Things I think are worth knowing about spirituality

I know spirituality (ie: not religion) is becoming more main stream and I love that for the collective human experience.  Below sharing a few interesting things about spirituality (and life!) that are really worth knowing.

We are merely reflections of each other

Love is the only emotion that vibrates from the soul

Your thoughts create your reality

The moon enhances psychic powers

The sun unlocks DNA

Crystals are found in tech devices

You are what you eat

Current meditation & journal routine

TLY_Journal Meditate Morning Routine

Over the last few months I’ve developed a morning routine.  Simply put I’ve added meditating and journaling to the start my day.

My focus for these activities is to breath, visualize, have gratitude, be intentional, learn more about myself and connect to shared wisdom.

My longest stretch was ~200 days.  At one point I missed a day but because I did it that long it formed a habit.  So when I do a miss a day I feel complete outside of myself.

I recently heard someone say, the only thing you can control is your spiritual practice.  And it’s so true.  Meditation and journaling has been my practice for quite some time now and what I love is no one can take that away from me.  I love it so much I share my practice and technique with people at work and my friends.

If you are looking for a sign to start meditating and journaling – let it be this.

Everything is on the other side of consistency, all you have to do is start.

Goal Set 2019

Well we are officially into our first week of 2019, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t put any thoughts into new years goals. This year I wanted to keep it somewhat open ended and rather give myself room to explore where I want to be able to grow in 2019.  Below are some areas I am working on this year!
1) Make our house our Home
2) Get educated
3) Practice creative consistency
4) Improve my self care activities
5) Keep focus on my wellness journey

6) Quality time for the relationships that really matter in my life

And there you have it – and yes that is the easy part.

When I used to have a gym membership, I remember the first 3 weeks of January it was so packed I’d have to wait for a cardio machine!  But by February 1st, we were back to the regular gym crowd and having several treadmills always available to choose from.

It’s simple to write down the goals you want to work towards but actually reaching the goals is the hard part.  From my own experience, I know that if you really want to achieve something, you have to “be ready” to (aka your mind has to “be ready”). And by that I mean, put in the time and effort, do the hard things and be flexible on the path.

So here are some tips to help you strive for progress while working towards your new year goals:
1️⃣ Use a Habit Tracker: a great way to mark that tiny step you took towards your goal is by tracking it. Checking a checkbox can be very satisfying and a great motivator for continued progress.
2️⃣ Set a Challenge for 30 Days: It could be that you want do 100 squats a day, cut out refined sugar or drink 8 glasses of water – try doing it for 30 days. Better yet start your 30 day challenge in February or March. It greatly reduces the stress around resolutions failing at the beginning of the year and also lets you try out something without a major commitment.
3️⃣ Reward yourself: I think this is the most important one.  Try setting mini milestones and associated rewards when you reach them.  It might be getting your nails done or buying new running new gear.  Celebrating even the tiniest of wins is great for productivity and performance.  Your brain will start to link pleasure with reaching a goal and continue to strive for that in the future.