3 EASY Festive (Non) Baking Ideas + Our Christmas Decor

It’s that time of year where all I want to do is eat all of the sweet treats and go to all the potlucks.  One day I would love the idea of being one of those mom’s that adores baking and cooking up a storm…buuuttt I already know that I am DEFINITELY one of those women who eats EVERYTHING on the dessert table so I really have to keep my sweet treat making in check!  Aaaannnd I am always nervous I’ll mess up the recipe so I love the idea of #Bakinghacks :)


Stockings | Evergreen Garland | Floral Clip Ornaments

I do have some lunch and dinners planned with friends and family before Christmas, so I figured it would be a great option for me to flex my creative (non) baking muscle without worrying that I’ll eat everything on my own.  I found some awesome options for faux-baking/pre-made cookie decorating LOL.


Fairy Lights | Garland | Frame


Pom Pom Garland


Elf on the Shelf



Floating Shelf | Mini Wicker Baskets (Similar) | Frames | Mason Jar

Ok so on to the no-bake-treats and cookie decorating ideas.  I saw these and thought I would love to add a Christmas touch to our beloved peanut butter cookies.  We literally make these cookies all year round.  They are more or less guilt free and have no white sugar or flour. Just dip them in some melted dark chocolate and sprinkle some red, white and green sprinkles and they are a perfect holiday treat.


The Hubz loves turtles so these would be for him (I am not a fan of caramel) these are super easy and take literally 10 minutes.  I can’t believe I’ve never made them before.  I am just not sure if I should used salted or unsalted pretzels?

Lastly I have to at least attempt to make these DIY thin mints.  I love girl guide cookies and being able to make these at Christmas (or even all year round would be brilliant).


Check out our christmas decorations from last year!

DIY Washi Tape Banner

I love me a DIY project.  Actually, I love me an EASY DIY project.  And it doesn’t get any easier than washi tape.


I’ve dabbled in a few DIY projects here and there although I think I really became a #DIYMom when I was planning my sister’s travel themed bridal shower.  And then solidified that title by DIY most of my daughter’s first birthday party.


I made all of the decorations on my own and although it was a ton of work it was a really rewarding from a creative perspective.

tly_washitapebanner6 tly_washitapebanner5 tly_washitapebanner4

I decided Miss S needed some dainty wall hangings to compliment her wall art and low level book shelfs.  And creating this banner was a quick and easy option.

tly_washitapebanner3 tly_washitapebanner2


  1. Choose and buy your washi tape.  I went with complimentary colours with varying designs.  Of course you can go more match-matchy or even just one colour
  2. Tape your washi tape to a length of twine suitable to where you’ll be hanging it
  3. Trim the washi tape, you can either do a simple cut like I did, or make triangles or even mini banner flags
  4. Hang your banner!