How did I not know that this day existed?  Gratitude is such an important part of my daily life.  I’ve also started asking Miss S to tell me who and what she’s thankful for (it’s pretty hilarious when she mentions her stuffies or a random cup she was obsessed that day).  To get the hubz into it I usually ask while we are having dinner.


I read an interesting article (which you can read here if you like), and the number one question to ask yourself if you want to be happy (according to neuroscience) is what am I grateful for? And the cool thing about this is that “You don’t have to find anything. It’s the searching that counts.”

What are you grateful for today?

Cream make galaxies in my coffee #SimplePleasures


Today was one of those warm and fuzzy days. Nothing particular spectacular but wanted to take a moment to “appreciate the little things”.

Last night was a crazy-loud-illuminating-the-sky type of thunderstorm. I woke up a few times. And around 4am, Miss S was crying for me from her room. I looked at my clock and was not impressed. I thought I’d give her a few to settle back in and when she didn’t I wondered if the storm had just passed and that is why she was awake. In any case I went to her room to get her. Hoping a quick cuddle from mommy would help (it didn’t — obviously!)

I ended up bringing her to our bed after we exchanged some quiet words about how she was feeling. I laid her head on my pillow and did the same for myself. We were lying so close to one another and in the darkness it felt even closer. It was the nicest feeling ever. We even turned to each other and she nestled in my arms. I told her I loved her and she returned with “you love me mama?” It’s a beautiful feeling to hold your baby in your arms but it is intensly emotional to have them hold/comfort you back.
…of course like anything in parenting I was taking a shower at 530am because she was already jumping off the walls.


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Then at lunch time, I met with my friend for a bite to eat. It was so nice to spend time one on one (we usually meet as a group) and just TALK. I mean really talk face to face about things that matter and feelings. So needed that.

Do you take the time to appreciate the little things?