Our visit to @CafeLandwer

Last week, the Hubz and I (okay… and #EllieHaze asleep in her car seat) checked out Cafe Landwer.  And ohmygoodness it did not disappoint.

We went for brunch but the menu is chalked full of so much goodness.

The restaurant itself has got this cute vintage yet modern looking style with Instagram worthy tiles on the floor.




Maybe it was the sleeping baby, or the cozy atmosphere, or the fact that we hadn’t been out together in a long time but this place definitely hit the spot.  We ended up getting the Landwer’s breakfast for 2.  It came with 4 eggs cooked to our choice (we went with omelette of veggies and cheese) + a huge tray of bread and a variety of dips.  I swear I felt like royalty eating this :)


We are definitely going to go back for the coffee and desert and maybe with Miss S to check out the kids menu ;)

Selfie [Nov 24th 2015]


Took Miss S to the Reptile zoo on Sunday.  We went very early so there were only 3 other families there and it was like having the place to ourselves.  Something that surprised me the most was how she wanted to have her picture taken with the different animals (i.e. she would back up against the glass where the turtles, snakes and alligators were and tell me in her baby talk to take a picture).  Hence why I decided to post this selfie (also because I haven’t taken any new shots uploaded my pictures from my SD card yet).

I tried to build up her excitement leading up to the trip, telling her we were going to see animals on Sunday or “am oohs” as she calls them.   Most of the reptiles were very still but there was one feisty “tuh tuh” (turtle) that kept trying to climb up out of it’s enclosure and of course Miss S couldn’t contain herself.

On a side note, just trying to wrap up the custom orders I received from the Vaughan of a Kind show.  I am thinking about doing a marketing campaign with the greeting cards.  Or maybe reaching out to one of the other vendors I met there to do a colab…

On a second side note, I think my printing lab has changed management and they keep messing up orders (ex: I needed a quantity of 4 for a certain size or they colour correct my images even though I didn’t specify it – and then charge me for it!).   Looking for a reliable, professional photography lab in Vaughan.  Please email me if you have any names of labs.