35 Favourite Things #HappyBirthdayToMe

The day before yesterday was my birthday  And if you can tell by the title, I turned 35! Initially I didn’t give it a second thought, because ever since I turned 18 I realized I always have felt like I was 16 … Continue reading

Stop chasing the like

**I wanted to post something but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to write about.  So I’ll just do some free writing – here goes nothing. Well I can share that I listened to a podcast featuring an old friend … Continue reading

Weekend Activities + Weekly Goals (Part 5)

The weather finally stayed consistently warm this weekend which was pretty rad because I pretty much lived in my jean jacket! On Friday, Thursday I watched Minimalism (check the blog later this week for my thoughts on it). And then on … Continue reading


Hi, I am Bhanu – thanks for dropping by :) Like many other bloggers – I started blogging as a creative outlet.  I’ve had several blogs since 2002.  Some public, some private and unfortunately some deleted.  My medium, purpose and topics have evolved … Continue reading