Things I think are worth knowing about spirituality

I know spirituality (ie: not religion) is becoming more main stream and I love that for the collective human experience.  Below sharing a few interesting things about spirituality (and life!) that are really worth knowing.

We are merely reflections of each other

Love is the only emotion that vibrates from the soul

Your thoughts create your reality

The moon enhances psychic powers

The sun unlocks DNA

Crystals are found in tech devices

You are what you eat

Current meditation & journal routine

TLY_Journal Meditate Morning Routine

Over the last few months I’ve developed a morning routine.  Simply put I’ve added meditating and journaling to the start my day.

My focus for these activities is to breath, visualize, have gratitude, be intentional, learn more about myself and connect to shared wisdom.

My longest stretch was ~200 days.  At one point I missed a day but because I did it that long it formed a habit.  So when I do a miss a day I feel complete outside of myself.

I recently heard someone say, the only thing you can control is your spiritual practice.  And it’s so true.  Meditation and journaling has been my practice for quite some time now and what I love is no one can take that away from me.  I love it so much I share my practice and technique with people at work and my friends.

If you are looking for a sign to start meditating and journaling – let it be this.

Everything is on the other side of consistency, all you have to do is start.