Why I journal (and why you should too!)


I’ve had a “paper and pen” journal for about 6-7 years.  I have used a journal different things:

  • To Do lists (or just lists of things in general)
  • Trip Planning
  • Photo/Post ideas
  • Bucket Lists
  • Gratitude/Affirmations
  • Goals/Dreams


There are other things you can use a journal for:

  • “Dear Diary” type of journaling
  • Sketching
  • Scheduling your day/week/month (love love when you can customize a blank page journal to the planner of your dreams!)
  • Recipes

…obviously the options are endless…

Since I started journaling, I’ve research a lot about journaling and became kind of obsessed with the moleskin journal. I love moleskin because it has so many different types of journals but also the simple blank page or lined page journal perfect for sketching or free-thought-writing.


For me personally, I’ve found that journaling has helped me:

  • Be more creative
  • Organize my thoughts
  • Be mindful
  • Brainstorm

I believe in journaling so much (good old fashion “paper to pen”) that when Miss S was a few months old, I got her her own moleskin (8×11, blank page).  We do all sorts of art projects (seasonal or just something fun) and I usually write a little note about what’s going on that day.  I hope one day she’ll see the benefits of it too.


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