I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray

I dug up this photo from the archive (a visit to Venice Beach at sunset during our 2014 Cali trip) and started to play around with the tint, exposure, temperature and highlight because I wanted to see the pretty colours in the sky (honestly can’t believe I am seeing blue!!)  The colours in these photos help me forget that it snowed on Monday and then again today, seriously winter you had 6 months …time to move on out of here.

Capturing the original photo was no easy task, mainly because it took us about 40 minutes to find a parking spot!  On top of that I had someone walking, skateboarding or rollerblading in my shot every 5 seconds – thankfully I persisted :)


If you are looking for writing ideas, check here and here.   I know I will be.


Check out this playlist – I love it!


Thats it for me, taxes submitted, nail polished changed…. time for bed!