How I plan to stay productive on Maternity Leave


Earlier this week I mentioned that staying productive during my maternity leave was a big goal for me this time around.  To me productivity means having focus, being creativity, making progress and being joyful.


Bomber | Leggings | Shoes | Mirror

Although I know from experience, some days will be spent home bound, showerless and completely focused on our new babe – I want to make a conscious effort to do things for me.

So here is a list of things I plan to do while I am on Maternity Leave:

– BBG & Get back into Running
– Get back into my yoga practice (sun salutations)
– 100day project
– Family Dinners & Family Walks
– Library/Mommy Groups
– Journaling
– Blogging
– Set my Brand Strategy into motion
– Gravitate towards music, podcasts, Ted Talks & Books
– Brainstorming Product Ideas
– Dating my Hubz (sounds odd, but something I/we really want to do)
– Taking more Etsy photography prints
– Taking tons of family pics
– Daily goals (anything from brush my teeth to take the Go train to the city)
– Garden goals
– 2017-2018 family travel plans
– Monthly goals (accountability and breaking down resolutions and Mat Leave goals)
– Email/visit my Mentor
– Lunch dates with people who are working (hubs, parents, co-workers etc)
– Meet other mat leave moms for lunch
– Keeping up with 3 house hold tasks (dinner, laundry, dishes)
**everything else to be contracted out
– Set up and Organize up home office/work space
– Set up and Organize basement entertaining space


I set these goals as intentions.  Intentions for me and the next 11 months.  It’s me sending out a message to the universe and my future self to focus, be alert and practice mindfulness.  And overall being able to reflect on the things I wan to accomplish and how small life changes really add up to big life changes :)


When in doubt…Just Be

This is a note to myself as much as it is motivation for anyone who may stumble upon my photography or words.

+ Writing down your big dreams, goals, intentions and aspirations and read them out loud often

+ Drink water (lots of it)

+ Pick up some fresh flowers, keep them in water in a place where you’ll see them everyday.

+ Keep a sharpie in your purse


Looking for some motivation?

Yea so am I.  I watched this really great video by Tony Robbins.  He talks about mental plateaus and gives some quick tips on how to get out of them.  In case you don’t watch the super short clip linked above its: Read, Workout, Set Clear Goals and Give to Others.

Sometimes I forget that changing your mindset really changes your focus, sets you in a different direction and can help you make anything happen.

I’ve recently started sharing motivational career/purpose/passion project advice on my linkedin and I was surprised to see that my contacts are actually engaging in the content (a few colleagues from current/previous roles, my MBA thesis advisor etc)

On that note: here is some visual motivation!  All images linked below!


Via Etsy


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


Via Pinterest


Via Etsy


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Via Etsy


Via Pinterest

Next time I’ll write down that lyric

The last few days have been unbearably HUMID.  It’s no longer pleasant to take a walk outside on your lunch hour, waiting for the commuter train on the platform is daunting because the heat makes it hard to breath, and even after dinner it still feels like an oven so going for a walk to the park is not even an option. #SoReadyForFall

Thankfully it’s raining today, which has actually cooled things off a bit – so much so I had to wrap my shoulders in a shawl when we decided to take Miss S to the park after our dinner out today.


Love this shot I took on the drive back from the city.  The iPhone was trying to focus with the motion of the car.  I am actually glad it didn’t.  I started reading this book – and I am hooked.  I felt kind of after reading this and this, I realized I needed something thrilling and no so inspirational.  I am sure I’ll be eating my words after this book scares the shIt out of me.


Shirt | Chocker (similar) | Nail Polish

Outside of not wanting to read motivational and self betterment books, I’ve been saturating my self with positive quotes, inspirational tip and ideas on self care.  Also found this on pinterest last week – can’t wait for there to be a printable version!


Finally, I’ve gotten bit by the moleskin hack bug.  It happens a few times a year and it makes me feel so organized (even though it’s just the prep needed to become more organized).

Who else is ready for Fall?  Do you think self care is important? What books have you read and recommend?

The Good Days


Something I try and keep at the forefront of my mind is these days will not be here forever. (Especially when it comes to parenting a little).  So I just gotta keep going, forgive myself for the craziness and makes sure my intentions get re-aligned after the less than optimal days.

What do you guys think of the quotes on this print.  

#LearnWithTLY On Creative Pursuits


Often I look at the people around me and try to see their creative soul.  Sounds pretty odd but it’s true.  Like my co worker likes to sketch, a friend of mine is such an artistic cook/chef and my sister has a hidden talent of being able to put paint brush to canvas.

Creativity does not only need to be an artistic talent but it can be the fuel for learning something new, building on your problem solving skills and thinking outside the box.

Part of the reason I have Thru Les Yeux, my camera and my Etsy shop is because I found my creative soul and realized she needed to be released.  Here are my tips on how to pursue your creative talent:

  1. Listen to what your creative soul is telling you.  It’s probably a voice you’ve heard all your life but were too lazy, afraid, embarrassed to listen.   I know since I’ve started “listening” my mind is filled with all sorts of creative ideas and thoughts.
  2. Make time for your creativity.  This is definitely a tricky one.  In our busy society, who has time to sit down and do something creative when lunches need to be made, phone calls need to be returned, kids need to be reared etc.  I know I would rather just sit and decompress in front of the TV after 8 hours working for someone else.  But, if your really love exploring your creative side, you’ll want to fit it in whenever you can (might even loose sleep because of it!)
  3. Start at the beginning.  I think when you want to be creative, you have to start somewhere and it’s okay to start from the beginning.  Ask questions, practice your new skills, research and carry a notebook (like your a student) :)
  4. Exercise and get some fresh air.  Getting your heart rate up and breathing clean air (aka change of scenery) can give you the boost you need to either keep going or get you out of a rut/block.