#The100DayProject 2017

Have you heard about the #The100DayProject.  I have heard of it happening in previous years and I wanted to be part of it last year but didn’t realize it only runs for a specific time during the year.  Luckily I found the dates this year and I am definitely looking forward to participating this year.


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Essentially an artist named Elle Luna runs a social media project annually called #The100DayProject.  To participate – you need to do a creative project everyday for 100 days and post about it on your social media – using a hashtag of your choice.  Now the question is – what am I going to do for 100 days that is going to:

  • fuel my creativity
  • motivate me enough keep up for 3+ months
  • be both challenging and do-able (considering I am on mat leave)
  • be something I can also do on busy Saturdays & Sundays

I’ve been debating to do either painting or writing project.  I figured photography would be too easy a choice + I do it almost everyday so where is the challenge in that.  That said I am leaning towards painting :)


Outside of that I also need to choose a hashtag.  I still have a few days to finalize my details – but hopefully I’ll have something soon!

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