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Looking forward to: The weekend, seeing my parents and Anuj’s cousins

Loving: that I’ve been able to workout consistently

Eating: Lots lentils in different forms (salads, loafs and daals obi)

Drinking: lots of water (getting up to 2L +) and instant coffee

Planning: a capsule wardrobe for an upcoming trip

Ordering: diapers, extra long iphone and charge cable

Reading: Ishmael (very thought provoking read)

Next time I’ll write down that lyric

The last few days have been unbearably HUMID.  It’s no longer pleasant to take a walk outside on your lunch hour, waiting for the commuter train on the platform is daunting because the heat makes it hard to breath, and even after dinner it still feels like an oven so going for a walk to the park is not even an option. #SoReadyForFall

Thankfully it’s raining today, which has actually cooled things off a bit – so much so I had to wrap my shoulders in a shawl when we decided to take Miss S to the park after our dinner out today.


Love this shot I took on the drive back from the city.  The iPhone was trying to focus with the motion of the car.  I am actually glad it didn’t.  I started reading this book – and I am hooked.  I felt kind of after reading this and this, I realized I needed something thrilling and no so inspirational.  I am sure I’ll be eating my words after this book scares the shIt out of me.


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Outside of not wanting to read motivational and self betterment books, I’ve been saturating my self with positive quotes, inspirational tip and ideas on self care.  Also found this on pinterest last week – can’t wait for there to be a printable version!


Finally, I’ve gotten bit by the moleskin hack bug.  It happens a few times a year and it makes me feel so organized (even though it’s just the prep needed to become more organized).

Who else is ready for Fall?  Do you think self care is important? What books have you read and recommend?

Being Present vs Memory Keeping


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I more often than not feel sooo guilty for not having every moment of my little girls life documented.  I never took those cute monthly pictures with a sticker on her belly indicating which month of age she was.  I know I have pictures of her first smile, her crazy army crawl, then her “normal” crawl and her first steps — but they are lost in a sea of iPhone/iPad photos, screenshots and snippets of low quality video #NeedToOrganizeThat.

…Besides I am ALWAYS running out of space on my 16gig phone #SmartPhoneFail and I hate it when she sees us on our phones #WillSheRemember?


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And so now I try to take photos on my “big camera” so that at least I’ll save them in an organized manner in the hopes that I’ll create cute photo books or at least simple photo albums.  #HaventDoneThatEither.

Other than that, I constantly have an inner dialogue with myself “Self should I or shouldn’t I share photos of the kiddo online/on my blog/on my Instagram”  I can just hear her saying #MomWhyAreYouSoEmbarassing


I’ve ended up settling on a few things:

  • I will JUST BE with my daughter when we are together
  • When I take pictures of her (with my iPhone), I will IMMEDIATELY email them to her email account – and let her know what I am doing (in hopes she’ll have a sweet pile of photos to view when she’s older)
  • I will invest in a video recorder and make the Hubz the official family videographer
  • I will continue to use my big camera (lol) and lenses to take lovely photos of my family :)


Do you feel you take too many photos of your kids?  How do you find balance between being present with them and recording precious memories?

Give in

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. We enjoyed some time with my parents, sister and brother in law in Niagara. Had a good old fashion picnic (ate channe batura of course, really had to exercise some self control) and then went to the water park for an afternoon of water slides, big waves and splash pads. And lucky for us, my parents stayed back when Miss S went to sleep so the four of us could hang out at the casino and get a late night bite.

ThruLesYeux OOTD

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Lately I’ve been trying to saturate my free time with inspiration and motivation to help me attain my optimum creative lifestyle.
I wear so many hats at this point in my life so I have a lot of priorities – but one priority that may be ambiguous to the people that know me best is that I want to be more creative.
I think some things are great to help myself be more creative.
  • I make tons of lists, I mean I have lists e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e  On my phone, in my notebook, in my journals, on my work computer, on my macbook and even several running through my head (and I literally just sent a list of things that I want to do this weekend over email to the hubz haha).  It can make me a little dizzy but it also helps to keep me sane (for the most part).
  • Gratitude (I keep my moleskin at my bedside and it’s become my habit to write down three things I am thankful for every morning)
  • I definitely read more blogs/websites than I do the news (sad I know but I really don’t care for US Politics lol).  Some great ones for finding your passion and slaying your career are here, here and here
  • I try and read interesting and thought providing books like this one I finished recently.  But I’ve also started checking out podcasts (ya I know I finally jumped into the 21st century).  It’s an incredibly easy way to get a vast amount of information without having to read lol!
  • And I love me a good dose of #MommyBlogs.  Some people may feel inferior or not good enough when they follow mom blogs, but to me at this point in my life they – I really appreciate the motivation.  Being one of the first of my friends to become a mom, it’s nice to know what things other women are doing, while also staying on top of trends and ideas on how to make family life better.
  • Exercise (running and resistance training) and lots of water (because lets face it, I love cookies, coffee and cocktails and I can’t deny myself)

Things that I want to try and work on:

  • Listen to more music (varying genres)
  • Write my intentions and affirmations (I do this from time to time but I want to be more regular)
  • Promote my business, brand and blog!
  • Surrond myself with more positivity and strong individuals who share similar interests
  • Where heels more haha (this just inspired me)
  • Work smarter (I’ve been intrigued by this book for years)
  • Strengthen my organizational skills

How do you stay inspired?  What kind of lifestyle are you striving to live?  Any podcasts, books or organizational tips you’d like to share?
Let me know in the comments below!

A little bit of everything


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We’ve had two winter storms this week. TWO.

I am so over winter.  But as they say …even after the longest winter must come spring (awesome quote for a print!).

I’ve been thinking about fun stuff to do next month as both St Patty’s and Easter fall in March.  I am thinking an Easter Egg Hunt and Green Pancakes!  First things first, take down the Valentine’s decorations.

When I was a kid, I thought these holidays were fun, but they are 100% more fun when you HAVE a kid!

That said…some amusing things about Miss S as of late:

Officially: 4 months away from being a TWO YEAR OLD!

Fav Eats: Peanut Butter (right off the spoon), Cornflakes, Grilled Cheese, Meatballs, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Banana

Loves saying: Lashht (Last), Mine/My Turn, Batcha (sit in Hindi), Birdy aaja (birdy come here in Hindi), Niishee Mamma (Nice Mama, as she points to my Valentine’s Decor), Papa Yummy? (As the Mister stuffs his face with food)

Fav things to do: Play Kitchen, “Coyurr” (colour), read books, Counts with us (Seminteen = Seventeen), Play guest at a restaurant, feed her teddy, play with her bunny, ask us to sing to her, watch Elmo, Take her babydoll for a stroller ride with her purse on and put her winter touq on.

Lastly, I sent my first Etsy order this past week.  The Hubz and I were pretty excited and took a lot of TLC to make sure the packaging and personalization were just right.  I hope the buyer enjoys the print.  That said, being a Business Analyst with a background in Software Development and a Management Degree in IS Systems does not lend well to marketing.  But I am learning :)