Christmas Movies to Watch (when the kids are in bed)

I am really not a RomCom kinda of girl.  I used to be all about he scary movies – but then I became an adult and couldn’t take them any more lol.  Thankfully the Hubz and I have the same taste in movies which is either sci-fi, political drama or unbelievably inappropriate comedy.  And thats what this list is about.  These movies are the perfect thing to watch when you need to add an extra shot (or 3) of Baileys to your hot coco.  Or who am I kidding, maybe it’s straight up whiskey LOL.  They are movies to watch when you magically go the kids to bed (at the same time).  When you want to watch something light but still partake in the Christmas feels.  This list is for you (and for me because… let’s be real).  So whip up a batch of these healthy-ish cookies and turn on your movie streaming network of choice :)


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