Getting this Garden Started

So I finally took the first steps to building a backyard garden.  Albeit they are baby steps.  We bought 2 sweet basil plants. For now they are hanging out in their default plastic planters and with their original nutrient rich soil.  I have big plans from these small beginnings.

TLY_GardenStarting1 TLY_GardenStarting2


Tulips from the Hubz

TLY_GardenStarting5 TLY_GardenStarting4 TLY_GardenStarting3

  • Find [kid friendly] planter(s) with good drainage
  • Buy more herbs (cilantro and dill for sure) and tomato seedlings
  • Move all plants to their new home planters (which I heard is a process)

For now the plants are sitting on our coffee table because the family room has the most light in the house.  I’ve been monitoring the soil and the overall “hefty-ness” of the planter to judge how much water is needed (at the advice of the lady in the Lowes garden centre).

Workspace Design

It’s been a loooooooong time since I spent effort on the interior decor of our house.  And now thats ALL I want to do.


I have always wanted a clean yet inspirational workspace.  Clean space, white desk and my vision board are the focus of this area.  I’ve had those luxury bag wall hangings for some time now and I am not sure if I will keep them there but for now they aren’t going anywhere


I definitely want to add a monthly dry erase board and this one caught my eye on a recent trip to Chapters/Indigo Spirit.  I also want some space on the wall for monthly goals too – but something simple like a hanging clip board.

TLY_Workspace3 TLY_Workspace2 TLY_Workspace1

Desk (similar) | Plant | Cork Board | Mug (sold out) | Pencil Holder (DIY) Planner | Headphones | Paper Tray

This room is FAR from finished.   Other than calendar and clipboard, I also need a chair and storage/shelves (because there are huge boxes behind me full of art show supplies, packaging, overstock inventory).

Anyways…here’s too progress!


My messy make up table had been bothering me for weeks. So I cleaned it up and decided it deserved a photo… (because who knows how long it will stay this clean).


A reflection of me and said make up table.

On social media I’ve been seeing a lot about resolutions, plans, reflections and even “one little word” as we look towards a new year.


In considering the latter, I gotta say my 2017 #onelittleword is going to be build. I have so much to build on, build up, build with – and accepting this is kind of exhilarating!

When Inspiration Strikes

It’s not often that inspiration strikes me to do something creative other than write or take pictures. (I mean I consider myself a maker/creative but painting is still new to me)
So now that it has, I decided to get started on the project to bring that creative idea to life.


I dirty primed two different canvases to do some black and white art.  I’ve talked about doing this but I also got another idea for something that I plan to hang on the floating shelf in our family room (which needs some seriously love #EmptyFramesFor6Months)


Get My Steps In #FitbitMoment with @Fitbit

I think sometime last year I started paying attention the step counts people were posting on social media.  At first I was kind of annoyed (like why is your gym check in showing up in my facebbok feed).  But then I realized we all need a way to stay accountable.  I prefer to use my personal twitter to post my fitness endeavours but this got me thinking about walking.  Around the stay time I started doing the BBG program, which has a focus on LISS (low intensity steady state cardio).  In essence, that’s walking (if your on a treadmill it’s at a speed of somewhere between 2.5mph to 3.5mph).


From there, I quickly got into counting my steps as it was sooo motivating to be able to reach a goal of 10000 steps.  Realizing how many of those steps came from my actual days worth of stepping and how much extra I needed to actually get there.  Or worse yet, how a sitting job really does not allow for this form of exercise.

Fast forward a few months and I am setting weekly goals for my steps.  Last week it was 50k steps for the week.  By the end of the week, I was feeling a little guily because I was sure I didn’t meet my goal because I was sick + it was my birthday (additionally I only got to 10k steps in a day twice last week – which is usually a really bad week for me).  But then I added up my numbers and was pleasantly surprised.


So it’s Monday of a new week and I have new goals!  It will probably mean I have to fight for my steps (aka if we are in a public place just leave the family for a few minutes to get a few rounds of steps in or finish of the day walking circles in our house) – but I am pumped!

#FreeDownload (ENDED)

Hey Everyone

I am offering this fall inspired print for FREE.  This free offer is only valid until Oct 19.


All you have to do is left click image, it will open in full size (in a new tab or browser window) and then right click and save image as.

This is a full size image so you can save it and print it at your favourite image printer (Costco, Walmart etc) or even at home!