My Buy Nothing Challenge

The other day I watched the documentary Minimalism.  And after it finished I immediately wanted to watch it again.  I guess lately I feel like a fly on the wall looking at all the STUFF at big box stores, grocery stores or even my own home.

….Maybe because I have two kids now and there is a lot of clutter in our play area and basement (although the Hubz and I find it really refreshing to rotate out the toys, but still the boxes of toys downstairs have got to go), or maybe because I am becoming more in tune with how much I create vs consume or maybe I am thinking about our environment (well always thinking not enough doing on my part) or maybe just the thought of Christmas  gift giving/wrapping paper is giving me anxiety or maybe I just need to change, somethings’ got to change.


The movie essentially says that we can lead more meaningful lives with less.  I am glad that they had a father of six give his perspective, a couple with two young children give their experiences and even a husband and wife who admit that their son is more ok with being minimalist than their daughter.

I think Miss S is almost at the age where she is realizing she gets stuff (presents, gifts from abroad, loot bag goodies etc) but from the beginning I’ve tried to teach her also about giving back.  But we definite balance out what she is playing with vs what she actually receives.

It’s also got me thinking about people bringing gifts for the birthday parties we’ll host and celebrate this year.  I mean, I know the only thing I remember from my birthday parties as a kid was cutting the cake and playing with my friends – so maybe there is an opportunity to teach our children something here also.


As for me, I want to try something new.  I would love to do Project 333 but my postpartum body needs a minute.  I think a reasonable goal would be to cut down on unnecessary spending.  I will challenge myself for the next 3 months (Jun 1 through to Aug 31) to not BUY anything for MYSELF.  It’s unrealistic for me to go cold turkey so I have a few rules that I will follow:

  • food is OK (as in groceries obviously)
  • toiletries / costs associated with self care is OK (Vitamins or Physio as an example)
  • paying for experiences is OK (costs associated with travel, day trips, photo printing, events, date nights or activities)

And to be clear, items that I normally buy for myself which are not allowed during this challenge are: nail polish, make up, shoes, clothes, jewelry, craft / stationary supplies (this will be hard)

Wish me luck :)

Barefoot Deck Jams #LongWeekend

We had an awesome, low-key weekend just the three of us!  I made sure we were stocked up on some fresh fruit, proteins to throw on the grill, cold brewed some coffee (following this recipe) and kept all routine and schedules super chill.  Even though we didn’t get to watch the fireworks this year (#ToddlerBedtime) we heard lots of it and there is always hope for #NextYear :P


White Denim (similar) | Cold Shoulder| UV Wear (similar) |Bikini Bottom (similar) | Sun Hat (hers & mine)


Miss S loves her cheerios, playdoh and watermelon (see picture above).  She literally ate 7 slices in 5 minutes )


Enjoying a little hubby/wife time while our little Miss enjoyed her previously loved water tower.


Fruit at this time of year is sooo perfect: Cherries, watermelon, blue berries – g.i.v.e meee nowww!


I found a new use for my French Press – cold brew coffee is my new summer drannk ;)


These two and the best toddler activity: painting with water.  We’ve done this with smaller paint brushes and water on her high chair table and she had blast #MotherhoodHack


How did you celebrate the long weekend?  What were you celebrating (Canada Day or July 4th) Did you get to see fireworks?  


This has some awesome recipes that I’ll be trying next year like the popsicles, banoffee and coffee chia pudding yum!