Christmas around here…

We officially have THREE trees up in our house.  One in the family room, one on the landing going upstairs (not pictured) and one in Miss S’s room.  But now I am thinking we need a little something in our master bedroom.  Maybe some greenery and stringged lights (hope the Hubz reads this).

tly_christmasdecor3 tly_christmasdecor4 tly_christmasdecor5 tly_christmasdecor6

Hoping for another toddler crafted decoration to add to our tree this year :)


We made our visit to Santa already.  Everyone always asks if she cried – she didn’t. I think she was just in awe by this person who looks so different than anyone she’s ever seen.  She was as friendly as he could be with a stranger.  We asked her to smile for the picture and she did the funniest pursed lip smile – so grown up my little girl is.



A little sneak peak of Miss S’s toddler room…(yes I tidied up a bit :P)


…doing my best to enjoy this time of year because before we know it …it will have past by in a blur of get-togethers, yummy food and lots of fun.  Things I am looking forward to: the Christmas Market, working on my paper snowflake game, ginger bread house making and see the lights around the neighbourhood.

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