Holiday #GiftGuide For HER

This year I started my Christmas shopping a little earlier and hopefully I’ll finish before the first week to mid December (fingers crossed – including wrapping everything!).  As for our Christmas decor:  The hubz has promised he’ll put up some outdoor lights this year (after he finishes his classes this semester).  Our main tree is up along with some mantle decor, still have to put up the indoor lights, green garland on the banister, our small tree (same one we used at the condo) and this year I had Miss S decorate some foam balls to put on her mini tree in her room.  She is pretty happy to wake up and see her own christmas tree :)


Lipstick | Compact | Nailpolish | Candle | Journal | Necklace | PJs | Luxe Snood | Waterbottle

Here’s to the beginning of shopping and gifting season!  And here are some gift ideas for the ladies in your life.

Mother’s Day #GiftGuide


Bowls | Book | Flatware | Journal | Necklace | T-shirt 

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and for us it will be a busy Sunday indeed.  My own mamma’s day will probably be celebrated on a later date, just relaxing with my man and my home girl …but my mom and mother in law will be enjoying a mother’s day brunch (hosted at my sisters place) and an early dinner (hosted at my house) …respectively.  I am thankful for the mom’s in my life (especially my mom).

Anywho, I picked out some cool mamma’s day gift ideas and thought I’d share them on the blog (in hopes the hubs will see it – hahaha #WhoAmIKidding)

How do you celebrate mother’s day?  – Let me know in the comments below.