Looking for some motivation?

Yea so am I.  I watched this really great video by Tony Robbins.  He talks about mental plateaus and gives some quick tips on how to get out of them.  In case you don’t watch the super short clip linked above its: Read, Workout, Set Clear Goals and Give to Others.

Sometimes I forget that changing your mindset really changes your focus, sets you in a different direction and can help you make anything happen.

I’ve recently started sharing motivational career/purpose/passion project advice on my linkedin and I was surprised to see that my contacts are actually engaging in the content (a few colleagues from current/previous roles, my MBA thesis advisor etc)

On that note: here is some visual motivation!  All images linked below!


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Signage [Jan 12 2015]


Anyone watching Making of a Murderer?  I really don’t know what to make it.  Yes it’s everything they say, fascinating yet infuriating. But dreadfully slow, draining to watch and very sad.   That said, I am 5 episodes in and still watching it.

Side note, we have some busy weekends planned – including a weekend getaway #woop!

Vastness [Dec 31st 2015]


I cannot believe we are entering 2016…#JawDrop. It’s true what they say about life after kids, the days are long but the years fly by.  That said, the mister and I have been in the throws of dealing with Miss S in what seems like the terrible twos (even though she’s only 1).  She answers “no” or “nope” A LOT, started saying “mine” and even fake cries!   It’s hard but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it.

Aside from that, took some time out to write my New Years Resolutions!   I am try to keep them down to 3 or 4 thoughts and this coming year they are around fostering good relationships and changing my ideas about my food intake and decluttering and living more simply.

Happy New Year!