Mixing Patterns & Mom Confidence #StyleTheBump #OOTD

I realized I have a few long lost #OOTDs from the last nine months so I figured I’d share them.

I didn’t buy much clothes this time around and with the cold weather I almost only lived in maternity pants or leggings.


There is something that has been on my mind: I think there are some women who are born with the “mom gene”.  And then there are women (like me – ok I hope like me) where motherhood takes a little more time.

Even though I already have one kid (so I should know what’s coming) there are still some things I don’t remember, that were unexpected or things that were down right difficult!


Leggings | Booties (old) | Purse (similar) | Shirt (similar) | Vest | Necklace


Almost 7 months pregnant in this picture

I, like most people, could easily sing a sad song about it (and sometimes that is what I do) but I believe that it would be a better use of my time and energy to think about how I can turn myself around.  The days are long but the years are short as they say.  So I thought I would talk about what I do to make me more confident as a person and as a mom.

1. Fake it till you make it: My number one go-to when I am confused and lost about what I am suppose to doing for a particular mom task, for a certain day or life general LOL. I am a believer in just putting your head down and getting through what you are dealing with.  But, if you need to take a minute to let the stress set in, than take that minute… but then move on.  Put that energy, light and love into doing/attempting to do what needs to get done….if the time is there and it’s going to pass you anyway – it’s best to keep doing.

TLY_OOTDStripesNavyGreenVest32. Take time for yourself: This is such an important idea.  #SelfCare for mom’s especially is a must and priority every damn day.  Whether that means taking a shower, working on your craft, going for a walk, getting your nails done etc.  Take time EVERYDAY for yourself.  I myself like to make sure my nails are on point, I do something creative (photograph or write) and if I am feeling really ambitious check some things of my personal to do list!


3. Spend time with your kids:  Being a mom is no joke.  There are diaper changes, daycare germs, dinner time, reading the same books 100 times, discipline and a million routines. All of this can really make you feel exhausted (especially on a good day).  But outside of this, being a confident mom can take more shape when you spend quality time with your littles.  It builds a strong bond and also allows you to learn them inside out (and not within regular mom duties). I like to be completely present when we are having dinner, reading books before bed or playing with my kiddo when she gets home from pre-school (essentially that means she has my complete attention!)

3. Let go of the #momguilt:  I am GUILTY of this (pun intended).  There was some things  I didn’t take into consideration when baby # 2 would arrive.  Like conflicting nighttime routines and nursing schedules.  This literally made me feel like $h!t because I couldn’t be there for my big little when my little little needed me. That – along with some other unexpected stuff…  and in sets the mom guilt. Mom guilt is all consuming so I had to let go of that real fast – for myself and for my kids.


4. Forget the audience:  This time around we got to spend more time as a family and a new family of four.  Which turns out to be super important, especially as you need time to figure out your new normal.  Having people around will only delay your family bonding.  So set boundaries and be selfish with your time.  Thankfully we were more aware of our obligations and expectations (being South Asian and all) and planned accordingly.

5.  Make your own decisions: Advice comes fast and furious and doesn’t stop just because your kid is applying to university programs.  If you are wishy washy about decisions people will force their opinions on you.  Find a “statement” (read: rebuttal) that works for you and use it.  Even if your decision doesn’t work out initially you can try something else without having to let anyone know – you are doing what works best for you and your family.

Last thing I wanted to say (and maybe more so as advice to myself) is simply to OWN IT.   We all make decisions and sometimes the journey is tougher than we expected.  The best thing we can do is stand up and keep going.  Because there is always someone watching :)

Valentine’s #LookBook (Toddler edition)


Valentine’s is just around the corner….♥

I’ve planned a cute (read: super easy with lots of hearts) breakfast for my little fam bam.  The kiddo’s preschool valentine’s are almost ready to go. Aaaaand I hope the hubz got my flower order correct ;)

Outside of that, thought I’d share some sweet toddler outfit ideas for valentine’s.  I particularly love the red cold shoulder top and the idea of pairing that with the tinniest pair of distressed boyfriend denim!

And of course we always need to add just another tulle skirt dress and graphic tee to our collection!


Self review #PowerYourHappy

I just started reading this book and the end of chapter 1 there were a few questions that I wanted to answer.


