#OOTD and a solo mom outing

Today I had my FIRST solo mom outing with my girls.  Like any mom I got prepared the night before by packing a few healthy snacks and my toddler’s kid friendly laptop as well as the diaper bag for the baby.  Miss S really helped by staying true to her “big girl” status but of course she eventually got tired of holding it in and had to be in my arms for a little bit.  I was sure to tell her how proud of her I was.


People were so helpful.  I guess when you see a parent out numbered by their kids, it only make sense to help out! I have finally had my #ItTakesAVillage moment.

And just a tangent thought here: I realized that on Monday I had the icky feeling because I had consumed more than I created (binge watched Netflix, Instastories and way too many Youtube blogs) . It was like a light bulb went off in my head when I realized that the feeling of being drained, empty and depleted was because of a simple concept.  I ended up feeling lifted when I took care of my mind and body before bed.


I seem to really like just writing what I am thinking with these OOTDs.  I think I’ll keep it that way going forward!

#OOTD + 10 things done


I can’t think of anything to write today so I would list the things I got done this week #SmallVictoriesFTW

  1. Saw WonderWoman with Baby Ellie #SoGood #StarsAndStrollers
  2. Finished organizing the loot bags
  3. Put some laundry away
  4. Did my nails a really cool reverse french manicure with a nude white and gold
  5. Planned and executed Miss S’s pre-school birthday party (including thank you cards and treats)
  6. Did multiple pre-school pick ups/drop offs with both kids
  7. Worked out!
  8. Straightened my hair (but put it up in a messy bun every day so far)
  9. Ate pretty healthy all week
  10. Worked out 3 times this week


OOTD + Random Thoughts

Honestly most of the days I wear leggings and a t-shirt. #MatLeaveProblems

On occasion I’ll wear something cute, but I almost always forget to get a picture  Plus having two kiddos doesn’t lend well to take outfit of the day shots.

So here I am recreating what I wear in my master bedroom with a tripod.  It’s not glamours in the least, but it makes me feel like me (well the me that used to take tons of #OOTD pictures before having kids)


Top (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Booties (similar)

I meditated again today.  I am sure this is most peoples’ problem with meditation, in that they can’t keep their mind still (i.e. the influx of thoughts doesn’t stop).  When I feel like my thoughts have taken over, I try and bring my focus back by thinking about an ocean wave continuously crashing on a sandy shore.

I also did my sun salutations.  I realized that I felt more of a flow with my practice this week than last.  I also immediately felt the soreness in my arms.

My last thought of the day is my buy nothing challenge.  It’s been 6 days and it’s already been difficult – not sure how I’ll keep this up for 3 months.  I almost convinced myself that I needed to replace my sea salt hair spray, thought I could pick up a new ‘summer colour’ for my nails and tried to find logical reasons to buy another cold shoulder top (I love those by the way).  I think the feeling of buying is what I truly crave which is somewhat being settled by buying things for events (party supplies, birthday gifts etc).  But I love practicing restraint rather than impulse buying.  Ironically it’s very freeing.

Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 2)

Another busy weekend is over.  On Saturday I attended a dear friend’s bridal shower. I did take Miss El with me and thankfully she was on her best behaviour.  Today we celebrated a few birthdays and anniversaries on my in-laws side and then had a friend visit us and meet out littlest babe.  We winded down this evening with a glass of wine and finished watching this movie.


Shoes (similar) | Jacket (50% off here)| Chocker (similar)


Last week I was overly ambitous and ended up having to deal with rain, tendonitis and more rain, but here is how I did:

  1. Go to the Born to Read library program with my friend and our daughters DONE!
  2. Decide on a bread recipe to make
  3. Plant my tomatoes DONE: blog post in the works
  4. Work out 4 times this week 1/2 DONE: Worked out twice?
  5. Hit 10K steps 5/7 days 1/2 Done: (3/7 days I hit 10K or more)
  6. Journal (in my 52 lists and 5 minute journal) 1/2 Done: harder than I thought
  7. Finish my EdCal for May DONE: blog post in the works
  8. Listen to more music in the house DONE: for the first few days then there was a nap strike
  9. Mediate
  10. Finish a book


I didn’t get everything done, but it really helped me to stay focused on things I wanted to do without letting the weather or mom duties stop me.  For instance, I started planting the tomatoes at some point in the afternoon but didn’t actually complete the task until the evening of the next day (that included photographing the process).


So here is next week’s list.  I think 10 “to-dos” is a good number so I’ll continue with that.

  1. Finish reading my book (I am only 1/4 of the way in)
  2. Decide on a bread to make (get recipe list)
  3. Hit 10k steps 5/7 days
  4. Workout 4/7 times this week (cardio, RT/ST, FR, stretch)
  5. Journal (52 lists & 5 Minute journal)
  6. Meditate
  7. Update Etsy listings with my scrabble prints
  8. Lunch & Playdate with mom friends
  9. Finish my TY cards
  10. Try a new recipe for dinner.

Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 1)

This past weekend was a special one for us, we celebrated Miss El’s 40 days.  I think most cultures (including western medicine) consider that both mom/baby’s recovery and adjustment to life occurs over the first 40 days.  There are some extreme views about it but for me it was really about resting, get spoiled by my parents/in laws, bonding with Miss El and adjusting to life as a family of four.

And by bonding, I mean nursing!  I am currently all about outfits that allow me to feed the babe easily… that said I have never purchased a nursing top in my life! (ha!)


During this time, I gravitate towards loose/flowy tops, button ups (obvi) and chic leggings to keep me feeling styled even when I got a babe on the hip.  What else works best for me? A tank top I can easily pull down for feedings.


Shoes (similar)| Leggings (similar) | Tank (similar) | Top (old)

I am feeling pretty ambitious for this week so thought I would list out some things I want to get accomplished!

Goals for Week:

  1. Go to the Born to Read library program with my friend and our daughters
  2. Decide on a bread recipe to make
  3. Plant my tomatoes
  4. Work out 4 times this week (LISS, Resistance Training, Stretch/Foam Roll)
  5. Hit 10K steps 5/7 days
  6. Journal (in my 52 lists and 5 minute journal)
  7. Finish my EdCal for May
  8. Listen to more music in the house
  9. Mediate
  10. Finish a book

Cold Shoulder and Grace

I love that time of year when the weather is starting to warm up and I look to my closet to see what summer pieces I can bring out again.  My eyes usually go to my shoe closet because I am most excited to put away my boots.  However, this year I am all about the “cold shoulder”.  I was really into it at the end of the summer but a growing belly only makes you long for clothes you cannot wear LOL

I used to be pretty embarrassed of my “swimmer arms” but over the years I’ve come to accept and appreciate them.  Learning new ways to work out/resistance train them and finding outfits that flatter those areas also helps.

The tops that work best for me have spegetti string straps and I don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction :)



Shoes (similar) | Bag | Jeans (similar) | Top (similar) | Necklace | Rings (similar) | Watch


I hope my girls can look towards my confidence and understanding of self so they too can learn to love all of themselves.