30 Days of #The100DayProject

Well today marks 30 days of #The100DayProject.  I am still pretty pumped about the project even though 1) I find that I am already running out of ideas of what to paint and 2) I’ve missed two days so technically I’ve only done 28 days of the 100 days.


Since my last status post, I’ve gone on to paint a little over a dozen more paintings.  I’ve turned to Pinterest when I “painters block”.  Some days, I end up painting something random and abstract (see the odd yellow sun / fireball above).    I had a rough list of painting projects – but I stopped around #26 so I’ll need to put some effort into thinking up some new ideas.





Outside of all the creative process stuff – I am still in love with this project.  I love the idea of doing something for 100 days but I don’t think I would’ve kept it up this long if it weren’t for the community.  Although some days I look at what I’ve drawn and cringe at the idea of actually having to post it on instagram – I appreciate the fact that this project has allowed me to learn something new.

I am still undecided on what to do with the paintings.  Any ideas – leave them in the comments below!


#The100DayProject Weekly Round-up (Day 1-7)

As you know, I have been participating in this years #The100DayChallenge.  To read more about it check this.

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I am pretty happy I joined this challenge.  It only takes me a few minutes to paint a mini master piece and it’s really relaxing.  Plus it makes me smile.  Just doing something artistic makes me smile – and I love that.  There have been times where I realize my day is almost over (and by that I mean the Hubz and Miss S are going to be home soon) but as soon as I start painting a wave of calm comes over me.

I try to paint while Miss El is napping but that doesn’t always happen :)  I currently just have a pile of my paintings sitting on the bookshelf.  I don’t know what I plan to do with them afterwards but definitely photograph each one for keepsakes.


If you haven’t already, follow my hashtag (#100DaysOfTLYPaints) or my IG feed to see more!

#The100DayProject 2017

Have you heard about the #The100DayProject.  I have heard of it happening in previous years and I wanted to be part of it last year but didn’t realize it only runs for a specific time during the year.  Luckily I found the dates this year and I am definitely looking forward to participating this year.


Image [via]

Essentially an artist named Elle Luna runs a social media project annually called #The100DayProject.  To participate – you need to do a creative project everyday for 100 days and post about it on your social media – using a hashtag of your choice.  Now the question is – what am I going to do for 100 days that is going to:

  • fuel my creativity
  • motivate me enough keep up for 3+ months
  • be both challenging and do-able (considering I am on mat leave)
  • be something I can also do on busy Saturdays & Sundays

I’ve been debating to do either painting or writing project.  I figured photography would be too easy a choice + I do it almost everyday so where is the challenge in that.  That said I am leaning towards painting :)


Outside of that I also need to choose a hashtag.  I still have a few days to finalize my details – but hopefully I’ll have something soon!

If you want to follow my endeavours – you can follow me on Instagram :)