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Being on mat leave – it’s easy to become completely consumed in your mat leave activities (being a mom to a baby is serious work).  

I mean that is why this gracious country gives us the time off.

However – it can also be a great time to take a course, travel with your expanding family, work on your side hustle or work on advancing your career.  Sounds counter intuitive but I know many mat leave moms who have started businesses and or gone back to work early  and mat leave has been the launch pad.

During my last mat leave, I was kind of a fish out of water.  Having so much unstructured time made it difficult for me to focus.  Midway through my my leave I found my footing and because of that I learned a lot.

This time I plan on taking more time for me (#SelfCare) but as well as working on my personal endeavours. That said I still plan on watching TV and sitting in my PJs if thats the kind of day I am having – but I really want to work on being productive (more on that this week).


An easy way to do that especially in the first few months is listening to Podcasts.  I gravitate towards podcasts about business success and creative journeys so I’ve rounded up 3 that I think are great for those purposes.

Make it Happen: By Jen Carrington

This podcast is for any creatives who are looking to build their creative life on their own terms.  She offers advice and insight for creators to “make things happen”.  I personally really like this podcasts because it gives me a nudge on the the days I am feeling like not working.  Plus she talks to other creators and I always find other peoples stories inspiring.

HBR IdeaCast: By Harvard Business Review

This podcast is all about business and economical culture.  You’ll be able to hear about team collaboration, work-life balance, disruptive innovation, email – honestly the list goes on.  I like this podcast because it keeps me in the know.  Considering I’ll be away from the office for about a year – I can still keep my ear to the ground and stay up-to-date on conversations that are happening in workplaces all over the world.

The Lively Show: By Jess Lively

This podcast is all about inspiration, motivation, setting intentions and affirmations.  I enjoy reading, researching and practicing positivity and this podcast offers conversations on all of those topics.  If you’ve read The Secret or are interested in the “Law of Attraction” you should definitely check out this podcast.


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