July : Currently


Sneaks (50% off right now!) | Jeans (DIY distressed) | Handbag | Tank

Looking forward to: The weekend, seeing my parents and Anuj’s cousins

Loving: that I’ve been able to workout consistently

Eating: Lots lentils in different forms (salads, loafs and daals obi)

Drinking: lots of water (getting up to 2L +) and instant coffee

Planning: a capsule wardrobe for an upcoming trip

Ordering: diapers, extra long iphone and charge cable

Reading: Ishmael (very thought provoking read)

Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 2)

Another busy weekend is over.  On Saturday I attended a dear friend’s bridal shower. I did take Miss El with me and thankfully she was on her best behaviour.  Today we celebrated a few birthdays and anniversaries on my in-laws side and then had a friend visit us and meet out littlest babe.  We winded down this evening with a glass of wine and finished watching this movie.


Shoes (similar) | Jacket (50% off here)| Chocker (similar)


Last week I was overly ambitous and ended up having to deal with rain, tendonitis and more rain, but here is how I did:

  1. Go to the Born to Read library program with my friend and our daughters DONE!
  2. Decide on a bread recipe to make
  3. Plant my tomatoes DONE: blog post in the works
  4. Work out 4 times this week 1/2 DONE: Worked out twice?
  5. Hit 10K steps 5/7 days 1/2 Done: (3/7 days I hit 10K or more)
  6. Journal (in my 52 lists and 5 minute journal) 1/2 Done: harder than I thought
  7. Finish my EdCal for May DONE: blog post in the works
  8. Listen to more music in the house DONE: for the first few days then there was a nap strike
  9. Mediate
  10. Finish a book


I didn’t get everything done, but it really helped me to stay focused on things I wanted to do without letting the weather or mom duties stop me.  For instance, I started planting the tomatoes at some point in the afternoon but didn’t actually complete the task until the evening of the next day (that included photographing the process).


So here is next week’s list.  I think 10 “to-dos” is a good number so I’ll continue with that.

  1. Finish reading my book (I am only 1/4 of the way in)
  2. Decide on a bread to make (get recipe list)
  3. Hit 10k steps 5/7 days
  4. Workout 4/7 times this week (cardio, RT/ST, FR, stretch)
  5. Journal (52 lists & 5 Minute journal)
  6. Meditate
  7. Update Etsy listings with my scrabble prints
  8. Lunch & Playdate with mom friends
  9. Finish my TY cards
  10. Try a new recipe for dinner.

Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 1)

This past weekend was a special one for us, we celebrated Miss El’s 40 days.  I think most cultures (including western medicine) consider that both mom/baby’s recovery and adjustment to life occurs over the first 40 days.  There are some extreme views about it but for me it was really about resting, get spoiled by my parents/in laws, bonding with Miss El and adjusting to life as a family of four.

And by bonding, I mean nursing!  I am currently all about outfits that allow me to feed the babe easily… that said I have never purchased a nursing top in my life! (ha!)


During this time, I gravitate towards loose/flowy tops, button ups (obvi) and chic leggings to keep me feeling styled even when I got a babe on the hip.  What else works best for me? A tank top I can easily pull down for feedings.


Shoes (similar)| Leggings (similar) | Tank (similar) | Top (old)

I am feeling pretty ambitious for this week so thought I would list out some things I want to get accomplished!

Goals for Week:

  1. Go to the Born to Read library program with my friend and our daughters
  2. Decide on a bread recipe to make
  3. Plant my tomatoes
  4. Work out 4 times this week (LISS, Resistance Training, Stretch/Foam Roll)
  5. Hit 10K steps 5/7 days
  6. Journal (in my 52 lists and 5 minute journal)
  7. Finish my EdCal for May
  8. Listen to more music in the house
  9. Mediate
  10. Finish a book

Being Present vs Memory Keeping


Top | Jacket | Glasses

I more often than not feel sooo guilty for not having every moment of my little girls life documented.  I never took those cute monthly pictures with a sticker on her belly indicating which month of age she was.  I know I have pictures of her first smile, her crazy army crawl, then her “normal” crawl and her first steps — but they are lost in a sea of iPhone/iPad photos, screenshots and snippets of low quality video #NeedToOrganizeThat.

…Besides I am ALWAYS running out of space on my 16gig phone #SmartPhoneFail and I hate it when she sees us on our phones #WillSheRemember?


Bag | Sneaks

And so now I try to take photos on my “big camera” so that at least I’ll save them in an organized manner in the hopes that I’ll create cute photo books or at least simple photo albums.  #HaventDoneThatEither.

Other than that, I constantly have an inner dialogue with myself “Self should I or shouldn’t I share photos of the kiddo online/on my blog/on my Instagram”  I can just hear her saying #MomWhyAreYouSoEmbarassing


I’ve ended up settling on a few things:

  • I will JUST BE with my daughter when we are together
  • When I take pictures of her (with my iPhone), I will IMMEDIATELY email them to her email account – and let her know what I am doing (in hopes she’ll have a sweet pile of photos to view when she’s older)
  • I will invest in a video recorder and make the Hubz the official family videographer
  • I will continue to use my big camera (lol) and lenses to take lovely photos of my family :)


Do you feel you take too many photos of your kids?  How do you find balance between being present with them and recording precious memories?

A little bit of everything


Leggings | Boots | Purse | Shirt (similar) | Vest

We’ve had two winter storms this week. TWO.

I am so over winter.  But as they say …even after the longest winter must come spring (awesome quote for a print!).

I’ve been thinking about fun stuff to do next month as both St Patty’s and Easter fall in March.  I am thinking an Easter Egg Hunt and Green Pancakes!  First things first, take down the Valentine’s decorations.

When I was a kid, I thought these holidays were fun, but they are 100% more fun when you HAVE a kid!

That said…some amusing things about Miss S as of late:

Officially: 4 months away from being a TWO YEAR OLD!

Fav Eats: Peanut Butter (right off the spoon), Cornflakes, Grilled Cheese, Meatballs, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Banana

Loves saying: Lashht (Last), Mine/My Turn, Batcha (sit in Hindi), Birdy aaja (birdy come here in Hindi), Niishee Mamma (Nice Mama, as she points to my Valentine’s Decor), Papa Yummy? (As the Mister stuffs his face with food)

Fav things to do: Play Kitchen, “Coyurr” (colour), read books, Counts with us (Seminteen = Seventeen), Play guest at a restaurant, feed her teddy, play with her bunny, ask us to sing to her, watch Elmo, Take her babydoll for a stroller ride with her purse on and put her winter touq on.

Lastly, I sent my first Etsy order this past week.  The Hubz and I were pretty excited and took a lot of TLC to make sure the packaging and personalization were just right.  I hope the buyer enjoys the print.  That said, being a Business Analyst with a background in Software Development and a Management Degree in IS Systems does not lend well to marketing.  But I am learning :)

Happy Thoughts


Denim | Shoes | Jacket | Top

I really want to read this book.
I’ve been thinking about getting something like this and this, and I believe supporting a #SmallBusiness would be the way to go!
I am trying to get back into healthier choices by doing this.
Annd looks like we’ll need baby sitting for this! :)