I am not a yogini but I want to do headstands

I am always careful when using the word “but”.  I am sure this is common knowledge but everything before the but is thought to be untrue slash doesn’t stand for anything.  Hence this title of this post.  I am not a yogini and I still want to learn to do a headstand.

I found this article on headstands for beginners. I plan on adding the exercises (pictured below) to my daily workout/stretch/foam rolling routine to build muscles, strength and stamina for this pose.


TLY_Headsand2 TLY_Headsand3

Although not pictured, I also need to add “plank on my forearms” to this practice.

Wish me luck!

Back at it with @Fitbit

I love the fitbit.  And I think it’s because my job is pretty sedentary – it’s a way to get up and move during the day.

Around the 8th month of pregnancy and although I was still going into the office, I stopped wearing my #fitbit.  It was hard getting around (obviously) and because I was/am in so much competition with myself and getting my steps in, I was really putting myself down when I would end the day at 8000 steps or even 9500 steps but too lazy to walk a few circles around the house to finish it off.

TLY_FitbitUpdate3During the last trimester I feels its really important to do everything to be positive – I decided that I didn’t want to unnecessarily “pressure” myself if I didn’t get my steps in.

Now I’ve been wearing my fitbit again consistently for the last 3 months and I’m back in love.

I pretty consistently hit 10K 5/7 days a week.  Some days I get over 10K steps – and those days I want to go to bed early!  Who knew that walking could be that exhausting.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.08.32 PM

What’s different this time around?

I am doing more challenges, some with friends (Weekend Warrior or Work Week Hustle) or solo (NYC Marathon etc).  These are just fun ways to be competitive but also get badges and trophies.  That said – it can become to competitive so I am taking a break from them.


What have I learned?

You cannot push a stroller and expect to have your steps counted if you wear your fitbit on your arm.  If I know I am going to push a stroller or grocery cart, I put my fitbit in my pocked or into my sock to get an accurate count.


Is there anything I don’t like about the fitbit?

I wish the fitbit was more fashion friendly.  I don’t like that the bracelet is as big as it is (although I wear one that is pretty close to my skin tone).

Admittantly using a fitbit for me is a bit of an obsession but a healthy one I would say. On the good active days I get a workout in, I’ll get my goal steps in, over 30 minutes of activity, have walked 8km and got pretty close to “burning” 2000 calories.  It’s just a gauge and everyone is different but it keeps me accountable it’s easy for me to manage.  Looking forward to the next 3 months of stepping.

Yesterday I meditated

I realized that I needed to actually meditate (not just throw it off my goals list with an excuse).  I also realized I needed a bit of guidance.  Thank goodness for free apps from the Appstore.  I tried this one as recommended by my sister.


There was a little too much talking but I did appreciate the idea the announcer made of feeling my body’s weight and listening to the sounds around you (usually with mediation you try not to focus on those things).  When my thoughts wandered, I tried to focus mainly on counting (from 1 to 10) and following my breath.

It actually felt really relaxing and I even got an idea of something to paint #The100DayProject.

Something that helped me get in the mood was actually putting on clothes to mediate in. #GetUpDressUpShowUpNeverGiveUp



If you been following the last 5 days, you might have noticed that I’ve blogged everyday from Monday to Friday and, as a goal and personal challenge,will continue to do so for the rest of June 2017.


You also might notice that I didn’t actually get this post published on time.  I did 10 sun salutations for the first time in months yesterday and my muscles really felt the effects.


Get My Steps In #FitbitMoment with @Fitbit

I think sometime last year I started paying attention the step counts people were posting on social media.  At first I was kind of annoyed (like why is your gym check in showing up in my facebbok feed).  But then I realized we all need a way to stay accountable.  I prefer to use my personal twitter to post my fitness endeavours but this got me thinking about walking.  Around the stay time I started doing the BBG program, which has a focus on LISS (low intensity steady state cardio).  In essence, that’s walking (if your on a treadmill it’s at a speed of somewhere between 2.5mph to 3.5mph).


From there, I quickly got into counting my steps as it was sooo motivating to be able to reach a goal of 10000 steps.  Realizing how many of those steps came from my actual days worth of stepping and how much extra I needed to actually get there.  Or worse yet, how a sitting job really does not allow for this form of exercise.

Fast forward a few months and I am setting weekly goals for my steps.  Last week it was 50k steps for the week.  By the end of the week, I was feeling a little guily because I was sure I didn’t meet my goal because I was sick + it was my birthday (additionally I only got to 10k steps in a day twice last week – which is usually a really bad week for me).  But then I added up my numbers and was pleasantly surprised.


So it’s Monday of a new week and I have new goals!  It will probably mean I have to fight for my steps (aka if we are in a public place just leave the family for a few minutes to get a few rounds of steps in or finish of the day walking circles in our house) – but I am pumped!