Inspiring creativity in my kids

You know as a parent you are doing something creatively right (especially when it literally feels like chaos in the house 24/7) when you kid asks you to put the photograph you just captured on your camera in their room. But what exactly am I doing:  I am taking time to do something creative everyday.  Luckily my kiddos see what I do.


We went on a stroller walk, which I turned into a photography walk because it ended up being the only chance I had all week to use my camera.  I’ve kept my 50MM lens on my DSLR for about a month now to create a constraint in hopes that it would allow my creativity to flourish within a restriction.  It has – and I am loving it.


We had a great weekend, family dinners, breakfasts out, soccer practice, lots of coffee, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and even a McD’s run (because we are so used to daycare taking care of lunches :P)


My to-do list is long and already in play.  I even got started on some of my planning.

Creating magic 1 second everyday #1SE


I take a LOT of pictures.  Yet I still have to find an effective way to getting them off the hard drive (or rather first off the SD card) and into my hands.  I did order this but still need to work on photo books for the last few years.  Definitely need to put my head down and get those done and printed.  Somewhat related story: Miss S saw one of her friends’ mom using a Canon DSLR and promptly told the Mister that she was using momma’s camera!  Luv you girl!

In a world where we are scrolling through feeds and craving that insta-gratification I feel even more compelled to save our memories not for the vanity metrics but rather for us to cherish forever.

Enter the app 1 Second Everyday.   This app and personal project has been by far the best creative endeavour I have taken in the last year.  It only requires a few minutes a day and the output is BEAUTIFUL and UNREAL.  I literally watch my compiled video of the last 7 months (ok 6 months because I was almost 9 months pregnant in February and forgot to take daily videos! Because taking naps trumped everything) several times a week and I am smiling ear to ear.

Miss S is already in love with it which makes my heart glow.  6 months of video is just under 3 minutes so another 6 months will take me to 6 minutes.  What a perfect way to remember the year.

Overcoming writers block + June writing goals

Ironically I stared a blank wordpress page for about 10 minutes, watched several (one TED talk and some funny youtube) videos, decided I should clear out my SD card, contemplated turning on the TV for background noise, drank lots of water (and to be honest a few other embarrassing activities) all in an unconscious effort to procrastinate writing this post.  That said at least I had the topic idea ready to go!

I’ve decided to write more on this blog for 3 main reasons:

  1. I like to create content
  2. It’s giving me a space to keep record of daily events and memories
  3. I like writing as a creative outlet


Also I want to take blogging more seriously because as I am on Mat Leave and have the time to dedicate to this hobby.

That said, this hobby requires a lot of idea generation and organization….

Which is where my EdCal (Editorial Calendar) comes in.  For the month of May, I created a make shift calendar using this cork board and some washi tape.  Having a physical (vs an online or digital) place to store my writing ideas has already proven to be more effective.  I have been able to go check the calendar to see what I need to write about and giving myself a hard deadline makes the whole process more of focused work for me (which is something I crave).  And is the main reason I have posts being published at 5am in the morning!

So for the month of June I have set a goal for myself to write EVERYDAY Monday to Friday!  (So that’s writing 5/7 days a week).  I pieced together ideas for 4.5 weeks of blog posts As of right now, my post ideas are being recorded to a google sheet.  And this is what I’ve learned is the magic of getting over a wall in your creative journey, make lists and use post its :)

I plan to add my google sheets list of ideas to my cork board EdCal.  It makes it easier to move writing projects around.  Plus as mentioned above, there is a different type of focus that is accompanied by actually seeing your to do list.


30 Days of #The100DayProject

Well today marks 30 days of #The100DayProject.  I am still pretty pumped about the project even though 1) I find that I am already running out of ideas of what to paint and 2) I’ve missed two days so technically I’ve only done 28 days of the 100 days.


Since my last status post, I’ve gone on to paint a little over a dozen more paintings.  I’ve turned to Pinterest when I “painters block”.  Some days, I end up painting something random and abstract (see the odd yellow sun / fireball above).    I had a rough list of painting projects – but I stopped around #26 so I’ll need to put some effort into thinking up some new ideas.





Outside of all the creative process stuff – I am still in love with this project.  I love the idea of doing something for 100 days but I don’t think I would’ve kept it up this long if it weren’t for the community.  Although some days I look at what I’ve drawn and cringe at the idea of actually having to post it on instagram – I appreciate the fact that this project has allowed me to learn something new.

