My 3 months with fitbit #FindYourFit

Since about mid October 2016 I have been wearing my Fitbit (well actually my Husband’s fitbit) everyday.  Although I haven’t been working out as a normally do, the Fitbit has provided me with a new challenge in my fitness game.
Essentially a Fitbit is a pedometer (step tracker).  You wear it on your wrist (either left of right) in the band provided, but it can fit into a variety of made-for-Fitbit jeweler accessories (necklace pendant, bangle etc).
I have hit at least 10,000 steps 80% of the time in the last month.  A few times I’ve crossed 12000 steps but some days I fall short (7000-9000).  Last week was particularly disappointing as I came down with a cold and the weather didn’t help.
Along with tracking steps the Fitbit can also monitor:
  • calories burned (from your activities)
  • active minutes
  • distance
  • sleep
  • hourly activity (tracking if you take 250+ steps in an hour)
You can now track food intake, water intake and your weight.  You can also add other fitness activities such as running, swimming, biking etc.


Does the Fitbit work?

Yes I would think so.  I think it more accurately counts steps than the iPhone (which is what I was using before).  It’s definitely more compact than a phone and lighter to wear.

Has it helped?

Yes but only if you put in the work!  Also knowing I have a goal of 10K steps, I usually make a mental note of where I should be step wise at what time (ex: 9am I should have hit 2K, by lunch time I should be at 7K or slightly over etc).

Why is it different that just going to the gym?

I am most definitely a gym rat but I haven’t gone in almost 3 months.  Using the Fitbit, I was shocked to find out how sedentary I was. Meaning a 45 minute gym session at lunch time or after work was not the best way to keep my activity level up throughout the day.  The Fitbit has opened my eyes to what it means to be active.  The hourly activity was probably the most shocking because I learned that I had A LOT of sitting-at-a-computer-time (and now I HATE that).  Because of this, I make a conscious effort to get up every hour.

You can read about the beginning of my Fitbit journey here.

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