New Years 2017

We celebrated the incoming new year with our annual friends bash.  To make it super easy on everyone we do a potluck which is great because there is a lot of variety from healthy to wholesome to downright calorie splurge :)


All the kids were playing with each other which actually kind of backfired because they were all super cranky and tired by 9:30pm rolled around #WompWomp.


Needless to say we didn’t make it to new years!  But we had a great time none-the-less!


My messy make up table had been bothering me for weeks. So I cleaned it up and decided it deserved a photo… (because who knows how long it will stay this clean).


A reflection of me and said make up table.

On social media I’ve been seeing a lot about resolutions, plans, reflections and even “one little word” as we look towards a new year.


In considering the latter, I gotta say my 2017 #onelittleword is going to be build. I have so much to build on, build up, build with – and accepting this is kind of exhilarating!