I am still undecided on what to do with the paintings.  Any ideas – leave them in the comments below!


Photo Bucket List


Last weekend was pretty busy as expected. We literally drove from the west end to downtown and back again before heading North to our home. We had to attend a kid’s birthday, drop off Miss S for babysitting (with my parents), attend an engagement brunch and then hustle back to pick up Miss S because she was a hot mess (ahhh 2 year molars) before we headed back home. Sunday I spent the day volunteering at a soup kitchen. It was my first time but something I’ve wanted do since my late 20’s. This soup kitchen in particular operates restaurant style, patrons pay a dollar*, they are given a ticket, they find a table/seat and then they are served by a waiter/waitress. I helped to prepare the serviette package, rice, salad and then I waitressed! I’ve never worked in a restaurant before so this was an interesting experience for sure!
*Side note: to allow for the feeling of dignity


And then yesterday, I met with some of my friends for an “inter-friend-tion”. I don’t know how people feel in these situations, but I felt nervous and nonchalant at the same time. Without giving too much detail, we were meeting with this old/past friend who had been absent for the last year and a half. It is heart breaking but at the same time a relief: to make sure she is “ok” but also to not have that topic of her being MIA hanging over our heads. The outcome wasn’t as expected but we are all adults and in control of our own lives – we just have to do what’s best for us and live the best life we can.

Okay enough serious stuff! I’ve decided I am going to compile a Photography bucket list to motivate me creatively and bring lively new photography content to this blog, my etsy shop and my other media channels: twitter, pinterest and IG.


Oh and I’ll keep the updated list here (because I am sure more will come to mind) with links to where you can find the completed item.

Hot Air balloons
Planes Close up
Film Camera
Spinning Ferris Wheel
Child Jumping in puddle
Night Sky movement
A celebrity
Iceland Waterfall
San Francisco Bridge
Macro of a snowflake
Portrait of a Geisha
Under the Pier shot
A lone tree in a field
Self-Portrait (Tripod and remote is a must)
Water drops on a spider web
Toronto Christmas Fair
Eiffel Tower at Night
Eiffel Tower during the day
Shanghai and/or Tokyo Skyline

Do you have a bucket list? Do you find it helps you reach your goals to write a list of them?
Send me a link to your bucket list in the comments below!


Lately I’ve been trying to saturate my free time with inspiration and motivation to help me attain my optimum creative lifestyle.
I wear so many hats at this point in my life so I have a lot of priorities – but one priority that may be ambiguous to the people that know me best is that I want to be more creative.
I think some things are great to help myself be more creative.
  • I make tons of lists, I mean I have lists e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e  On my phone, in my notebook, in my journals, on my work computer, on my macbook and even several running through my head (and I literally just sent a list of things that I want to do this weekend over email to the hubz haha).  It can make me a little dizzy but it also helps to keep me sane (for the most part).
  • Gratitude (I keep my moleskin at my bedside and it’s become my habit to write down three things I am thankful for every morning)
  • I definitely read more blogs/websites than I do the news (sad I know but I really don’t care for US Politics lol).  Some great ones for finding your passion and slaying your career are here, here and here
  • I try and read interesting and thought providing books like this one I finished recently.  But I’ve also started checking out podcasts (ya I know I finally jumped into the 21st century).  It’s an incredibly easy way to get a vast amount of information without having to read lol!
  • And I love me a good dose of #MommyBlogs.  Some people may feel inferior or not good enough when they follow mom blogs, but to me at this point in my life they – I really appreciate the motivation.  Being one of the first of my friends to become a mom, it’s nice to know what things other women are doing, while also staying on top of trends and ideas on how to make family life better.
  • Exercise (running and resistance training) and lots of water (because lets face it, I love cookies, coffee and cocktails and I can’t deny myself)

Things that I want to try and work on:

  • Listen to more music (varying genres)
  • Write my intentions and affirmations (I do this from time to time but I want to be more regular)
  • Promote my business, brand and blog!
  • Surrond myself with more positivity and strong individuals who share similar interests
  • Where heels more haha (this just inspired me)
  • Work smarter (I’ve been intrigued by this book for years)
  • Strengthen my organizational skills

How do you stay inspired?  What kind of lifestyle are you striving to live?  Any podcasts, books or organizational tips you’d like to share?
Let me know in the comments below!