Purse | Jeans | Shoes | Vest (similar) | Top (similar)

When do you feel most energized?
I feel the most energized in the morning (before anyone gets up) or in the evening (right after putting the kiddo to bed)
What will you wake up early for?
Workout, work on writing or editing photos, reading or cleaning the house (pretty much anything that I can do better without being interrupted)
What do you stay up late doing?
Usually editing my blog posts
What do you never get sick of talking about?
Millennials, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Branding, Entrepreneurship, Health/Working Out.
What do you want to spend a chunk of your money on?
Photography equipment (really want a tripod and a remote control), Decorating our house (I think I’ve found my style: transitional)
What do your friends come to you for advice on?
Photography, Fashion/Beauty, Family topics

Being Present vs Memory Keeping


Top | Jacket | Glasses

I more often than not feel sooo guilty for not having every moment of my little girls life documented.  I never took those cute monthly pictures with a sticker on her belly indicating which month of age she was.  I know I have pictures of her first smile, her crazy army crawl, then her “normal” crawl and her first steps — but they are lost in a sea of iPhone/iPad photos, screenshots and snippets of low quality video #NeedToOrganizeThat.

…Besides I am ALWAYS running out of space on my 16gig phone #SmartPhoneFail and I hate it when she sees us on our phones #WillSheRemember?


Bag | Sneaks

And so now I try to take photos on my “big camera” so that at least I’ll save them in an organized manner in the hopes that I’ll create cute photo books or at least simple photo albums.  #HaventDoneThatEither.

Other than that, I constantly have an inner dialogue with myself “Self should I or shouldn’t I share photos of the kiddo online/on my blog/on my Instagram”  I can just hear her saying #MomWhyAreYouSoEmbarassing


I’ve ended up settling on a few things:

  • I will JUST BE with my daughter when we are together
  • When I take pictures of her (with my iPhone), I will IMMEDIATELY email them to her email account – and let her know what I am doing (in hopes she’ll have a sweet pile of photos to view when she’s older)
  • I will invest in a video recorder and make the Hubz the official family videographer
  • I will continue to use my big camera (lol) and lenses to take lovely photos of my family :)


Do you feel you take too many photos of your kids?  How do you find balance between being present with them and recording precious memories?

Give in

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. We enjoyed some time with my parents, sister and brother in law in Niagara. Had a good old fashion picnic (ate channe batura of course, really had to exercise some self control) and then went to the water park for an afternoon of water slides, big waves and splash pads. And lucky for us, my parents stayed back when Miss S went to sleep so the four of us could hang out at the casino and get a late night bite.

ThruLesYeux OOTD

Sneaks | Denim | Crossbody | Jacket | Blanket Scarf


Lately I’ve been trying to saturate my free time with inspiration and motivation to help me attain my optimum creative lifestyle.
I wear so many hats at this point in my life so I have a lot of priorities – but one priority that may be ambiguous to the people that know me best is that I want to be more creative.
I think some things are great to help myself be more creative.
  • I make tons of lists, I mean I have lists e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e  On my phone, in my notebook, in my journals, on my work computer, on my macbook and even several running through my head (and I literally just sent a list of things that I want to do this weekend over email to the hubz haha).  It can make me a little dizzy but it also helps to keep me sane (for the most part).
  • Gratitude (I keep my moleskin at my bedside and it’s become my habit to write down three things I am thankful for every morning)
  • I definitely read more blogs/websites than I do the news (sad I know but I really don’t care for US Politics lol).  Some great ones for finding your passion and slaying your career are here, here and here
  • I try and read interesting and thought providing books like this one I finished recently.  But I’ve also started checking out podcasts (ya I know I finally jumped into the 21st century).  It’s an incredibly easy way to get a vast amount of information without having to read lol!
  • And I love me a good dose of #MommyBlogs.  Some people may feel inferior or not good enough when they follow mom blogs, but to me at this point in my life they – I really appreciate the motivation.  Being one of the first of my friends to become a mom, it’s nice to know what things other women are doing, while also staying on top of trends and ideas on how to make family life better.
  • Exercise (running and resistance training) and lots of water (because lets face it, I love cookies, coffee and cocktails and I can’t deny myself)

Things that I want to try and work on:

  • Listen to more music (varying genres)
  • Write my intentions and affirmations (I do this from time to time but I want to be more regular)
  • Promote my business, brand and blog!
  • Surrond myself with more positivity and strong individuals who share similar interests
  • Where heels more haha (this just inspired me)
  • Work smarter (I’ve been intrigued by this book for years)
  • Strengthen my organizational skills

How do you stay inspired?  What kind of lifestyle are you striving to live?  Any podcasts, books or organizational tips you’d like to share?
Let me know in the comments below!