Paper Snowflakes #WinterActivity


We have been thoroughly enjoying some festive activities for the last week.  Every morning Miss S is on a hunt for Eddie (our elf on the shelf).  She she understands what he’s he for / what his job is and has actually shown more sass since he started visiting #ParentingFail.  None the less it’s super fun to watch her play Where’s Eddie.  Even more hilarious when we forget to hide him in a new spot the night before and are running downstairs mere seconds before she bolts down!  I think next year we willl get more pinterest-creative with how we display him :)

On a side note I’ve been making lots of paper snowflakes.   It’s an awesome activity that I am surprised I didn’t start earlier. That said – it is so much fun and completely addictive.  Best part is Miss S wants in on the fun (see her triangle shaped paper snowflake using zig-zag scissors!)

Next up: build a few gingerbread houses and bake / decorate some sugar cookies :)


When Inspiration Strikes

It’s not often that inspiration strikes me to do something creative other than write or take pictures. (I mean I consider myself a maker/creative but painting is still new to me)
So now that it has, I decided to get started on the project to bring that creative idea to life.


I dirty primed two different canvases to do some black and white art.  I’ve talked about doing this but I also got another idea for something that I plan to hang on the floating shelf in our family room (which needs some seriously love #EmptyFramesFor6Months)