My Thoughts on #Blogging and #Biz


I’ve been putting a lot of effort into #BuildingMyBrand partly because I want to and partly because it is so interesting.  I really feel like doing this has been the best way to combine both my B.Eng and my MBA in a way that traditional work hasn’t been able to at this point.

That said, what exactly my brand is – may need some tweaking.   This journey is more exhilarating/exciting than anything I’ve experienced before.

By the way, this print was one of the most popular items I sold at the Vaughan of a Kind show.  Sadly there is now show this year :( but this print is always available on my Etsy Shop!

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Do you think building your brand is important?   

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on #Blogging and #Biz

  1. Sure, I think building a brand is important, especially for someone who’s a content creator. I’m strictly a writer, but I still feel as though I’m bound to some sort of “brand mentality”. I love the atlas above with the scrabble tiles! If I ever have flexible income, travel will be my luxury item. :-) I have been to Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, but only once and much too long ago! :-)

    • Hi Kristen – I agree that content creators are building a brand (maybe unintentionally) I am trying to stay consistent and find my voice so I hope that will help :)

  2. I tried to approach blogging as a brand for a while, but I ultimately got comfortable with it as a hobby that I don’t want to invest a lot of energy into marketing. I always like getting visitors, though, so it’s been a push and pull thing for me over the last couple of years.

    • Thanks Marcy – yes it is a push and pull. I love that I get to learn new skills (branding/marketing( so in that way it seems more exciting to me!

  3. I’ve put a lot of time and effort crafting and building my brand. Whether or not I ever make any money from what I do, it brings me satisfaction. Plus, I’ve always loved being on stage and putting on a show. Now my audience is the world, or anyone who happens across me online or in person.

  4. When we blog, writing is the core of it but once the post is published – the promotion becomes important. On that lines, creating a brand that goes a long way to take the work forward is extremely important. Your brand is your identity and one that needs the attention.

    Parul from Happiness & Food

    • Parul thanks for stopping by! I agree with your ideas. I think finding balance that works for your is important (promoting without selling yourself – if that makes sense?)

  5. I have been discussing this with my husband….what exactly is my brand? Can I have combo brand or just be known/seen as one thing? How do I decide? Arghhhhh what do I do?! Glad you wrote this. Because your guess is as good as mine. :)

    • Haha Cyndi – agreed figuring out what your brand is – is half the battle. From my limited research, it takes a bit of trial an error. Don’t despair you’ll find yours (and so will l!)

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