Easter Fun

I have tried at least 5 times this week to sit down and write this post.  But the distractions are a many.   Work has my days completely taken by a huge data conversion project (which I am both loving and loathing), I do my very best to take my lunch break away at the gym for a 20-25 min run.  On a good week, I’ll be there 4 times a week, on a bad week …maybe once?  Evenings are bit out of control (not like I’ve ever had control) but between trying to be a good wife and mom and have something homemade on the table for dinner, taking care of Miss S (while the Hubz is preparing for presentations, group papers and exams c/o his MBA) and making sure I have some time to relax/rejuvenate – this post usually falls of the list of priorities.  Regardless, I always try to pick up my camera once a day to get a shot of something pretty.

Today I have for you, last weeks Easter festivities!  We had a gold ol’ fashion easter egg hunt (brought back memories of when my little sissy and I used to run around the house looking for chocolates), followed by some basket opening and playing with easter grass (and leaving it all around the house #MommyFail)



Easter Baskey goodies include: Books, Hair accessories and Stuffed bunny from Marshalls, Cute t-shirts from Walmart, Candy and sideway chalk I picked up from No Frills.





Really enjoyed decorating this year as well. It’s kind of nice to have the home feel a little festive every month.  But I don’t think there is anything coming up until Canada Day (July 1st)?!?.  Well if you know of something – let me know in the comments below!!

Happy Easter Eve

It was the night before Easter and all through the house, no creature was stirring, not even a …bunny (lol).

I honestly go through these waves of creativity.  I mean it is easier when you have a million shiny, bedazzled, pastel coloured plastic eggs in your home welcoming spring.  That said, just a day ago we had a crazy ice storm which also made me bust our the camera for some outdoor shots (some I will share in the coming weeks).  But tonight I wanted to post something different.


As Miss S gets older I am finding that festivities in each month are even more fun to celebrate.    From festive home decor to finding cute ways to celebrate – it makes our home life so much more fun.  This year I decided that I was going to make an easter basket for her along with a good ol’ fashion easter egg hunt or two!  We’ve had a few practice runs and she’s been really excited about the whole process so definitely looking forward to it tomorrow.


Bunny | Eggs | Book

Shiny Eggs

I literally have been so busy at work that some days I come home and put Miss S to bed and fall asleep on the couch by 8:30pm!!!  Data Conversion projects will do that to you I suppose.

We are all looking forward to a long weekend over here.  Lots of festive activities planned including an easter egg hunt, day time beverages (for us at least), brunching’ and maybe a little date action.  Happy Easter!


Eggs | Vase