The things you own #BlogherSnapshot

I am participating in the #BlogherWriting lab for the month of May.  I’ll be posting pictures and some creative writing on the prompts that were distributed for the month.  Definitely looking forward to the inspiration!

May 2nd prompt:  Open a storage box and snap a picture of one item in the box. Tell us why you saved that item if you also write a post.




My storage box is a treasure trove of old letters and cards.  Written memories, fun times, wisdom, anecdotes and well wishes from over the years.  And honestly I wish I didn’t go all zen and clean out the previous box of cards and letters I had from 6 years ago.  Years of birthday cards,  friendship letters and hand written notes are now a thing of the past.  They are vintage – a piece of history.  I highly doubt the kids of this generation (including my little Miss S) will feel the joy of re-reading a card from years past and to have the memories and warm fuzzies find their way back to the present.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.24.04 PM