#PowerYourHappy – Book Review


I recently finished Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar (founder of POPSUGAR)

Overall the book was really well written, Lisa’s personal stories, humble beginnings and anecdotes are helpful in understanding how a person is driven by their passion.  (I personally love reading peoples “beginning to success” stories or company case studies!).  I did feel a little “elderly” reading this book because I felt like the target audience was the younger millennial :P

Anyways – thought I’d share some of the important ideas I took from he book:

  1. Lisa kept doing what she loved (creating content).  She would push aside other to-dos to make sure she got in the time to write.  She would wake up early and go to sleep late – just so she could write, research and publish her content
  2. Just do it & stay humble
  3. Work hard/Play nice – smile more, manners go a long way, have treats at your desk, move it (find time for fitness)
  4. Treat like minded people as collaborators not competitors
  5. Link love!
  6. A day in the life of a mom is just busaaayyyyyy!
  7. Mental health days are healthy
  8. Think about work/life blend (rather than balance)
  9. Create a “power your happy” bucket list
    1. A list of things you love (add to it every year)
    2. Take an online personality test/creativity quiz
    3. Draft a 2-year plan and be okay with updating
    4. Try something new every 3 months
    5. Write in a journal every day for a month
    6. Find 5 healthy foods you love

Cookies and Misto


I love me some home baked chocolate chip cookies!  The only problem? I (always end up eat 10 in a row) can never just have one!

Side note: I often get in a rut of drinking the old favourite at Starbucks aka I’ll obsess over the same drink for a few months before changing it up.  Decided to try something new today…. Tall Non Fat Hazelnut Cafe Misto.   Mat Leave Mommies love their drive thru starbies!