Blogmas | Las Vegas

We recently went to Las Vegas!  This is actually my 5th trip to sincity (and 3rd trip with at least 1 kiddo!)

We tried to do some new things this time.  So sharing some of what we got up to!  All activities are family friendly (aka dooable for the kidos and the grandparents!

Hike in Zion National Park

After our Banff Trip, we knew our kids enjoyed hiking in nature.  So we weren’t going to let a 3hr drive stop us from experience that is Zion National Park.  There is a variety of hikes for all level of hikers but of course we stuck to the easy paved hikes.  I would have loved to spend another day or two there but doing the lower Emrald pools hike was a great taste of Zion. The views are breath taking.  And going in November meant you weren’t dealing with the desert heat.  

Venice Gondola Ride

This quick copy cat ride of the famous gondola experience in Venice is a great activity for any age. This is my 3rd ride, but my youngest one did this for the first time when she was 5 months old!
Although the ride is super quick (under 15 min) there is an opportunity to learn about vegas, hear a beautiful serenade and enjoy some time in a boat on the water (always relaxing)!

Flamingo Habitat

This place is a vibe!  In the middle of the Las Vegas strip is a gorgeous outdoor setting with palm, trees, waterfalls and cute animals!  This completely free activity is like a trip to a mini zoo.  Kids of all ages will love the animals and watching the fishes (which are mesmerizing to watch on the bridge).  

Seven Magic Mountains

7MM is an outdoor art display of stacked colourful boulders. It’s a great place to do an IG transition and they are even safe enough to climb (carefully ofcourse! for the perfect shot)
I did read if you got at 9am, you’ll beat the crowds, but we went mid afternoon to get the most sunshine!

Cereal Killersz

The Cereal Killerz Kitchen is actually a Cereal Bar. They have every cereal ever made + some rare ones that were only available for a short time and then of course some you haven’t head of! The best part was that they have alternative milk options! You can a classic cereal and milk bowl, or a millkshake. I would definite go back here next time!

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FOUR experiences not to miss on your trip to Banff

It’s been about 4 weeks since we got back from our trip to Calgary & BC (more lovingly known by most as “the Banff trip”)

I’ve yet to go through all my photos, but I figured this would be a good way to start. I read a lot of travel guides and blog posts ahead of our trip about what to see and do on #TheBanffTrip.

So I figure it only fair that I share my tips too! (my way of paying it forward). And nooo this list does not include Lake Louise (a bit of let down in my opinion!).

I’m sharing FOUR experiences that you can’t miss when in Calgary & BC (aka on your own Banff trip). These are great options to add to your itinerary if you are travelling with family/kids or if you want to try things off the beaten path (without the need to extensive gear or training!)

I should say that most of these attractions technically are in BC but considering how close everything is to each other, most people would still consider these things on their Banff Trip.

I’ve also shared our travel vlog – hopefully it provides some inspiration for a future trip.

  • Glacier (paid) Tour

Most people will tell you to check out the Glacier field by taking a small hike to the base of the glacier (aka the snout…just doesn’t sound nice). If you just see the base, you will not get the magnificent views, history/information and fresh (drinkable) glacier water. This can only be experienced by paying for the tour.

  • Peyto Lake

A moderate hike uphill and you get views of a turquoise lake surrounded by mountains (both with trees and snow peaks). And although there were crowds, it was way better here than to be herded like cattle between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Make sure to detour and check out this lake.

  • Takakkaw Falls

This is an easy-moderate hike with a surprise ending! The cool (read: cold) spray from the waterfall. Getting to most waterfalls can be a trek, but this is mostly paved which made it easier for my kids.

  • Jasper Gondola

We didn’t do the popular Banff Gondola (to be honest didn’t even want to). I found this attraction by a simple google search …and I honestly think this was way better. The views are stunning and you can even hike further up the summit. It was windy up there so be sure to bring a touq and some layers. The mountains in the distance look unreal!

Exploring Glen Stewart Ravine

The last few months of the shelter in place with the people in your own household was challenging and rewarding experience.  On one hand, we were with each other all the time without the help of our village and on the other hand we got to spend all this time together that I always felt we were missing out.

Glen Stewart Ravine, Explore Toronto, Family Travel

When some of the restrictions lifted it was nice to enjoy the warm weather which worked really well as some of the first areas to open for public use were golf courses, open space parks and trails.

We have some great friends and family who made plans / did the research to figure out where to go and what to see (Nokiidaa Trail, Moccasin Trail and Wahoosh Falls) and then finally got out of my energy rut and found Glen Stewart Ravine and knew we had to check it out.

Glen Stewart Ravine, Explore Toronto, Family Travel

Glen Stewart Ravine is a lush, deep forest albeit short trail walk in the middle of the city is pure magic.  There are number of streams, downed logs for seating and lots of shade.

Glen Stewart Ravine, Explore Toronto, Family Travel

There are a few different entrances (Beech St, Glen Manor Dr and Kingston Rd), we came in from Kingston and there were a few 100 stairs to make it down.  We managed to see the cute stream (pictured below) and then found a cute shaded area to eat lunch (pictured above).

Glen Stewart Ravine, Explore Toronto, Family Travel

The middle of the trail is the entrance from Beech and it literally looked like we were in Hawaii!

Glen Stewart Ravine, Explore Toronto, Family Travel

Glen Stewart Ravine, Explore Toronto, Family Travel

The trail is not stroller friendly so keep babies in a carrier and leave the bikes/scooters at home.  The air is fresh and the way the sun pours in through the trees is amazing – you’ll just wish the trail was much longer :)

5 Ways to beat the winter blues & a trip to TO Christmas Market

When the whether dips, it’s not uncommon to feel seasonal depression.  With the sun no longer shining as much, the need to bundle up all.the.time and the persistent search of a warm getaway – it’s easy to lose perspective.  I am learning to give in a little bit.  Enjoy the warm soups, choose sautéed veggies over cold salads and drink as much tea as I want.

Here are a few other ways to enjoy the colder months…

Get cozy: fleece PJs (matching with family members? even better), fuzzy house coat, warm slippers and turning on the fireplace…!

A mug of your favourite warm beverage: Tea, coffee multiple times a day.  Better enjoyed with a friend.

Watch all the best movies or series: Ok so it’s true, Friends is leaving Netflix but there are tons of Holiday movies to enjoy this time of year.

A warm cozy bed: I love love love the feeling of getting into bed with clean sheets after a hot shower.  Switching to a duvet at this time of year can be wonderful.

Being grateful: Every morning and every night or really any time of day when you feel your mood slip.  Take a moment to breath and give thanks.

Another important thing to do in winter?  Get out of your house.  For a walk around the block, to an seasonal event or a winter activity.  Take a little more planning but you really won’t regret it.

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