam Rolling
  • Journalling
  • Drinking Water, Brushing my teeth and flossing
  • Going to bed!

I’ve committed to this June Blog Challenge so here I am – gotta show up and do that damn thing.

Here is a look at last weeks list.

  1. Read a chapter
  2. Take some everyday/creative photography
  3. Get my 10K steps in 5/7 days and workout 4/7 days
  4. Tuesday Self Care: Mediate, Bath and Yoga
  5. Put away clean laundry
  6. Order birthday cake
  7. Finalize day of party plan + list of things to bring
  8. Join Miss S’ Preschool bday party
  9. Find family pictures from last 3 years
  10. Send pix to friends

And for this week

  1. Read a chapter
  2. Take some everyday/creative photography
  3. Get my 10K steps in 5/7 days and workout 4/7 days
  4. Tuesday Self Care: Mediate, Bath and Yoga
  5. Put away clean laundry
  6. Born to Read program
  7. Wear something other than leggings everyday
  8. Send pictures to friends
  9. Grocery Run
  10. Try my hardest to get in touch with my Mentor

Thrive #BlogHerWritingLab

When I read this week’s prompts for the #BlogherWritingLab I knew exactly what I would share for May 16th(albeit a little late).
May 16, 2016 Prompt: What was the last thing your borrowed? If you still have it, snap a picture.
I don’t often borrow things from anyone.  I hate the feeling of being in-debt to someone so I often just find a way of getting what I want/need without have to bother anyone for it.  Although since Miss S has entered our life I’ve been more willing to borrow stuff from my parents and in laws to make life easier.
The feeling of having words, stories, quotes and wisdom at my fingertips is exhilarating *adjusts nerdy glasses*.  And because of that I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with my local library LOL
I borrow all sorts of books.  Some I zip through in a matter of days and some sit on my nightstand and are constantly renewed (or not returned which means I end up racking up a serious fine).
I recently borrowed this book (okay about a month ago) based on recommendations.  Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to read the entire book – but I do plan to skim and read sections that are interesting to me.
When I was on Mat Leave, Miss S and I would hit the library DAILY.  I’d make sure to borrow 5-10 board books that we’d read to her and I know she really enjoyed it.  I’ve tried to continue this as much as possible since going back to the 9-5 so we try to squeeze in some time every other weekend.   When we are there, she says hello to the kids (or “no, my tuurn”), plays with the puzzles, picks some books and patiently waits while mom looks around as well.  :)

The things you own #BlogherSnapshot

I am participating in the #BlogherWriting lab for the month of May.  I’ll be posting pictures and some creative writing on the prompts that were distributed for the month.  Definitely looking forward to the inspiration!

May 2nd prompt:  Open a storage box and snap a picture of one item in the box. Tell us why you saved that item if you also write a post.




My storage box is a treasure trove of old letters and cards.  Written memories, fun times, wisdom, anecdotes and well wishes from over the years.  And honestly I wish I didn’t go all zen and clean out the previous box of cards and letters I had from 6 years ago.  Years of birthday cards,  friendship letters and hand written notes are now a thing of the past.  They are vintage – a piece of history.  I highly doubt the kids of this generation (including my little Miss S) will feel the joy of re-reading a card from years past and to have the memories and warm fuzzies find their way back to the present.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.24.04 PM

#LearnWithTLY – Stay motivated with your fitness


With February coming to a close, I can say that I’ve definitely felt that loss of motivation when it comes to keeping up with my fitness routine.   That said, I can say 2016 has already seen me do a better job of being active 5-6 times a week, foam rolling regularly and increasing my endurance and overall mobility.

So here are my tips for staying motivated with your fitness goals. *DISCLAIMER* Please talk to your health care professional before staring a new heath/fitness regimen.

  1. Write it down: whether it is a making a vision board for your health and fitness, keeping track of what you eat or just regularly tweeting about your workout accomplishments – writing your goals and everyday successes makes them more attainable and relatable.  I especially find this helpful if/when I fall of the bandwagon or to help me decide what kind of dessert I will allow myself on a date night.
  2. Water and Veggies replacement:   The easiest way to ramp up on fitness goals is to include more water and veggies in your everyday meal planning.  It can be annoying to have to run to the bathroom all the time or be munching on the same veggies at the same time each day, but once your mind realizes this is the norm (i.e.: habits are formed) it becomes comfortable and enjoyable.
  3. Get your activity in before you’ve “woken up”:  This is an interesting idea and not something I can do everyday but I try and workout FIRST THING in the morning.  The feeling of sheer bliss knowing you’ve worked out already and that you have the rest of the day to do any damn thing you want is exhilarating (comparing to the feeling of “ugh I haven’t worked out yet, when will I fit it in).
  4. Ditch the scale (at least for 12 weeks):  Instead, take pictures of yourself.  Your face, arms, legs and torso (yes mirror selfies).  I’ve done this a few times before it became popular on social media and the results are so motivating.   I especially love seeing my fit pics (in old photo albums) because its a reassuring feeling – if I can do it once I can do it again.

How do you stay motivated when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle?